[ Richard Coote, 1st Earl of Bellomont, Governor of the Provinces of New York, Massachusetts Bay, and New Hampshire. ]

Richard Coote (1636-1700), 1st Earl of Bellomont [ Bellamont; Bellemont ], Governor of the provinces of New York, Massachusetts Bay, and New Hampshire, and supporter of the pirate Captain Kidd
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Their Majesties Receipt of Exchequer, London. 2 July 1694.

1p., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Customary printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript, headed (manuscript text in square brackets): 'Numb. [946 | 947 | 948] | The [2] Day of [July] 1694. | Received by me [Richard Earle of Bellemont [sic]] | By Virtue of [3] Order[s] bearing Date the [2d.] Day of [June 1693:] of [Hen Carew Esqe] One of the Four Tellers of Their Majesties Receipt of Exchequer, the Sum of [ten pounds ten shillings] for [three] Months Annuity Due at the Feast of St: Jno. Baptist last past, of [three] Hundred Pounds'.

[Maharashtra, India, 1919.] 23 signed field maps and corrected exercises by trainee British Indian Army officer Lt A. W. Green, with duplicated notes on 'Military Operations on N.W. Frontier' and map of the 'Indrayani Valley' by Major C. E. Dease.

Lieut A. W. Green [British Army; military map-making; Indian Army, Maharashtra; North West Frontier Province, British India, 1919; Major C. E. Dease]
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[Maharashtra, India.] Items dating from between 11 February and 2 April 1919.

The collection is in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, and gives an invaluable insight into the training practices of the officer class of the British Army in India in the period immediately following the First World War. ONE: 23 autograph maps by Green, each drawn in pencil on a separate piece of graph paper (all around 21 x 26 cm). Each is signed by 'A W Green Lt | 2/95 Infy.', and each is dated in the bottom left-hand corner (for example, 'Light Poor. | Time 7 am. | 26-2-19.') Several of the maps carry 'Notes'.

[North West Frontier Province on eve of Second Mohmand Campaign, 1935] Typed secret British RAF Signals report titled 'Tribal Reconnaissance. Northern Area - Bajaur, Utman Khel, & Mohmand Country.' Describing territory from Shabkadr to Abazai Fort.

[Corporal J. P. Murray, Royal Air Force Signals Detachment; North West Frontier Province, British India; Bajaur; Utman Khel; Pashtun Tribes; Afghanistan; Second Mohmand Campaign, 1935.]
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Report undated, with latest date references to '25-4-1933', i.e. 25 April 1933. In envelope marked '1-2-37', i.e. 1 February 1937. Envelope addressed to Corporal J. P. Murray, RAF Signals, Bannu, N.W.F.P. [North West Frontier Province]

14pp., foolscap 8vo. Carbon copy of typescript, consisting of a covering page and the report itself, paginated 1-13. With a few minor manuscript emendations. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. In brown paper 1937 OHMS envelope ('S.E.6.'), stamped 'SECRET' twice, with red wax seals of the '20 (A.C.) SQUADRON | R.A.F.', and typed address: '513996. Corporal Murray, J.P. | Royal Air Force Signals Detachment (No. 20 (AC) Squadron). | BANNU, N.W.F.P.' The covering page of the report is stamped 'RESTRICTED', and reads: 'SECRET. | TRIBAL RECONNAISSANCE.

Material collected by Alexander Howard Ross, English colonial official in Ashante, Gold Coast, and Sierra Leone, including 158 photographs, correspondence of the Sierra Leone Development Co Ltd, an essay by him on West African piracy, and scrapbook.

Alexander Howard Ross (1880-1965), Commissioner, Southern Province of Sierra Leone, 1920-1928
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Most of the photographs dating from Ashanti, Gold Coast, and Sierra Leone, 1905-1920. Other material from England and Africa, 1930-1961.

The bulk of Ross's papers is deposited in the Rhodes House Library at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. The present collection derives from Ross's sister, Mrs Paterson.

Autograph Letter Signed from 'W. Taylor' (the Swahili scholar Rev. William Ernest Taylor (1856-1927)?) to Sir Thomas Lynedoch Graham, regarding Sir Gordon Sprigg and the suspension of the Cape constitution.

W. Taylor of Plumstead [Rev. William Ernest Taylor (1856-1927), Swahili scholar?] [Sir Thomas Lynedoch Graham (1860-1940); Cape Colony; South Africa; Lord Milner; Sir Gordon Sprigg]
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Plumstead. 12 June 1902.

2pp., foolscap 8vo. 54 lines of text. Good, on lightly-aged and worn paper. Addressed to 'The Hon. T. L. Graham, M.L.C., Prime Minister's Office, Cape Town.' Taylor begins by thanking Graham for his 'courteous letter' and is pleased to find that he has not been misunderstood. 'While siding with Dr. Smart it was on purely personal grounds that I wrote you. I cannot say that a number of your constituents differ from you; I do not know.

Stamped South African Police permit, headed 'Martial Law Regulation', granting permission for the wife and family of the mining engineer J. J. R. Smythe to leave Klerksdorp by car in the early days of the First World War.

[First World War South African Police permit, signed by T. W. Cooper; J. J. R. Smythe, mining engineer, of Warren Hill, Klerksdorp, North West Province, South Africa]
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Stamp of the South African Police, Klerksdorp. 9 November 1914.

Mimeographed typed form, completed in manuscript, on one side of a slip of paper. In fair condition, heavily-inked on aged and worn paper. Oval stamp in blue in bottom left-hand corner: 'SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE | 9 - NOV. 1914 | KLERKSDORP.' The form reads (with manuscript additions in square brackets): 'MARTIAL LAW REGULATIONS | Permission is hereby granted to [Mrs. J. J. R. Smythe & family] of [Warren Hill] to leave Klerksdorp for [ - ] by [Motor] | [signed] [T W Cooper]'.

[Printed pamphlet on Nova Scotia, Canada.] The Royal Province of New Scotland, and Her Baronets.

Major Francis Duncan, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., Royal Artillery [Nova Scotia, Canada]
The Royal Province of New Scotland, and Her Baronets.
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London: William Clowes and Sons, 13, Charing Cross. 1878.
The Royal Province of New Scotland, and Her Baronets.

8vo, 20 pp. In original blue printed wraps, with publisher's advertisement ('List of Military Works') on back. Clear and complete. On aged paper, with wear and slight marking to wraps. Two appendices.

Unsigned Colonial Office duplicate copy of typed surrender between the British Trusts Association Limited, the Magadi Soda Company Limited, and His Most Gracious Majesty King George the Fifth.

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Folio bifoliate. 3 pages. In good condition, though somewhat grubby and with minor loss to one corner and some fraying to extremities. Supplemental document (to indenture of 16 May 1919) by which the Magadi Soda Company surrenders to the Crown the hereditaments and premises comprised in a lease to land at Kilindini on the Island of Mombasa in the Mombasa District of the Seyidie Province of the East Africa Protectorate. Neat Colonial Office accession stamp at foot of recto of first leaf, with 'DUPLICATE' stamped at head of same leaf.

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