[Horace Bushnell of North Church, Hartford, Connecticut, Congregational minister, religous writer.] Printed pamphlet: 'Prosperity Our Duty. | A Discourse delivered at the North Church, Hartford, Sabbath Evening, January 31, 1847. By Horace Bushnell.

Horace Bushnell (1802-1876) of North Church, Hartford, Connecticut, Congregational minister and religious writer [Case, Tiffany & Burnham, Hartford printers]
Publication details: 
'Published by request.' Hartford: Printed by Case, Tiffany & Burnham, 1847.

24pp, 8vo. Saddle-stitched pamphlet in pink wraps the the title-page reprinted on the cover, this time within a decorative border. In fair condition, aged, worn and creased, with slight loss to outer corner of front cover. Bushnell takes as his text 2 Chronicles XXXII.30, and begins his 'Discourse': 'Any community or city will prosper that will do its duty.

[Sir John Pollock and Eugène Brieux: London theatre, censorship, venereal disease.] First separate English and American printings of 'Damaged Goods', the former with Pollock's autograph emendations; copy of 'The Play Pictorial' on London production.

Sir John Pollock; Eugène Brieux; The Connecticut Society of Social Hygiene; George Bernard Shaw
Publication details: 
English edition: A. C. Fifield, London, 1914. American Edition: Brentano's, New York, for the Connecticut Society of Social Hygiene, 1912. The Play Pictorial: London, 1917.

Three items from the papers of Sir John Pollock, relating to his translation of Eugène Brieux's scandalous play 'Les Avariés'.

Autograph Letter Signed from Elizabeth Todd Nash of Madison, Connecticut, to Lady Marie de Grasse Evans, concerning her book 'Fifty Puritan Ancestors'.

Elizabeth Todd Nash of Madison, Connecticut, author of 'Fifty Puritan Ancestors' [Lady Marie de Grasse Evans (d.1907), wife of Sir Francis Henry Evans]
Publication details: 
225 Central Park West, New York City. 25 March 1902.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letter begins: 'My dear Lady Evans - | Last week my publishers Messrs Tuttle Morehouse & Taylor sent you the two copies of "Fifty Puritan Ancestors" ordered so long ago. I trust you will find it as satisfactory as the rest of the Ward kin have done.' She apologises for a misunderstanding over the sending of a letter by Lady Evans 'to cousin Frank Ward - as I supposed you intended me to do'. 'Fifty Puritan Ancestors, 1628-1660. Genealogical notes 1560-1900. By their lineal descendant, E. T.

A Christian Philanthropist. A Sketch of the Life of Mr. Daniel Hand, and of His Benefaction to the American Missionary Association, for the Education of Colored People in the Southern States of America. [With manuscript 'Memo. of Hand Genealogy' etc]

[George A. Wilcox of Detroit; Daniel Hand (1801-1891) of Madison, Connecticut, Christian philanthropist, benefactor of the American Missionary Association]
Publication details: 
Rooms of the American Missionary Association, 56 Reade Street, New York. 1889.

31 + [1] pp., small 4to. With frontispiece engraved portrait of Hand. In original cream printed wraps, with 'DANIEL HAND.' printed on front cover in brown ink. In good condition, lightly-aged and worn. Presentation inscription at head of front cover: 'for Mrs. Evans - | with Compliments of G. A. Wilcox | Detroit.' Eight copies at American libraries on OCLC WorldCat, and the only copy on COPAC at the British Library. The manuscript, in Wilcox's hand, is 3pp., 12mo, on bifolium 1880s letterhead of the Hotel Metropole, London.

[Printed booklet.] [Ward.] Memorials of a Grand Parent and Parents, with Names of their Descendants, and a Double Appendix. [With manuscript 'Pedigree of Andrew Ward'.]

Henry Meigs Ward; Ferdinand DeWilton Ward; Mehetabel Eunice Clarke; Henrietta Jacqueline Clarke [Levi Ward; Mehetabel Ward; Andrew Ward]
Publication details: 
Democrat and Chronicle Print, Rochester, N.Y. [New York, United States of America] Dedication dated October 1886.

50pp., 8vo. Stapled. In original wraps with the word 'WARD.' in large letters on front, and nothing else printed on them. In good condition, on aged and spotted paper. The title, on p.1, reads 'Memorials of a Grand Parent and Parents, with Names of their Descendants, and a Double Appendix.' Printers details, p.2. Dedication, p.3, by Henry M. Ward, F. DeW. Ward, Mehetabel E. Clarke and Henrietta J. Clarke, dated October 1886: 'This Home Volume is dedicated to Our Children and Theirs, with the express requests, (1).

Six Autograph Letters Signed and one Autograph Note Signed (all 'J. H. Trumbull') from the philologist James Hammond Trumbull to Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury, mainly on a paper by the latter in the Transactions of the American Philological Association

James Hammond Trumbull (1821-1897), Yale-educated American philologist and Republican Secretary of the State of Connecticut, 1861-1866 [Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury (1838-1915), literary critic]
Publication details: 
All eight items from Hartford, Connecticut (one on letterhead of the Watkinson Library and two on letterheads of the American Philological Association). All from 1871.

The seven items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Totalling 10pp, 12mo. A correspondence between two Yale men. The first six items (between 11 April and 29 June 1871) relate to Lounsbury's 'paper on old English verb forms, for publication in the Transactions [of the Amerian Philological Association]'. A letter of 8 May 1871 is revealing of the difficulties encountered by Trumbull in editing the journal: 'Your paper is safe in hand, and I do not apprehend any trouble with it, typographical or other.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. H. Trumbull') from the philologist and Republican politician James Hammond Trumbull to A. S. Train, complaining of the dificulty of dealing with his query at 'moderate length'.

James Hammond Trumbull (1821-1897), Yale-educated American philologist and Republican Secretary of the State of Connecticut, 1861-1866
Publication details: 
Hartford; 24 April 1876.

1p., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He begins: 'It would be tolerably easy to write a duodecimo of a couple of hundred pages by way of answer to yours of the 22d, but really I do not know how to talk about it in a letter of modest length.' He refers him to 'newspapers, magazines, special biographies, encyclopaedias, histories of the several colonies, and of the Revolution, - passim'. He concludes: 'Such a subject must be worked up like a patchwork quilt. There is no one book better than another, in which to look for facts and authorities.'

Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm. L. Kingsley') to 'Mr. <Dekler?>'.

William Lathrop Kingsley (1824-1896), proprietor and editor of the 'New Englander and Yale Review'
Publication details: 
21 July 18<91?>; New Haven.

8vo: 4 pp. Good. Difficult handwriting. He wants him to keep the cheque, which he considers 'only a compromise between our different expectations'. 'I know that you deserve the larger sum that you spoke of - but it is a tight squeeze to make the & expenses for the year of the New Englander come out even, and I do the best I can.' With seven-line postscript.

Coloured advertisement featuring cartoon by P. Webb.

C. A. Stonehill, Inc., booksellers of New Haven, Connecticut [Charles Archibald Stonehill]
Publication details: 

Dimensions roughly nine inches by three and a half wide. Creased and somewhat aged, with traces of previous blue paper mount on reverse. The cartoon, which occupies just under the top half, shows three hillbillies watching a fourth chalk crosses onto a farmyard wall, with the caption 'Somebody told him 'bout a old age pension . . . he's practicin' to sign up fer it.' Beneath this 'ATTENTION! | C. A. STONEHILL, Inc. | Rare Books and Manuscripts | IS NOW LOCATED AT | 198 1/2 YORK ST. | SECOND FLOOR | NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT | Come In and Browse'.

Autograph Signature on fragment of letter.

Lydia Howard Sigourney (1791-1865), American popular writer called 'the sweet singer of Hartford'
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

On paper roughly three and a half inches by three quarters of an inch. Neatly cut but lightly foxed and slightly discoloured with age. Reads 'with the love of her friend, | L. H. Sigourney.'

Letter in a Secretarial Hand, signed in Autograph, 'To the Rt: Honble: the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury', together with engraved portrait by Guillaume Philippe Benoist (1725-70).

Thomas Sherlock, Bishop of London
Publication details: 
Letter dated 20 August 1751.

English ecclesiastic (1678-1761) and controversialist, who left his library to Cambridge University. LETTER: one page, octavo, discoloured and creased, and with neatly-repaired loss of strip approximately four inches by one and a half to top right-hand corner, causing some loss to text. Reads 'My Lords. | The Reverend Thomas Bradbury C Master of Arts being Licenced to perform th Office in New Jersey in his Majestys Plant America and on his departure thither I request that your Lordships will be pleased to his Majesty's Bounty of Twenty pounds to defray of his passage to that Province'.

Order to pay Captain Eliphalet Thorp.

Finn Wadsworth, John Chenevard, John Lawrence [American War of Independence, Connecticut Pay Table]
Publication details: 

On piece of laid paper, dimensions roughly 7 1/2 inches by 6 inches. Browning, creased and discoloured, with some foxing and staining. Reads 'Sir | Pay Capt. Eliphalet Thorp Six hundred pounds - and charge the State . . . Pay Table Office March 6th 1780 | £600'. Signature of 'Saml written over those of two members of the Connecticut Pay Table, Finn Wadsworth and John Chenevard, and with 'John Lawrence Esqr- | Treasurer' in bottom left-hand corner. Docketed on reverse 'Dan Parmule' and 'No 3239 | Order | Capt. Eliphalet Thorp | £600 | March 6th. 1780'.

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