[The Chester Vale coffee plantation, Jamaica, owned by the Breon family.] Six sets of manuscript accounts, four for Edmund Breon; one for Thomas Cockburn, guardian of Miss Elizabeth Susanna Breon; and one for her husband Colin McLarty, MD.

[The Chester Vale coffee plantation, Jamaica; Edmund Breon, proprietor; his daughter Elizabeth Susanna Breon; her husband Colin McLarty; Thomas Cockburn of Cockburn, Robertson & Vassall, solicitors]
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Kingston, Jamaica. 1785, 1787, 1789, 1791, 1792, 1795.
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Chester Vale, a substantial estate of 1420 acres, paid taxes on 124 slaves in 1801. McLarty (d.1844) was Physician-General for Surrey (Jamaica), and several letters written by him from the island are in the National Library of Scotland, and are quoted in Alan L Karras's 'Sojourners in the Sun: Scottish Migrants in Jamaica and the Chesapeake, 1740-1800' (Cornell, 1992). In 1794 he acquired Chester Vale on his marriage to Elizabeth Susanna Breon, whose father Edmund Breon had died in 1792, leaving her the ward of the solicitor Thomas Cockburn. The six items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Docketed 'Edmund Breon Esqe. Sales Coffee &c Acct Current'. Signed 'Errors Excepted | July 1st. 1785. for Mark Howard [Breon's agent?] - | S White'. 3pp., small 4to. Bifolium. Covering the period of May and June 1785. The first page is headed 'Sales of Coffee on Account of Edmund Breon Esqe.', and the central two pages give double-entry accounts headed 'Edmund Breon Esqre. In Account Current with Mark Howard'. Contains references to orders by John Sleater, Doctor Davison and Moses Stobo. TWO: Docketed 'Acct. Sales of Coffee & Indigo | Steph Cooke'. Signed 'Errors Excepted | Kingston 1 Jany. 1787 | Stephen Cooke'. 1p., foolscap 8vo in height, 12mo in width. Headed 'Account Sales of Coffee & Indigo recd. from Mr. Edmund Breon'. Entries dating from February 1786 to July 1787. In the form of a table, including columns for 'Pounds of Indigo' and 'Pounds of Coffee'. Containing references to Alexander Innes, Bernall & Henriques, Bayard, Hankinson & Barrow, Grant, Archibald Galbraith, Aikman, Nelson, Lindsay, Haughton, John G. Yonge, Budgen, Lewis, Captain Smith, George Shaw and Stephen Cooke. THREE: Solicitors' accounts relating to the action 'Breon ads Thomson & al'. Docketed 'Account | Edmond [sic] Breon Esquire to Cockburn & Davis'. 1p., foolscap 8vo. Headed 'Edmund Breon Esquire | To Cockburn & Davis'. Entries dating from February to November 1789, and in another hand 15 November 1794. Entries include: 'Drawing Defeazance from Henry Tippett Esquire to you & Engrossing the same Containing 3 sides of Royal paper' and 'November To attending Secretary's Office in Spanish Town and Searching for Conveyance of Equity of Redemption from Bridges P Attorney & Edwards & at to Fell, when you found that it was not on Record, and Searching if ditto from Bridges to Fell was Recorded when found it was Lib 294 fo: 135'. FOUR: Solicitors' accounts relating to action 'Breon ads Richardson at September Kingston Court'. Headed 'Edmund Breon Esquire | To Cockburn & Robertson'. 1p., landscape 8vo. Dating from May to September 1791. Entries include: 'June [...] Motion and Order upon reading your Affidavit & Examining Deputy Marshal, that the said actions might be returned Process, which was granted'. FIVE: Solicitors' accounts. Headed: Thomas Cockburn Esquire | Guardian of Miss E. S. Breon | To Cockburn Robertson & Vassall'. 1p., foolscap 8vo. Docketed 'Miss Elizabeth S. Breon to Thomas Cockburn her Guardian'. Entries from January 1792 to May 1793. Entries include 'Mar. In Chancery. In the matter of Guardianship of Miss Elizabeth Susanna Breon' and 'September To attending Secretary's office in Spanish Town | Searching where Mortgage Breon to Tippet of Chester Vale was dated & paid for Search' and 'Apl. To Attending the Provost Marshal's Office in Spanish Town, bespeaking and afterwards Obtaining a List of Writs against Edmund Breon deceased'. References to Counsellor Peppard and Daniel Pennington. SIX: Solicitors' accounts dated from 'Kingston Jamaica 31 Decembr 1796 | Errors Excepted'. Headed 'Colin McLarty Esquire in Account Current with Ballantine Fairlie & Co'. 2pp., small 4to. Double-entry accounts dating from December 1795 to December 1796. Entries include: 'January 26 To Cash paid your Order to William Bailey for Cost of 4 Mules'. References to Christie, Lara, Cockburn, Shaw Inglis & Holt, Henriques, Barnett, Henry Tippett, Brockhurst vs Breon.