[ Sir Henry Morton Stanley, African explorer associated with Dr David Livingstone. ] Magazine article titled 'Captain Salusbury's Congo "Revelations."'

Sir Henry Morton Stanley [ born John Rowlands ] (1841-1904), Welsh journalist and African explorer associated with Dr David Livingstone [ Captain Philip H. B. Salusbury ]
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Extracted from 'The United Service Magazine', London, September 1896. Reproducing a letter dated from 'Grayshott, Hants. | August 15th, 1896.'

8pp., 8vo. Paginated 645-652. In good condition, lightly aged. Extracted from the magazine and with traces of stitching. Reproducing a letter dated from 'Grayshott, Hants. | August 15th, 1896.' Stanley takes offence to 'the many ridiculous calumnies found in amost every sentence of [Salusbury's] article in your magazine'. He begins: 'I greatly regret being compelled to reply to an article in the June number of your magazine called "The Congo State: a Revelation;" but I am sure Captain Salusbury, the writer of it, must have expected me to do so.'

[ Sir Travers Twiss, jurist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Travers Twiss') to C. S. A. Abbott [ the future Lord Tenterden ] regarding 'the United States Courts having limited the criminal consequences of violating neutrality to the Cruise'.

Sir Travers Twiss (1809-1897), jurist who drew up the constitution of the Congo Free State [ Charles Stuart Aubrey Abbott, 3rd Baron Tenterden (1834-1882), diplomat ]
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Temple [ London ]. 21 May 1867.

2pp., 12mo. With mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged. When Twiss 'suggested the circumstance', Sir R. Palmer 'had some doubts about the United States Courts having limited the criminal consequences of violating neutrality to the cruise [last word underlined]'. There was also 'some doubt about the effect of a sale by a <?> of a Prize Court to a third party. Twiss thinks 'it might be desirable to print & circulate the enclosed observations bearing upon those two points'.

Inventaire des documents provenant de la mission Frantz Cornet au Congo (1948-49) et conservés au Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale a Tervuren.

Marcel Luwel [Frantz Cornet; the Belgian Congo; Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale; Belgium]
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1960: Académie royale des Sciences d'Outre-Mer. Classe des sciences morales et politiques. Mémoires in-8o. Nouvelle série. Tome XXIV, fasc. 1. (Histoire). Rue de Livourne, 80A, Bruxelles 5. [Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale.]

8vo: 87 pp. In original light-green printed wraps. Internally very good. Front wrap with minor spotting and slight damage to one corner. Presentation copy, signed on title 'To Mrs. H. Stanley from M. Luwel | 14. XI. 1960.' Inventory divided into ten sections, beginning with 'Baptist Missionary Society' and 'Missions protestantes au Katanga', and ending with 'Uele'. Uncommon: copies at the British Library, Oxford, Cambridge, University of London and SOAS.

Autograph Letter Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Richard Edward Dennett [CONGO FREE STATE]
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20 May 1916; on letterhead '3 PARLIAMENT HILL MANSIONS, | HIGHGATE ROAD, N.W.'

Editor (1857-1921) of the manuscript newspaper 'Congo Mirror', who 'drew attention to irregularities in Congo Free State, 1886; [...] and accused Congo officials of murders and atrocities; with help he carried on the agitation until the Congo Reform Association was formed; in a series of letters to the African Mail entitled the Lower Congo he pointed out the injustice of the French rule and the concessionnaire system in Congo Francais' (Who's Who). Three pages, 12mo. On grey paper. Very good. Docketed in pen and green pencil.

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