[Pope Pius XII.] Printed ticket of admission ('Biglietto personale') to the 'Anticamera Pontificia', on the occasion of his pontifical mass and coronation, issued by Alberto Arborio-Mella di Sant'Ella, Maestro di Camera.

Pope Pius XII [Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli] (1876-1958), Roman Catholic pontiff [Alberto Arborio Mella di Sant'Elia (1880-1953), Maestro di Camera; Vatican City, Rome]
Publication details: 
Invitation dated 'Vaticano, 4 marzo 1939', for event on 12 March 1939. ['Tip. Vaticana. 6-3-1939']

A nice piece of papal ephemera, printed in blue on one side of 15 x 21 cm piece of blue wove paper, with large ornate watermark of 'SACRI PALAZZI APOSTOLICI', with triregnum and crossed keys. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded twice. Numbered 7370, with following at head: 'Ingresso: Facciata della Basilica | (Cancello di destra N. 3)', and at foot 'Accesso: VIA DI PORTA ANGELICA'. At left-hand side: '12 | GRATIS'.

[John James Rickard Macleod, Scottish biochemist who received a Nobel Prize for the discovery of insulin.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. J. R. Macleod') to the physiologist Luigi Luciani, proposing to translate his festschrift with G. A. Barricelli.

J. J. R. Macleod [John James Rickard Macleod] (1876-1935), Scottish biochemist and physiologist, recipient of Nobel Prize for the discovery of insulin [Luigi Luciani (1840-1919), Italian physiologist]
Publication details: 
21 November 1904; from 'Physiological Laboratory', on letterhead of the Western Reserve University, Medical Department, Cleveland, Ohio.

1p, 4to. In fair condition, aged and creased. Folded twice. Headed by Macleod 'Physiological Laboratory' and addressed to 'Professor Luigi Luciani'. He begins by explaining that '[t]hrough Dr G. A. Barricelli [i.e. Giovanni Alfonso Barricelli (1873-1934)] of this city' he has received 'the most interesting collection of "researches on Physiology and allied Sciences" published in honour of your 25th year as Professor in Rome'.

[ John Samuel Agar, portrait painter and engraver. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. S. Agar') to Rudolph Ackermann, apologising for the poor quality of 'Fashions' [ie. fashion plates] executed on his behalf by 'Mr. Cheesman', and discussing Pistrucci's

John Samuel Agar (1773-1858), painter and engraver [ Rudolph Ackermann (1764-1834), London book and print seller; John Vendramini (1769-1839), engraver; Benedetto Pistrucci (1793-1855), medallist ]
Publication details: 
Stafford Place [ 59 Stafford Place, Pimlico, London ]. 24 January 1822.

2pp., 4to. Bifolium. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with two postmarks (one of Pimlico), to 'R. Ackermann Esqre | 101. Strand -'. On aged and worn paper, with one short closed tear. A good letter, full of content revealing of Ackermann's business and the art trade in general. The first paragraph reads: 'I am extremely sorry the last Fashions have not met your approbation. The inflamed state of my eye rendered it impossible for me to engrave them myself, and I calculated on the known talent of Mr. Chsman [i.e. Thomas Cheesman (1760-1834)] to be my substitute.

[Six folio coloured prints by Italian cartoonist Ugo Marontonio, each signed and numbered by him.] Così va el Mondo. 6 proverbi veneti scelti da Giovanni Vicentini. Illustrati con 6 litografie originali di Marantonio.

Ugo Marantonio (1915-2006), Italian cartoonist [with letterpress by Giovanni Vicentini]
Publication details: 
No. 164 of 250 copies. Curata da Tamari Editori in Bologna per la Gemmo Impianti S.p.A. Undated [1970s?].

Folio folder of red card, with title printed on cover in black, containing the six prints, each on a separate piece of thick wove paper (almost card), with a bifolium of the same paper carrying the title leaf and limitation (164), as well as a page of letterpress by Vicentini. Internally in good condition, with one corner bumped; in worn and aged card folder. Each cartoon is signed in pencil by Marantonio in the bottom-right corner, with the limitation '162 [sic] / 250' in the bottom-left corner. Six crisp and elegant designs.

[Dame Eva Turner, English soprano.] Two Autograph Letters Signed and two Autograph Cards Signed (all 'Eva') to Geoffrey Child. The letters concerning LP recordings of her music, and piracies by 'Bill Smith', with reference to Giovanni Martinelli.

Dame Eva Turner (1892-1990), English soprano [Giovanni Martinelli (1885-1969), Italian tenor; Geoffrey Child]
Publication details: 
First letter: Michigan, 4 July 1957. Second letter: Oklahoma, 22 September 1957. Cards from 1960 and 1962.

All four items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. All four in a bold, expansive hand. The two letters accompanied by their envelopes, addressed to Child in London. Letter One: Address: 'c/o Mr & Mrs G. W. Williams, | 615 East Genesee, | Saginaw | Michigan. U.S.A.' 4 July 1957. 4pp., 4to. She is 'on the first lap of my Vacation' and has asked 'Anne' to contact him. 'During the University year I am so frightfully taxed for time - my own correspondence and my personal affairs suffer in consequence and are perforce relegated to the background.

[Giovanni Domenico Ruffini (John Ruffini), Italian author and patriot.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Ruffini'), in English, thanking the publishers [Edmonston & Douglas of Edinburgh] of his book 'A Quiet Nook in the Jura' for their care over it.

Giovanni Domenico Ruffini [John Ruffini] (1807-1881), Italian author and patriot, member of Mazzini's La Giovine Italia [Edmonston & Douglas, publishers, Edinburgh]
Publication details: 
Paris, 6 Rue de Vintimille. 18 April 1869.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Addressed to 'Gentlemen', the letter begins by acknowledging ('were it only for the sake of regularity") the receipt of a cheque for £30 18s 10d, 'being my share of the profits of the first Edition of a quiet nook'. He considers that this 'result [...] proves once more, if needed, that quiet books have no chance with the public', and concludes by acknowledging 'the great care and perfect taste which you have bestowed upon the Volume, and which alone ought to have secured to it an abundant Sale'. 'A Quiet Nook in the Jura.

[Printed pamphlet by the London booksellers Bernard Quartich.] Thomas Love Peacock on the Portraits of Shelley. [Including a 'facsimile by a zinco-line process of the engraving by Lasinio of Leisman's portrait'.]

[Henry Wallis; Thomas Love Peacock; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Carlo Lasinio; Giovanni Antonio Leisman; Bernard Quartich, London booksellers]
Publication details: 
Bernard Quartich, 11 Grafton Street, New Bond Street, London. Printed by Taylor and Francis, Red Lion Court, London, 1911.

3pp., 8vo. Bifolium. On aged card, with wear to extremities. The text, attributed to Wallis by the British Library catalogue, is on the verso of the first leaf; and facing this, behind a tissue guard, is the print. Wallis discusses the 'feeble' nature of the 'various engaged portraits of Shelley', and explains Peacock's reservations in endorsing Lasinio's engraving of Leisman's painting. Uncommon: five copies on COPAC, the British Library entry attributing the publication to Henry Wallis.

Autograph Letter Signed in Italian from the future cardinal Giovanni Soglia Ceroni to the 'Sig. Dotte. Galeati', regarding the 'Causa già agitata fra il Sacerde. Francesco Gardi di Lugo, il Sig. Antonio Fornioni, e la Mensa Vescovile d'Imola'.

Giovanni Soglia Ceroni (1779-1856), Italian Roman Catholic cardinal [Francesco Gardi di Lugo; Antonio Fornioni; la Mensa Vescovile d'Imola]
Publication details: 
Rome. 1 January 1817.

2pp., 4to. 29 lines, in a neat calligraphic hand. In good condition, on lightly-aged laid paper. The document is signed 'Giovanni Soglia' and begins: 'Dal Sig. Dotte. Galeati ho ricevuto il fatto informativo della Causa già agitata fra il Sacerde. Francesco Gardi di Lugo, il Sig. Antonio Fornioni, e la Mensa Vescovile d'Imola; qual causa, atttesa la difformità delle due sentenze già pronunciate, si vorrebbe portare al Tribunale della Sac.

Frontispiece (?) to 'Dianæ Fabulas olim a Dominico Zamperio pictore vulgo Domenichino in Palatio Bassani Principis Justiniani depictas'

Domenico Zampieri (or Domenichino) (1581-1641) [Giovanni Girolamo Frezza (1659-1741)]
Publication details: 
Io. Hieronymus Frezza Sculp. Rome Sup. Lic. Ann. 1713, e dal Medemo Frezza si vendano in Piazza Barberini

Dimensions of paper roughly twelve and a half inches by fifteen and a half. Dimensions of plate roughly eleven inches by six and a half. On top of a stone plinth two eagles support a crowned crest with shell motif, showing a crowned eagle over a castle. The inscription on the base reads 'DIANAE FABVLAS | OLIM | A DOMINICO ZAMPERIO | PICTORE | VVLGO DOMENICHINO | IN PALATIO BASSANI | PRINCIPIS IVSTINIANI | DE PICTAS'. Apparently the frontispiece or engraved title to an oblong folio volume published in 1713.

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