[Luigi Montesanto, Italian baritone opera singer.] Autograph Signature (‘Luigi Montesanto’) to part of printed English libretto to Leoncavallo’s ‘Pagliacci’.

Luigi Montesanto (1887-1954), Italian baritone opera singer
Publication details: 
Dated by Montesanto to 1936. [His Master’s Voice, London.]

At top right-hand corner of part of printed English libretto to Leoncavallo’s ‘Pagliacci’. Dimensions: 13.5 x 17.5 cm. Sloping upwards towards the corner, and underlined: ‘Luigi Montesanto | 1936’. On shiny art paper and in fair condition, lightly creased and a little dog-eared at the corner of the signature. The cutting is headed: ‘Prologue (Pagliacci) ... ... ... ... Leoncavallo | LUGI MONTESANTO | PROLOGUE’, with thirty-two lines of English translation.

[John James Rickard Macleod, Scottish biochemist who received a Nobel Prize for the discovery of insulin.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. J. R. Macleod') to the physiologist Luigi Luciani, proposing to translate his festschrift with G. A. Barricelli.

J. J. R. Macleod [John James Rickard Macleod] (1876-1935), Scottish biochemist and physiologist, recipient of Nobel Prize for the discovery of insulin [Luigi Luciani (1840-1919), Italian physiologist]
Publication details: 
21 November 1904; from 'Physiological Laboratory', on letterhead of the Western Reserve University, Medical Department, Cleveland, Ohio.

1p, 4to. In fair condition, aged and creased. Folded twice. Headed by Macleod 'Physiological Laboratory' and addressed to 'Professor Luigi Luciani'. He begins by explaining that '[t]hrough Dr G. A. Barricelli [i.e. Giovanni Alfonso Barricelli (1873-1934)] of this city' he has received 'the most interesting collection of "researches on Physiology and allied Sciences" published in honour of your 25th year as Professor in Rome'.

[Antonio Gallenga, Italian author.] Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Gallenga (Mariotti)') [to James Payn, Cornhill Magazine editor], discussing recipient's association with 'Chambers in Edinburgh'; declaring that he has 'got on well in the world'.

Antonio Carlo Napoleone Gallenga [pseud. 'Luigi Mariotti'] (1810-1895), Italian author, patriot, follower of Cavour, Italian deputy, Times correspondent [James Payn (1830-1898); Cornhill Magazine]
Publication details: 
27 July 1871; 17 James Street, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W., with embossed letterhead of the Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall [London].

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. The recipient is not named, but the item derives from the papers of James Payn, the editor of the Cornhill Magazine, London. Gallenga begins: 'My dear Sir. | The last time I saw you - it may be 20 years ago - you were leaving London to write for Chambers in Edinburgh.

[Luigi Agnesi [Louis Ferdinand Leopold Agniez], Belgian operatic bass-baritone.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Agnesi'), in French, regarding charitable work, and declaring, 'Les malheureux sont mes Amis'.

Luigi Agnesi [Louis Ferdinand Leopold Agniez] (1833-1875), Belgian operatic bass-baritone, conductor and composer who performed in London at the Royal Opera House and Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Publication details: 
London. September 1874.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, folded twice. An elegantly-expressed sentiment: 'Mademoiselle, | Les malheureux sont mes Amis, et l'oeuvre à la quelle vous vous interressez à [sic] toutes mes sympathies; malheureusement je suis si peu de choses que je ne puis vous témoigner que mon bon vouloir a l'oeuvre à la quelle vous vous interressez [sic]si vivement.'

[ Luigi Pirandello and his translator Frederick May. ] Duplicated typescript of 'Right you are! | (If you think so) | by Luigi Pirandello | (translated by Frederick May)'. With Cox's ownership signature and a few notes in his autograph.

Arthur Cox (b.1934), Irish actor; Frederick May (1921-1976), Professor of Italian, University of Sidney, Australia, and translator [ Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936), Italian Nobel-Prize-winning author ]
Publication details: 
Without place or date [circa 1962?].

103pp., 4to. Title-page and cast of characters followed by first act (paginated to 43), second act (paginated to B26) and third act (paginated to C32). In plain brown paper wraps with signature of 'Arthur Cox' in pencil on cover. Stained and worn. A handful of notes to third act in pencil and ink. The volume contains a copy of a duplicated typed form titled 'Prospect Account Particulars', in an envelope addressed in manuscript to 'Signor <?> | Valdano | Italy.' According to COPAC May's translation of the play was published by Penguin Books in 1962 and 1969.

Two press photograph of racing driver Mike Hawthorn, one showing him cutting a ribbon, and the other posing indoors astride a motorcycle, as delighted spectators including five schoolboys, look on.

Mike Hawthorn [John Michael Hawthorn] (1929-1959), English racing driver with the Ferrari Team, friend of Peter Collins and rival of Luigi Musso [Le Mans 24 Hour Race]
Publication details: 
Both stamped on the reverse: '"CHESTER CHRONICLE" | COPYRIGHT | PHOTOGRAPH'. [1950s.]

Both photographs in black and white, and both 25.5 x 20.5 cm. One landscape and the other portrait. The two in good condition, showing light signs of age and wear. Both clearly taken at the same event, as in both Hawthorn wears the same suit. Both taken indoors. In the first (portrait) he is seen cutting a ribbon, while a group of smartly-dressed men and women look on approvingly behind him. Signs for 'Silver Exide' and 'Mobilgas Special' are mounted on a wall.

Typed Letter Signed ('Eduardo Paolozzi') from the Scottish sculptor Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi to Hans Brill, expressing interest in a proposition, and suggesting a meeting to discuss it.

Eduardo Paolozzi [Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi] (1924-2005), Scottish sculptor [Hans Brill (1930-2001), librarian, art teacher and collector]
Publication details: 
107 Dovehouse Street, London. 13 May 1994.

1p., 8vo. Good, on lightly-creased paper. He writes that he was 'very interested' to get Brill's letter. 'I will certainly work on something: I have many ideas, and you will probably be able to select something from what I will show you.' He suggests 'a drink at the Chelsea Arts Club one evening? I now have an answering machine, so you can leave a message there - or even with Monica at the College'.

Three Typed Letters Signed (the first two in full and the third 'E P Gorini') the first two to Violet Bonham Carter and the last to her son Mark, the first in English and the last two in Italian.

Edvige Pesce Gorini, Italian poet, editor of the 'Giornale dei Poeti' [Violet Bonham Carter (1887-1969); Mark Raymond Bonham Carter (1922-1994), Baron Bonham-Carter, Liberal politician]
Publication details: 
21 February 1946; 15 May 1947; and 28 July 1948. All three from Via Angelo Poliziano No. 69, Rome.

Text of all three items clear and complete. All three on lightly aged paper, creased and with some wear to extremities. Letter One (8vo, 1 p; 20 lines of text): She thanks Bonham Carter for her 'kind and appreciative letter' and 'will see that through the English Embassy' she receives 'a copy of my short story: "I due prigionieri", of which your son is the protagonist'. (An officer in the Grenadier Guards, during the war Mark Bonham Carter had escaped from a prison camp in northern Italy.) Describes material she is sending relating to her 'literary career'.

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