Autograph Letter Signed ('E. O'Connor'), in Spanish, from the Argentinian Admiral Eduardo O'Connor to Coronel Ricardo Mombello, with reference to 'el Conscripto Carlos Wasington [sic] Anthony'.

Admiral Eduardo O'Connor (1858-1921), Argentinian naval officer, Director General de Administrativa, y Gefe del Arsenal de Puerto Militar [Belgrano]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Gefe del Arsenal de Puerto Militar. 26 February 1914.

2pp., 8vo. On bifolium. O'Connor's signature damaged by wear along a vertical fold, otherwise in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Scan on request.

Typed Letter Signed ('Eduardo Paolozzi') from the Scottish sculptor Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi to Hans Brill, expressing interest in a proposition, and suggesting a meeting to discuss it.

Eduardo Paolozzi [Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi] (1924-2005), Scottish sculptor [Hans Brill (1930-2001), librarian, art teacher and collector]
Publication details: 
107 Dovehouse Street, London. 13 May 1994.

1p., 8vo. Good, on lightly-creased paper. He writes that he was 'very interested' to get Brill's letter. 'I will certainly work on something: I have many ideas, and you will probably be able to select something from what I will show you.' He suggests 'a drink at the Chelsea Arts Club one evening? I now have an answering machine, so you can leave a message there - or even with Monica at the College'.

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