[Arthur Sidgwick, classical scholar and promoter of women's education.] Autograph Letter Signed ('A Sidgwick') to Lady Cullum of Hardwick House, written in good spirits after a visit.

Arthur Sidgwick (1840-1920), classical scholar and promoter of women's education at Oxford, brother of Henry Sidgwick [Trinity College, Cambridge; Lady Ann Cullum (1807-1875) of Hardwick House]
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1 May 1863; Cambridge.

Arthur Sidgwick's long entry in the Oxford DNB concludes with the following assessment: 'a university liberal of rare consistency and stamina: a progressive bridging Victorian and Edwardian generations, and pre-eminent among the male dons who made a place for women's higher education in Oxford'. At the time of the present letter he was nearing the end of a 'brilliant' undergraduate career at Cambridge, with the winning of many prizes: 'In 1863 he was second in the first class of the classical tripos and fourteenth senior optime in mathematics, and was also president of the union.

[John Drinkwater, poet and dramatist, allows his play to be copied into Braille.] Typed Note Signed to Miss A. Mangens, giving her permission to copy his play 'Cromwell' into Braille.

John Drinkwater (1882-1937), poet and dramatist
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On letterhead of 4 Ashburn Gardens, London, S.W.7.

1p., landscape 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The letter reads: 'Dear Madam, | As far as I am concerned I shall be very glad for you to copy Cromwell into Braille, but I think you ought to get the formal permission of my publishers, Messers Sidgwick and Jackson, which I am sure that they will give you.'

[ Arthur Sidgwick. ] Autograph Card Signed ('A. Sidgwick') to 'Mrs Green'., regarding arrangements for her stay at his Oxford address, while he and his family are in Wales.

Arthur Sidgwick (1840-1920), educationist and classical scholar, suffragist and proponent of women's education at Oxford, brother of the philosopher Henry Sidgwick (1838-1900)
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Woodstock Road, Oxford. 10 August 1903.

Neatly and closely written on both sides of a 9 x 11.5 cm. card. In good condition, lightly aged. On his return from Cambridge the previous Saturday he 'found (as I expected) my family gone to Wales. Among their letters was the enclosed card. I assume it is from you.' He assures her that 'all is right', and that the 'spare room is ready, & will be ready, for you when you come on Thursday.

Autograph Note Signed ('Eleanor M Sidgwick') to 'Miss Chittenden, Cambridge Training Corps, Wollaston Road, Cambridge'.

Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick [née Balfour] (1845-1936), Principal of Newnham College, Cambridge
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16 August 1907; on letterhead of Newnham College, Cambridge.

16mo, 1 p. In a bifolium. Seven lines. Clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper. In stamped, addressed envelope. Asks if Chittenden will 'come to luncheon' on one of the two following days, as Sidgwick 'hardly saw' her on the previous day.

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