[German and English Victorian wood engraving.] Album containing 'Geo. F. Tabram's Specimens of Wood Engraving 1842-8', including grotesque figures and chivalric scenes, with an original drawing and two German specimens loosely inserted.

[German and English Victorian wood engraving.] George Frederick Tabram (1825-1891) of Gloucestershire
Publication details: 
[German and English engravings, collected in Gloucestershire, between 1842 and 1848.]

An attractive collection of 76 engravings, laid down over 34pp, on the first seventeen brown-paper leaves of a 22.5 x 29 cm landscape album. Also laid down, on the rear pastedown, is a nice original drawing (by Tabram himself?) of two girls, one in a bonnet and the other (her daughter or sister?) with ringlets. Loosely inserted are two German engravings, each laid down on a piece of coloured paper and each with caption on reverse.

[William Henry Davies, Welsh poet, author of 'Autobiography of a Super-Tramp'.] Signed Limited Edition of 'Secrets | by | W. H. Davies'. With photographic print of 'The Poet's Cottage' with Davies's poem 'Nailsworth Hill'.

W. H. Davies [William Henry Davies] (1871-1940), Welsh poet and author of 'Autobiography of a Super-Tramp'
Publication details: 
BOOK: London: Jonathan Cape Ltd, 11 Gower Street. 1924. Number 84 of 100 signed copies. [Printed by Butler and Tanner, Frome and London.] PHOTOGRAPH: By DeCroce Studio, Denver, Colorado. No date.

BOOK: 48pp, 8vo. Quarter-bound with purple crushed tissue boards and cream vellum-paper spine. No dustwrapper. Internally in good condition, in fair binding with gilt on spine slightly dulled, and two bumps at the head of the back board. Colphon on reverse of first leaf (Davies's autograph in square brackets): 'Of this edition of Secrets have been printed 100 copies for sale, each copy signed by the author | Copy number [84] | [W. H. Davies.]' A collection of forty poems, each on a single page and many with a vignette at the foot of the page.

[The Royal Aid in Bristol, 1666.] Two Manuscript Assessments of 'three moneths Royall Aide mony' (land and goods) for 58 individuals, each signed by four mayors of Bristol: John Willougby, Walter Sandby, Sir John Knight and John Lawford.

[The Royal Aid in Bristol, 1666.] Mayors of Bristol: John Willougby of the Society of Merchant Venturers; Walter Sandby; Sir John Knight; John Lawford
Publication details: 
Both Bristol, 1666.

Ainsworth's 'Thesaurus' (1752) neatly defines 'The Royal Aid, or subsidy money' as 'tributum quod regi ex plebiscito in sumptus belli, &c. praestatur'. It was a one-off household tax, set by assessors and collected locally. (For further information see M. J. Braddick's 2013 paper 'Resistance to the Royal Aid and Further Supply in Chester, 1664–1672'.) The present two documents are each laid out in identical fashion, the two carrying different assessments for 'Land' and 'Goods' for the same 58 individuals.

[John Moore of Tewkesbury, writer, naturalist and conservationist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('John C Moore') to Edward Thomas's friend R. N. Green-Armytage, asking for personal recollections of Thomas, and the loan of letters, for his biography.

John Moore [John Cecil Moore] (1907-1967) of Tewkesbury, author and conservationist [Robert North Green-Armytage, friend of Edward Thomas]
Publication details: 
On his letterhead, 11, The Gastons, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. 17 January 1936.

2pp., 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Addressed to 'Dear Mr Green-Armytage', corrected from 'Armitage'. The letter begins: 'You may have heard that a Committee, of which Walter De la Mare is chairman, is considering the question of putting up some sort of memorial to Edward Thomas. At the same time I am beginning work on a Life and Letters of Edward Thomas, which has Mrs Thomas' approval, and is intended to be something in the nature of a memorial edition.' He will 'shortly be issuing an appeal in the press for the loan of letters etc in the possession of E.

[ Roger Kemys of Wickwick, Elizabethan antiquary. ] Signed Autograph Note ('Roger Kemys Recever'), as receiver, at foot of acquittance for the 72s 4d part of 'Marten Flower' of the £6 19s due to Lord Berkeley for 'felons goods' & for £3 10s 0d.

Roger Kemys (d.1610) of Wickwick in Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire, Elizabethan antiquary
Publication details: 
No place. 1600.

1p., landscape 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Six lines of text, headed by the date, signed 'Roger Kemys Recever', with two-line addition signed 'Roger Kemys'. The document records the receipt of the 72s 4d which is the part of 'Marten Flower' of the £6 19s due to Lord Berkeley 'for ye felons goods by band', and for £3 10s. Docketed on reverse.

[ John Thomas Bellows, Quaker printer and lexicographer.] Autograph Draft Letter Signed ('John Bellows') to 'Honoured Count Worontzoff Dashkoff', sending condolences and devout sentiments on the death of his child.

John Bellows [ John Thomas Bellows ] (1831-1902) of Upton Knoll, Gloucester, Quaker printer and lexicographer, author of first pocket French/English dictionary [ Count Worontzoff Dashkoff ]
Publication details: 
Upton Knoll, Gloucester. 4 April 1894.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. A long letter, closely and neatly written, with a number of emendations suggesting that it is a draft. After a short reference to the Count's kindness to him and his friend Joseph Neave, he devotes the rest of the letter to 'the heavy trial thou has had to pass through', discussing the nature of loss with 'knowledge from my own experience, that the loss of a child is a grief into whose full depths no stranger can enter, and that words, even well-meant, when uttered at an unfit moment, pain instead of helping'.

[Michael Hicks Beach, MP for Cirencester.] Autograph Letter Signed ('M. Hicks Beach, regarding the settling of the account of an unnamed tradesman.

Michael Hicks Beach (1760-1830) of Williamstrip Park and Beverstone, Gloucestershire, and Netheravon, Wiltshire, Member of Parliament for Cirencester, 1795-1818
Publication details: 
Williamstrip Park, Fairford. 2 June 1816.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, on aged paper with small spike hole at centre. Reads: 'Sir/ I have mislaid your account and as I shall not go to Town again this spring I must desire you will make out another bill and sent [sic] it to Williamstrip, & I will send you a draft on my Banker.'

[Notable Quakers in Georgian England.] Autograph Album of Lydia Davis of Alstone Green, with 120 contributors including Thomas Pole, Joseph Storrs Fry, Thomas Shillitoe, Joseph Sturge, Jeremiah Holme Wiffin, Christopher Healy and John Wilbur.

Lydia Davis of Alstone Green, Gloucestershire [Thomas Pole, Joseph Storrs Fry, Thomas Shillitoe, Joseph Sturge, Jeremiah Holme Wiffin, Christopher Healy and John Wilbur; Quakers; Society of Friends]
Publication details: 
[Alstone Green, Gloucestershire.] Between 1800 and 1862 (mainly between 1820 and 1847).

Apart from one contribution dating from 1800, three from the 1850s and two from the 1860s, all contributions date from between 1820 and 1847. 237pp., 4to, with eight items loosely inserted (including four coloured botanical drawings on card) and three-page partial index of contributors. In contemporary black leather binding, with embossed pattern and gilt border on front board, marbled endpapers, and all edges gilt. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, in rebacked binding, worn at spine, with new label.

[Henry John Reynolds-Moreton, 3rd Earl of Ducie.] Three Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Ducie') to the ornithologist W. L. Mellersh

Henry John Reynolds-Moreton (1827-1921), 3rd Earl of Ducie [Lord Ducie], naturalist, 1840 to 1853 styled Lord Moreton, English Liberal politician [William Lock Mellersh, Gloucestershire ornithologist]
Publication details: 
All three on letterhead of Tortworth Court, Falfield, Gloucestershire. 21 May 1902, 14 Augst 1911 and 15 January 1912.

The three letters total 5pp., 8vo. On aged and damp-stained paper. In the first letter (21 May 1902) Ducie writes that he has that morning received Mellersh's book ('A Treatise on the Birds of Gloucestershire', 1902), and that he is 'delighted with it. Whether it would find a "public" if offered in a cheaper form, I cannot say. It is too scientific for the crowd. | I note only one error. You make out that I shot a Squacco Heron. I bought it or had it given to me from Berkeley'.

Early seventeenth-century Vellum Manuscript Indenture, a Fine between Thomas Jurdon and John Jurdon, plaintiffs, and Thomas Hollande, wife Anne, Laurence Husloke and wife Mary, defendants, of a messuage &c in Bishopps Cleeve and Woodmancott.

[Thomas Jurdon; John Jurdon; Thomas Hollande; Anne Hollande; Laurence Husloke; Mary Husloke; Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire; Woodmancott, Hampshire]
Publication details: 
[Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire, and Woodmancott, Hampshire.] Hilary Term 15 James I [1616/1617].

On one side of a piece of vellum (roughly 15 x 37 cm). In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. In Latin. In an attractive close hand.

[Leaflets on Social Hygiene No. 1.] Television. A Problem of Physical & Psychological Health by Dr. Walther Buchler and Dr. Norbert Glas.

Dr. Walther Buehler and Dr. Norbert Glas [Leaflets on Social Hygiene; Television and Radio]
Publication details: 
Education and Science Publications, Stroud, Gloucestershire. [1962.] [Printed by Gloucester Printers Ltd., Blackfriars Press, Ladybellegate Street, Gloucester.]

8pp., 12mo. Fair, on aged paper, with small ink blot at head (not affecting text) and dogeared final leaf. The item deals with six aspects of the problem: 'The Child before the Television Screen'; 'General Damages and Dangers'; 'Atomising of the Soul'; 'The Nature of the Human Eye'; 'Injury of Other Senses'; 'A Problem of the Human Being'. It concludes: 'These leaflets are translated and issed by courtesy of the Verein zur Förderung eines erweiterten Heilwesens, of Stuttgart, with whom this new impulse in social hygiene originates.

Six original black and white photographs, all captioned on the reverse and dated April 1940, showing the RAF South Cerney Aerodrome, Gloucestershire and its Airspeed AS.10 Oxford training aircraft.

RAF South Cerney, Gloucestershire [Royal Air Force; Airspeed AS.10 Oxford training aircraft]
RAF South Cerney, Gloucestershire
Publication details: 
April 1940. RAF South Cerney, Gloucestershire.
RAF South Cerney, Gloucestershire

The six small black and white photographs are all in good condition in a Kodac 'snapshot' card wallet. The captions, in pencil on the reverse and all dated 'April 40', read: [ONE] 'Aerodrome at South Cerney' [an aerial shot]; [TWO] 'Officers' Mess No 3 F.T.S. S. Cerney' [exterior of building]; [THREE] 'Oxfords at No 3 FTS' [three grounded planes]; [FOUR] 'Interior of Oxford' [instrument panel]; [FIVE] 'Interior of Oxford' [back of seats and instrument panel]; [SIX] 'Oxford at No 3 FTS' [grounded].

Advertising circular for John Wright & Co. 'Printers & Stationers Electrotypers and Stereotypers', with two sets of three illustrations, given 'to show the difference in effect between Inartistic and High class Printing'.

John Wright & Co. of Bristol, Victorian printers [electrotype; stereotype printing]
Publication details: 
No date [circa 1880]. John Wright & Co. Stone Bridge & Host Street, Bristol.

4to bifolium of three pages, together a seperate leaf (dimensions of leaf in all cases 26 x 20 cm) carrying on one side one set of the three illustrations. Printed in black, and each page enclosed within a red decorative border. Creased and foxed, but a scarce piece of ephemera in acceptable overall condition. The first page of the bifolium is headed, in a variety of decorative fonts and point sizes, 'John Wright & Co.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Ellenborough') with pencil draft of Nichols's reply.

Edward Law, 1st Earl of Ellenborough (1790-1871), Tory politician; Governor-General of India [John Gough Nichols (1806-1873), printer and antiquary; Southam House, Southam Delabere, Gloucestershire]
Publication details: 
17 November 1832; Southam House.

12mo bifolium. Ellenborough's letter (15 lines of text) occupies the first leaf; with the pencil draft of Gough's reply (also 15 lines), with additions and deletions, on the recto of the second leaf. Very good, with traces of grey paper mount adhering in a thin strip to the reverse of the second leaf. Ellenborough will 'afford' Nichols 'every facility for the making of tracings from the Tiles at Southam'. If Nichols will let him know when he is coming he will 'make it a point to be here'. Suggests that Nichols might come 'after Church, about 2 o'clock, on Sunday next'.

Part II. - MDCCCXXV. A Catalogue of an Extensive Collection of Books in every department of literature and in various languages, selling at the very low prices affixed, by William Strong, 3, Clare Street, Bristol. [with five other Strong catalogues]

William Strong (died 1846), Bristol bookseller; John Chilcott (died 1851?), Bristol printer]
Publication details: 
Parts II and III for 1825; parts I to IV for 1826. All printed by J. Chilcott, Printer, 6, High Street, Bristol.

All items octavo. Bound together in contemporary leather half-binding with red label. Good, on aged paper. Front board beginning to split. Label and stamps of Newport Reference Library. Each title-page initialed in contemporary hand 'G. S. W.' Part 2, 1825: pp.[ii] + [103]-348, items 1666 to 6197. Part 3, 1825 ('Including the libraries of the late Rev. Dr. Ryland; J. Nott, M.D. of Clifton, Deceased; And other Collections, recently Purchased'): pp.v + 349-606. With two-page 'Brief Memoir of the late John Nott, M.D. of the Hotwells, Bristol', 'Extracted from Felix Farley's Bristol Journal'.

Engraved portrait by Vertue captioned 'RICHARDUS GRAVES | de Michleton in Com[itatis] Gloucestriae Armiger | Obiit: 1731, A[nn]o. Aetat[is]: 51.'

Richard Graves the elder ('the antiquary', 1677-1729), of Mickleton Manor, Gloucestershire [George Vertue]
Publication details: 
Extracted from Nash's 'History of Worcestershire' (London, 1781-2).

On good-quality thick wove paper, roughly fifteen inches by eleven wide. Dimensions of plate roughly eleven inches by six and a half wide. Good, clean impression, with blank borders a tad grubby. Attractive portrait of a handsomely dressed Graves, a bookcase behind him, leaning between two tables, on one of which is a manuscript and on the other another manuscript, coins and books. Graves's dates are corrected in the Dictionary of National Biography.

Autograph Letter Signed to [Sir William Henry] Maule.

Charles Bathurst [Lidney; Lydney Park, Gloucestershire]
Publication details: 
Lidney | 7 April 1847'.

Bathurst (1790-1863), an alumnus of Christ Church, Oxford, was Lord of the Manor of Lidney. One page, 12mo. Good, on creased, grubby and discoloured paper, with traces of mount adhering to reverse. Begins 'I send you a Pamphlet, which I dare say began in my brain in the cotyledonous or radicle state as early as when we bothered at Usk Sessions, one day or other you will perhaps read it'. Ends 'I am glad to find you are better than at the beginning of the Circuit'. There is no record of Bathurst's pamphlet in the BL.

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