[George Combe, founder of the Edinburgh Phrenological Society.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Geo. Combe') [to his agents], requesting remittance of the previous years account, and for a parcel to be sent to Professor Benjamin Silliman of New Haven.

George Combe (1788-1858), Scottish phrenologist and lawyer, founder of the Edinburgh Phrenological Society [Benjamin Silliman, American chemist]
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Westminster Family Hotel, Westminster Bridge [London]; 19 June 1840.

1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to reverse. Begins: 'Gentlemen! | As I am on my way to Edinburgh, from the United States, I shall be obliged by your informing me, here, whether you have remitted or otherways paid the balance due to me on last years account, due on 4th. June, current, rendered to Mr. Probert Cox'. He asks for payment to be made to Messrs Coutts, 'so that it may be at my command here'. He also requests the making up in a parcel of 'a copy of my Testimonials & “the Suppressed Documents”, if you have one'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm. L. Kingsley') to 'Mr. <Dekler?>'.

William Lathrop Kingsley (1824-1896), proprietor and editor of the 'New Englander and Yale Review'
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21 July 18<91?>; New Haven.

8vo: 4 pp. Good. Difficult handwriting. He wants him to keep the cheque, which he considers 'only a compromise between our different expectations'. 'I know that you deserve the larger sum that you spoke of - but it is a tight squeeze to make the & expenses for the year of the New Englander come out even, and I do the best I can.' With seven-line postscript.

Coloured advertisement featuring cartoon by P. Webb.

C. A. Stonehill, Inc., booksellers of New Haven, Connecticut [Charles Archibald Stonehill]
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Dimensions roughly nine inches by three and a half wide. Creased and somewhat aged, with traces of previous blue paper mount on reverse. The cartoon, which occupies just under the top half, shows three hillbillies watching a fourth chalk crosses onto a farmyard wall, with the caption 'Somebody told him 'bout a old age pension . . . he's practicin' to sign up fer it.' Beneath this 'ATTENTION! | C. A. STONEHILL, Inc. | Rare Books and Manuscripts | IS NOW LOCATED AT | 198 1/2 YORK ST. | SECOND FLOOR | NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT | Come In and Browse'.

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