[ The British Empire Union, Incorporating the Anti-German Union. ] Printed handbill advertising a 'Competition for Poster Design.', and including a transcript of a letter on war memorials by sculptor Sir George Frampton.

The British Empire Union, Incorporating the Anti-German Union, London [ Sir George Frampton (1860-1928), English sculptor; Henry Wood Promenade Concerts (The Proms) ]
Publication details: 
The British Empire Union, 346 Strand, London, WC2. [ 1917. ]

1p., folio. On aged and worn paper. A jingoistic wartime outfit, with the letterhead proclaiming 'THE BRITISH EMPIRE FOR BRITISH SUBJECTS' and 'NO GERMAN INFLUENCE. | NO GERMAN LABOUR. | NO GERMAN GOODS | That compete with British.' The organisations chairman is named as Lord Leith of Fyvie, and the chairman Lieut-Col. Sir Mervyn Manningham-Buller. The long text begins: 'The British Empire Union offers a Prize of £2 2s.

[ Printed First World War handbill on the Russian Revolution and Reichstag Peace Resolution. ] Peace Negotiations To-Morrow

[ The Women's International League, London; the National Labour Press Ltd., London ] [ Russian Revolution; Reichstag Peace Resolution, 1917 ]
Publication details: 
'Published by the Women's International League, 12 Little College St., S.W.1; Printed by the National Labour Press Ltd., 8 & 9 Johnson's Court, E.C.4. [ 1917 ]

2pp., 12mo. On single leaf. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Headings: 'Support Russia!', 'No Annexations and No Indemnities and the Right of Peoples to determine their own Government', 'Russia demands our practical sympathy, shall she have it?' and 'The Peace Negotiations could begin to-morrow'. The document begins: 'The British people have acclaimed the Russian Revolution.

Printed handbill headed '"Lest We Forget." Why You Should Join The Merchant Seamen's League Founded at the Great Boycott Meeting in the Royal Albert Hall, London, on Sept. 28th.' (Founded 'to punish the Gerrmans'.) With printed subscription slip.

[The Merchant Seamen's League; J. Havelock Wilson, Secretary; Admiral The Lord Beresford; the Great Boycott Meeting, the Royal Albert Hall, 28 September 1917]
Publication details: 
The Merchant Seamen's League, 76, Victoria Street, Westminster, London. Printer: 'St. George's Prress, T.U. Printers, 2, Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, E.C. [London]' [1917.]

Both items in good condition, on aged high-acidity paper. The handbill is printed on one side of a piece of 30.5 x 19.5 cm. paper. The meeting is said to have been 'Presided over by Admiral The Lord Beresford, and there is a list of fifteen individuals by whom the resolutions were supported, beginning with 'J. Havelock Wilson, C.B.E., (President of the National Sailors' and Firemen's Union)' and 'Commander HOUGHTON, R.N.R. (Marine Service Associatio - Masters and Officers - Liverpool)'.

Typed Letter Signed ('Alice S Green') from Alice Stopford Green to 'Sir Matthew [Nathan?]'

Alice Stopford Green [Alice Sophia Amelia Green, n
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 36 Grosvenor Rd, Westminster. 9 January 1917.

1p., 4to. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. The recipient is tentatively identified as Nathan in pencil, and considering the reference to Africa his identity cannot be doubted. The book referred to is named in another hand as 'End of a chapter by Shane Leslie'. Her niece Dorothy gave her Leslie's book to read and then return to the recipient. 'I think it extraordinarily interesting, and do not feel at all so "superior" over it as Dorothy does!

[Printed handbill.] Roedean School. Dates of the Beginning and End of Terms for 1917.

[Roedean School, near Brighton, East Sussex, boarding school for girls founded by the Lawrence sisters in 1885]
Publication details: 
Without place or date. [Roedean School, East Sussex. 1916 or 1917.]

1p., 16mo. Good, on lightly-aged and spotted laid paper. A few pencil calculations on the reverse. Neatly printed. Giving details for the three terms: Lent, Summer and Michaelmas, with dates for 'Pupils re-assemble', 'Opening Address to Pupils', 'Reading of the Reports and Closing Address' and 'Pupils leave'. These details are followed by the following notices: 'Parents are earnestly requested to co-operate with the School authorities in enforcing punctuality of attendance at the beginning and end of Term.

[Catalogue by the London bookseller Francis Edwards, titled] How England saved Europe. Catalogue of Books, Engravings and Autographs relating to Napoleon the First and the wars in which he was engaged, 1793-1815.

[Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French; Francis Edwards, London bookseller, printseller and dealer in autographs]
Publication details: 
'Offered for sale by Francis Edwards, Bookseller, Printseller and Dealer in Autographs, 83, High Street, Marylebone, London, W.' March1917.

46pp., 12mo. In original printed wraps, with the last two pages of the catalogue on the back cover. 704 priced items, with descriptions. Reproduction of no. 612 (mezzotint of Napoleon by Charles Turner from J. J. Masquerier) on front cover. In fair condition, on aged paper, in aged and worn wraps, with occasional pencil markings in margins. An important catalogue, issued in part to make a point during the Great War.

Three printed reports of meetings held at the Council House, Chichester, of the West Sussex branch of the British 'War Agricultural Committee' (two from 1915 and one from 1916) and one report from the 'War Agricultural Executive Committee'.

[Herbert Padwick, Chairman, War Agricultural Committee, West Sussex Branch; First World War; British farming; women and agriculture]
Publication details: 
The three 'War Agricultural Committee' reports: 16 November and 22 December 1915, and 9 February 1916. 'War Agricultural Executive Committee' report: 29 January 1917. All meetings held at the Council House, Chichester [West Sussex Committee].

All four items clear and complete, on lightly-aged and creased paper. Item One: Report of WAC meeting of 16 November 1915. Folio, 6 pp. Includes 'Reports from District Sub-Committees' and section on 'Enlistment as to Skilled Agricultural Labourers'. Also section on 'Women's County Committee'. Item Two: Report of WAC meeting of 22 December 1915. Folio, 4 pp. Sections on 'Instruction in milking to women' and 'Employment of women on farm work'. Signed in type as Chairman by Padwick. Item Three: Report of WAC meeting of 9 February 1916. Folio, 4 pp. Signed in type as Chairman by Padwick.

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