[ Joseph Butterworth ] Secretarial Letter, signed 'Jos: Butterworth', to Knight Spencer, Secretary of the Surrey Institution, urging him to engage 'Mr. Park, the Artist, of Dublin', who is moving to London, as a lecturer.

Joseph Butterworth (1770-1826), law bookseller and Member of Parliament [ Knight Spencer, Secretary of the Surrey Institution ]
Publication details: 
Bedford Square [ London ]. 19 October 1830.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letter begins: 'Mr. [ Park? ], the Artist, of Dublin, has this day written me word that he has some intention of coming to settle in London in the ensuing winter.' He urges Spencer to 'get him to deliver a course of Lectures on Painting at the Surrey Institution. From speeches which I have heard him deliver, I should think his language & delivery well calculated for the purpose & likely to render him popular.' He explains that he is prevented from writing himself by a 'complaint in my eyes'.

[ Joseph Butterworth, legal bookseller and politician. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Jos: Butterworth') regarding the interest taken by Thomas Jeffery of Portsea in 'the Convicts in the hulks'.

Joseph Butterworth (1770-1826), legal bookseller and politician [ Thomas Jeffery of Portsea; transportation ]
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Bedford Square [ London ]. 28 January 1826.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, aged and with creasing at foot. Reads: 'Thos Jeffery | 7 Conway Row | Half way Houses | Portsea | takes an active part in visiting the Convicts in the hulks & wd be most thankful for some tracts | Jos: Butterworth | 28 Jany 1826 | Bedford Square'. At the head of the page, in another hand: 'Rec'd £1. 1. 0'.

[ Charles Partington, Manchester sci-fi author, magazine editor and bookshop owner. ] Two Typed Letters (one signed 'Charles') to Don Malcolm, one reviewing Malcolm's story 'Between the Tides', the other on a short story of his Savoy Books are taking

Charles Partington, Manchester science-fiction [ Michael Butterworth, Dave B and Savoy Books; Don Malcolm ]
Publication details: 
ONE: 56 Staffin Court, Darn Hill, Heywood, near Manchester. 12 January 1975. TWO: On his letterhead, 274 Longridge, Knutsford, Cheshire. 7 April 1978.

ONE (12 January 1975): 1p., 4to. In good condition. First page of letter only, and lacking signature. A generally positive review ('When I write, I suffer from excess, a disease which you and your contemporaries, Aldis, Brunner, Bulmer, etc long since cured yourselves of. [...] The story was, as I am sure you know, good.'), but with some caveats ('I also don't think that a female covered with body hairs would also have hair reaching down to her waist.'). TWO: 1p., 8vo. Signed in green ink. In fair condition, on aged paper with wear at head.

[England Rugby Union Football Team, 1954.] Autograph Signatures of 17 members of the squad, including Dickie Jeeps; Gordon Rimmer; Peter Yarranton; Jeff Butterfield; John Kendall-Carpenter; Vic Leadbetter; Tug Wilson; Bob Stirling; Pat Quinn.

England Rugby Union Football Team, 1954 [Dickie Jeeps; Vic Leadbetter; Ted Woodward; Phil Jones; John Kendall-Carpenter; Jeff Butterworth; Pat Quinn; Tug Wilson; Gordon Rimmer; Peter Yarranton]
Publication details: 
[England; 1954.]

The seventeen signatures are on a piece of 8.5 x 11 cm paper, laid down on a leaf removed from an album, captioned '"ENGLAND" RUGBY FOOTBALL TEAM | 1954'. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Present (with one unidentified) are the signatures of Vic Leadbetter; Ted Woodward; Phil Jones; John Kendall-Carpenter; <?>; Jeff Butterworth; Pat Quinn; Eric Evans; Tug Wilson; Peter Young; Dickie Jeeps; Gordon Rimmer; Peter Yarranton; Rob Stirling; Martin Regan; Sandy Sanders; Reg Higgins. It may be that the item is misdated, as this exact team did not play in the Five Nations of that year.

[Printed pamphlet.] A Catalogue of Record Works, Printed under the Direction of The Commissioners on The Public Records of the Kingdom, on Sale by Henry Butterworth, Publisher to the Public Record Department.

Henry Butterworth, Publisher to the Public Record Department, 7 Fleet Street, London
Publication details: 
Henry Butterworth, 7 Fleet Street, London. 1847.

16pp., 12mo. Stitched. In fair condition, aged, worn and a little dusty. Elegantly printed. A descriptive list, preceded by a two-page introduction beginning: 'The Catalogue here submitted to the Public, of Record Works published under the authority of the Record Commissioners and of the Secretary of State, has been in some measure compiled from a Work printed for private circulation under the title "Notes of Materials for the History of Public Departments," by Mr.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Samuel Stevens') from the barrister and Whig politician Hon. Samuel Stevens of Albany, New York, to his future father-in-law Silas O. Smith of Rochester, asking for permission to court Mary Frances Smith.

Hon. Samuel Stevens (c.1798-1854) of Albany, New York, American barrister and Whig politician, friend and associate of Daniel Webster, husband of Mary Frances Stevens [nee Smith]
Publication details: 
Albany [New York]. 21 January 1841.

1p., 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'Mr Silas O Smith | Rochester'. The letter begins: 'Dear Sir | During my short sojourn at your city last October, I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of your daughter. Since my return a correspondence has taken place between us in which she has given me permission to visit her & to entertain the hope that she may be persuaded to exchange the protection of the best of Parents for that of a husband.

Galley proof of magazine article 'Christmas in America Fifty Years Ago' by Augusta de Grasse Stevens, with note from 'E. Lowe' to her mother Mrs Butterworth; and manuscript biography of 'the young and rising novelist' in her sister Lady Evans's hand.

Augusta de Grasse Stevens (1852-1894), daughter of Samuel S. Stevens (d.1854) of Albany, New York, and his wife, nee Mary Frances Smith [later Mrs John Fowler Butterworth] (d.1890)
Publication details: 
Neither item dated. [1890s.] Lowe's note on the proof from 7 Harley Gardens, SW [London].

Both items in very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Item One (galley proofs): On piece of 13 x 49 cm. paper. In manuscript at head: '7 Harley Gardens SW | Monday | Dear Mrs Butterworth | The Printer will send you a proper proof tomorrow | Yours in haste | E Lowe'. The first part only, in small type, with one minor correction. The article is attributed to Augusta de Grasse Stevens in Helen O. Black's 'Notable Women Authors of the Day' (1893). Item Two (manuscript biography): 4pp., 4to. With a few minor emendations.

Autograph Signature of Phillips ('Montague F. Phillips'), with manuscript of score of musical phrase; autograph signature of Butterworth ('Clara Butterworth').

Montague Phillips [Montague Fawcett Phillips] (1885-1969), English composer and organist; his wife Clara Butterworth (1888-1996), soprano
Publication details: 
Phillips's signature dated 1927.

On the recto of a piece of pink paper, roughly 17.5 x 23.5 cm, removed from an autograph album. Good, on lightly aged paper. Phillips's autograph is in the top left-hand corner, reading 'Montague F. Phillips | March 1927.' Above it are four bars of musical notation, marked 'allegro' and titled 'The Fishermen of England. The Rebel Maid" - both by Phillips).' Beneath this, and divided from it by a diagonal line, is Phillips's wife's autograph: 'Yours sincerely | Clara Butterworth'. The couple met while both students at the Royal Academy of Music.

Poem ('Composed & Written by Butterworth & Son') entitled 'To the Memory of the Gallant Sir John Moore, Who fell at the battle of Corunna, 16th. January 1809.', with portrait, 'Engraved by J. Menzies, Edinburgh.'

Butterworth & Son, Edinburgh; John Menzies, engraver [Sir John Moore; the Battle of Corunna, 1809]
Publication details: 
[circa 1809?] Edinburgh, 'Published as the Act directs.', 'for Butterworth & Son'.

Landscape. On one side of a piece of paper roughly 25 x 41 cm. In poor condition: aged and damp stained, with loss to top-right and bottom-right hand corners (in neither case affecting text or design). Laid down on a piece of white paper. Title and small portrait head of Moore surrounded by an ornate calligraphic embellishment. The poem, of nine heroic couplets arranged in two columns, is engraved in copperplate, and begins 'Lamented Moore!

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