[Sigismund Goetze, English artist.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mrs. Poole', regarding a portrait of King Charles II, as prince and in Oxford robes, in his Grove House collection.

Sigismund Goetze [Sigismund Christian Hubert Goetze] (1866-1939), English artist and art patron at Grove House, who painted the Foreign Office 'Empire Murals'
Publication details: 
20 October 1932; on letterhead of Grove House, Park Road, Regent's Park, N.W.8 [London].

4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with two smudges on second page. Folded once. With reference to her letter 'to Mr. Somerset of March 11th. re the portrait of Charles II (as Prince) in academic robes', he has had the picture by William Dobson photographed and encloses a copy (not present). He discusses Charles's dress in the picture in some detail, adding that 'The portrait (27 x 28 1/2 inches) has been in my possession since 1918 when it was bought at Christie's Nov. 29 lot.

[Suttons Seeds, Reading.] Typed Letter Signed from Martin H. J. Sutton of the Royal Seed Establishment to G. K. Menzies, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, regarding his experiments with 'radio-active fertilizers'.

[Suttons Seeds] Martin Hubert Foquet Sutton (1875-1930) of the Royal Seed Establishment, Reading, grandson of Martin Hope Sutton (1815-1901), seed merchant
Publication details: 
18 September 1915. On letterhead, with Royal Warrant, of The Royal Seed Establishment, Reading, England.

See the entry for Martin Hope Sutton in the Oxford DNB, and that for his grandson Martin Hubert Fouquet Sutton in Who Was Who. 2pp, 4to. I good condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded three times. With RSA date stamp. Signed 'Martin H F Sutton'. In reply to a letter from Menzies, Sutton expresses regret that 'it will be impossible for you to attend the Demonstration here on the 24th inst.' Sutton will be 'publishing certain particulars for the benefit of those present' and will be glad to send Menzies a copy.

[Lord Salisbury to Sir Reginald Brade, Under-Secretary of State for War.] Five Autograph Letters (three signed 'Salisbury') to Brade and his PS, on Army Chaplains and the Chaplain General, with a complaint of a 'scandal' over chaplains in India.

Lord Salisbury [James Edward Hubert Gascoyne-Cecil, 4th Marquess of Salisbury] (1861-1947), Liberal politician [Sir Reginald Herbert Brade (1864-1933), Under-Secretary of State for War, 1914-1920]
Publication details: 
All on letterheads: three from Hatfield House, Herts; and one apiece from the War Office, Whitehall, and 20 Arlington Street, S.W.1 [London]. One from 1916, two from 1918, one headed 'Sunday' and the other undated.

Salisbury was a Liberal politician and the son of the Prime Minister. Some background to the correspondence is supplied by the Times articles, 'The Church in War', 6 February 1918 and 'Bishops' War Session' ('Supply of Chaplains'), 10 July 1918. The five items in good condition, on 12mo bifoliums. The first two items below are addressed to Brade himself, and the other three to his private secretary. The first three letters are signed 'Salisbury', the other two are in the third person. ONE: To Brade. War Office, 'Sunday'. 3pp. Written in pencil.

[ Hubert Eisdell, English tenor who settled in Canada. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Hubert M. Eisdell').

Hubert Eisdell [ Hubert Mortimer Eisdell ] (1882-1948), English tenor who settled in Canada
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 13 South Street, Thurloe Square, S.W.7. [ London ] No date.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. Clearly written in response to a request for an autograph. Reads: 'with great pleasure - | Yours sincerely | Hubert M. Eisdell.'

[ Sir Hubert von Herkomer, painter, film director and composer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Hubert Herkomer') to 'Lady Wynn', regarding a 'word portrait' of his 'splendid wife', who has just died.

Sir Hubert von Herkomer [ originally Hubert Herkomer ] (1849-1914) German-born British painter, pioneering film director and composer
Publication details: 
New York. 23 December 1885.

1p., 16mo. With mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged. Begins: 'Dear Lady Wynn | I thank you from the depths of my heart for your kind letter. I enclose you a word portrait of my splendid wife. More I dare not write or I shall not regain the strength I need to carry out her wishes in life.' As the Oxford DNB explains, after the death of his first wife in 1883 'Herkomer married, on 14 August 1884, a Welsh nurse, Lulu Griffiths (b. 1849), who had been a member of his household since 1874. He was devastated by her sudden death a year later.'

[ Alan Pryce-Jones, editor of The Times Literary Supplement. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Alan Pryce-Jones | as from The Times | E.C.4.') to 'Mr. Elliot' [ Hubert Elliot ], giving advice regarding his 'Heathfield MS'.

Alan Pryce-Jones [ Lt-Col. Alan Payan Pryce-Jones ] (1908-2000), literary critic and author, editor of The Times Literary Supplement, 1948-1959
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Hever Castle, Edenbridge, Kent. 7 November [ circa 1955 ].

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The letter begins: 'When Violet asked me first about your Heathfield MS I suggested John Murray as a suitable publisher: the young John Murray (not so young but distinct from Sir John) is an old friend of mine and a nice fellow, whose advice would be worth having.' He gives the firm's address, and suggests the name of 'an historian'. Elliot's work on George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield, Governor of Gibraltar during the Great Siege of 1779-1783, does not appear to have been published.

[ Bryan Guinness, Lord Moyne. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Bryan') to 'Dear Hubert' [ Wimbledon bookseller J. H. Dingwall ], placing an order and making suggestions.

Bryan Walter Guinness, 2nd Baron Moyne [ Lord Moyne ] (1905-1992), poet, novelist and brewing heir [ J. H. Dingwall [ John Hubert Dingwall ] (c.1913-2001), Wimbledon bookseller ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Biddesden House, Andover [ Kent ]. 18 February 1960.

3pp., landscape 12mo. In good condition, lightly-aged, with two punch holes for placement in album to margins of each of the three leaves. He congratulates him on his catalogue, states that he is attaching a wants list (not present) and that he is leaving it to the recipient 'to make out the account as I am not good at adding - & also dont know the postage. | The Librarian at the House of Lords showed great interest in your catalogue & is writing to you for one'. He suggests sending a copy to John Hayward, and gives his address.

[ Double Crown Club keepsake. ] 'Bill of Fare' for dinner at the Cafe Royal (chaired by John Johnson with a paper by James Guthrie), featuring a facsimile score for 'Grace after Meat | A new round' by Daniel George and Hubert Foss.

The Double Crown Club; John de Monins Johnson (1882-1956), Oxford University Press printer; James Guthrie; Duncan Williams; Daniel George; Hubert Foss
Publication details: 
Pencil note stating that the item is for a dinner at the Café Royal, 7 March 1934.

16 x 20 cm booklet, consisting of a bifolium stitched with black green thread into covers of thicker paper. In fair condition, aged and worn, with remains of clear plastic front covering. On the front cover is a heavily-inked art photograph superimposing an image of a musical score over the edges of an fanned-out signature. On the inside of the back cover is a facsimile of a calligraphic inscription in Latin, in Renaissance style. The inner contents consists of two facsimiles.

[Sir Hubert von Herkomer, painter.] Five illustrated items designed by him for his private Wagnerian theatre: invitation to 'The Sorceress'; prospectus, libretto and invitation card for his 'Pictorial-Music-Play' 'An Idyl'; and Christmas card.

Sir Hubert von Herkomer (1849-1914), German-born British painter admired by Van Gogh [Joseph Bennett; Edward Dalziel (1817-1905), wood engraver; Dorothy Dene (1859-1899), actress; Lululaund, Bushey]
Publication details: 
The Herkomer Theatre [on the Lululaund Estate], Bushey, Hertfordshire. 1889 and 1890. [Items printed by Novello, Ewer, and Co. of London, and R. and R. Clark of Edinburgh.]

In addition to his pioneering cinematographic work, Herkomer was a theatrical innovator. As Lynda Nead points out in her 'The Haunted Gallery' (Yale, 2007), it was shortly after the opening of his art school that 'he and his students created an auditorium, modelled on Wagner's Festspielhaus in Bayreuth, for public performances of plays, written, directed and, indeed, performed by Herkomer'. See also M. A. K. Taylor, 'The New Stagecraft' (1953); J. Stokes, 'Resistible Theatres' (1972); and L. M. Edwards, 'Herkomer: A Victorian Artist' (1999). These five items all relate to the project.

[Sir Hubert Gough, as head of Inter-Allied Mission, Finland.] Autograph Letter Signed ('H P Gough') to Daily Express editor R. D. Blumenfeld, describing 'situation' and complaining of failure of War Office to send munitions for White Russian forces.

Sir Hubert Gough [Sir Hubert de la Poer Gough] (1870-1963) [Ralph David Blumenfeld ('R. D. B.') (1864-1948), Daily Express editor, 1902-1932; Inter-Allied Mission, Finland; White Russians; Bolsheviks]
Publication details: 
'Helsingfors. | British Mission. | 3rd July [1918].'

2pp., 12mo. In very good condition: lightly-aged and creased. Writing to 'My dear Blumenfeld', Gough begins with a few lines on 'your correspondent, Muir' (with reference to Blumenfeld's 'Yankee' origins -which also included strong anti-Communist sentiment), before giving a general analysis. 'This is a most complex situation out here, as there are so many interests pulling different ways - it is not always easy to see one's way clear.

Album of 49 photographs by the Victorian photographer William Claridge of Berkhamstead, with the ownership inscription of his granddaughter Sybil Maude Hubert, and including character studies of individuals, and an unknown view of the City of London

William Claridge (1797-1876) of Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, Victorian photographer; his granddaughter Sybil Maude Hubert [married name Churchill] (1872-1944)
Publication details: 
[Berkhamstead] The photographs dating from c. 1855 to 1876. Sybil M. Hubert's ownership inscription dated 1883.

49 photographic prints, laid down on 48pp. of a small (16.5 x 13 cm) contemporary 4to album, quarter-bound with brown leather spine and brown cloth boards, with yellow endpapers. No captions: the only manuscript in the volume being the ownership inscription of 'Sybil M. Hubert | 1883' on the front free endpaper. A fragile survival: aged and discoloured, with occasional staining from damp, which also caused some of the photographs to stick to one another, with slight damage occurring on their being detached; binding also in poor condition, with boards detached and leaves loose.

Typed Letter Signed ('Harewood') from George Henry Hubert Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood, as editor of 'Opera' magazine, to Dr Erich Adolph Alport, regarding a 'muddle' over an article on Karl Rankl, caused by a letter from the conductor's wife.

George Henry Hubert Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood (1923-2011) [Dr Erich Adolph Alport (d.1972), art connoisseur and book collector; Karl Frankl (1898-1968), English conductor, born in Austria]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Harewood House, Leeds. 14 February 1950.

2pp., 12mo. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. 36 lines. Harewood explains that he 'originally asked Mrs Rankl to think of someone who had known her husband for, at any rate, a portion of his continental career who would be prepared to review his career before he came to this country, and also to give some idea of what he had achieved since arriving here [...] when the moment came she had to say that there appeared to be nobody who had known him abroad who had the necessary musical qualifications. When I saw her about 10 days ago I said I would find someone myself.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Mr Taylor'.

Barry Pain [Barry Eric Odell Pain] (1864-1928), English humorist and contributor to Punch magazine [Sir Hubert von Herkomer (1849-1914)]
Publication details: 
13 April 1905; on letterhead of Hogarth House, Bushey, Herts.

12mo, 1 p. Thirteen lines. Text clear and complete. On aged and foxed paper with some fraying to edges (not affecting text). He would like to show Taylor 'something of interest with reference to Sir Herbert Taylor [sometime soldier and Private Secretary to teh KIng]' and suggests meeting that night. 'It seems rather late, but I shall be at von Herkomer's till then'.

Autograph Letter Signed to Hubert Smith Stanier.

Gifford Lumley [Devonshire; W. Mate & Sons, Limited, printers and publishers of Bournemouth, Southampton and London]
Publication details: 
23 April 1906; 62 Commercial Rd, Bournemouth, on letterhead Mate & Sons letterhead.

8vo, 2 pp. Good, though a little grubby on the reverse. Printed down the left hand margin of the recto is a long list headed 'Printers and Publishers of Illustrated Guides to'. Printed in large letters at the centre of the letterhead is 'Shropshire: Historical and Biographical', but there is no record of this title being published, or of any volume on Shropshire by Mates & Sons. From the context it appears that Lumley had a hand in Frederick John Snell's 'Devonshire, historical, descriptive, biographical', published by Mate & Sons in 1907.

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