[Katharine Villiers, Countess of Clarendon.] Four letters to the London merchant bankers Thomson Hankey & Co., all relating to the Mesopotamia Estate sugar plantation in Jamaica, two signed by both the Earl and the Countess.

Katharine Villiers, Countess of Clarendon [née Grimston and previously Foster-Barham] (1810-1874), wife of George Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon (1800-1870) [Messrs. Thomson Hankey & Co., bankers]
Publication details: 
Two letters from the Vice Regal Lodge, Dublin in 1851, one of them signed by the Earl and the Countess. The other two letters from London, 1845 and 1849.

The Countess of Clarendon had inherited the Mesopotamia Estate from her previous husband John Foster Barham (1799-1838), who had died a certified lunatic year before her marriage to the Earl. The Estate had been in the hands of the Barham family for more than a century. The four items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. All four with notes by the recipients. ONE: Letter signed by George J. Nicholson of the London soliticitors Vizard & Leman, in secretarial hand, to Messrs Thomson Hankey & Co. Lincolns Inn Fields; 7 July 1845 ('Mesopotamia Estate'). 1p., 4to.

[Printed report.] Comparative Statement of the Imports into Bristol from the West Indies of Sugar, Rum & Coffee, together with Sugar from the East Indies and Mauritius from the 1st. January to the 30th. Septr in the Years 1839 & 1840 [...].

Ariel & Beloe, Colonial Brokers, Bristol [West Indian merchants; Mauritius; Messrs. Hankey, Wilson & Co., London merchant bankers]
Publication details: 
Ariel & Beloe, Brokers. 30 September 1840.

Full title: 'Comparative Statement of the Imports into Bristol from the West Indies of Sugar, Rum & Coffee, together with Sugar from the East Indies and Mauritius from the 1st. January to the 30th. Septr in the Years 1839 & 1840 shewing the Stocks remaining under Bond at the latter date.' 3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Addressed (with two postmarks, one of them from Bristol) on reverse of second leaf: 'P.P. | Messrs. Hankey Wilson & Co | London', and docketed by the recipients: '496 | Ariel & Beloe | 30 Sept 1840 | recd 2 Oct [1840] | no answer'.

[The Chester Vale coffee plantation, Jamaica, owned by the Breon family.] Six sets of manuscript accounts, four for Edmund Breon; one for Thomas Cockburn, guardian of Miss Elizabeth Susanna Breon; and one for her husband Colin McLarty, MD.

[The Chester Vale coffee plantation, Jamaica; Edmund Breon, proprietor; his daughter Elizabeth Susanna Breon; her husband Colin McLarty; Thomas Cockburn of Cockburn, Robertson & Vassall, solicitors]
Publication details: 
Kingston, Jamaica. 1785, 1787, 1789, 1791, 1792, 1795.

Chester Vale, a substantial estate of 1420 acres, paid taxes on 124 slaves in 1801. McLarty (d.1844) was Physician-General for Surrey (Jamaica), and several letters written by him from the island are in the National Library of Scotland, and are quoted in Alan L Karras's 'Sojourners in the Sun: Scottish Migrants in Jamaica and the Chesapeake, 1740-1800' (Cornell, 1992). In 1794 he acquired Chester Vale on his marriage to Elizabeth Susanna Breon, whose father Edmund Breon had died in 1792, leaving her the ward of the solicitor Thomas Cockburn.

[Alexander Johnstone, proprietor of Westerhall [Baccaye] slave Plantation, Grenada, West Indies.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Alexr. Johnstone') to his London bankers Messrs Simond & Hankey, regarding the 'neglect & misconduct' of 'Capn. Mackintosh'.

Alexander Johnstone (1727-1783), proprietor of the Westerhall [Baccaye] slave Plantation, Grenada, West Indies [Messrs Simond & Hankey, London bankers]
Publication details: 
Bulstrode Street [London]. 4 October 1777.

The story of the Johnstone family has been told in Emma Rothschild's 'Inner Life of Empires' (Princeton, 2012). According to Rothschild, Alexander Johnstone 'became a soldier in the British army and was sent to North America.

[Sugar plantations in Jamaica.] Two Manuscript Banker's Letters relating to the Duckenfield Hall, Meylersfield and Friendship Estates, made out for the London firm of Hankeys, and signed by partners Cyril Gurney, H. A. Trotter and L. M. Harvey.

[Cyril Gurney (1868-1926); H. A. Trotter; L. M. Harvey; Duckenfield Hall Estate; Meylersfield Estate; Friendship Estate; Jamaica; Jamaican sugar plantations]
Publication details: 
Duckenfield Hall Estate letter: On [Hankey's] letterhead of 7 Mincing Lane, London, EC; 29 December 1915. Meylersfield and Friendship Estates letter: no place; dated 26 June 1917.

The two items are in very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Accompanying the two items is the envelope in which they were contained, docketted: 'Letters. | Duckinfield [sic] Hall Estate | { | Meylersfield Estate & Friendship Estate Trust'. Both items are signed 'Cyril Gurney | H. A. Trotter | L. M. Harvey'. ONE (Duckenfield Hall Estate letter): 1p., 4to.

[George Chalmers, Scottish antiquary; and Rev. Samuel Harper, Under-Librarian at the British Museum.] Autograph memorandum by Chalmers of 'Notes of Documents', on reverse of Autograph third person Note from Harper to him, regarding the Reading Room.

Rev. Samuel Harper (1732-1803), FRS, Under-Librarian of Printed Books at the British Museum; George Chalmers (1742-1825), Scottish antiquary, Chief Clerk in the Plantation Office of the Privy Council
Publication details: 
Harper's note dated 'British Museum | Wednesd. May 1. [no year]'. Chalmer's memorandum without place or date.

Harper's note is on the recto of the first leaf of a 4to bifolium, addressed by him to 'George Chalmers Esqr' on the reverse of the second leaf, which is docketted by Chalmers 'Notes of Documents from - 1760/67'.. Chalmer's memorandum is written lengthwise and upwards on the reverse of the first leaf. In good condition, on aged paper. Harper's note reads: 'Mr. Harper presents his Respects to Mr. Chalmers with many Thanks for the kind Notice with which he is pleased to honour him. | The Reading Room will be open to Mr. Chalmers whenever he finds it agreeable to avail himself of it'.

[Printed itemised accounts.] General Statement of the Income and Receipts and Expenditure of The Honourable the Irish Society For the Year 1900.

The Honourable The Irish Society, set up by Royal Charter in 1613 under City of London livery companies to colonise County Londonderry during the plantation of Ulster [C. F. Elles, Accountant]
Publication details: 
Signed in type by C. F. Elles, Chartered Accountant, 3 Bucklersbury, E.C. [London] 17 April 1901.

6pp., foolscap 8vo. On two bifoliums, placed loosely one inside the other. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper.

Autograph Letter Signed to "These / For the Right Honble. the / Principall officers of his Mats. Navy / in London" [address panel].

Thomas Walsham
Publication details: 
Plymouth the 14th october 1666.

One page, folio, staining and other defects but text legible and complete, as follows (spelling adjusted): "This day the [Sephard?] and Forester arrived here with four ships from Ginny [Virginia] and two from the West Indies bound for London - the Eagle [for "Egell] now in the sound, notwithstanding teh Extreem of weather, the Guernsey in [Catwater] Expecting Cables for her security as [lost], by my last to yor. Hons.

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