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[ Bhikkhu D. Pannasara Thero (Pandit Dehigaspe Pannasara Thero), Sri Lankan Buddhist and Sanskrit authority and publisher.] Autograph Card Signed ('D. Pannasara'), an enquiry to the London oriental publsihers Arthur Probsthain & Co.

D. Pannasara Thero [ Pandit Dehigaspe Pannasara Thero ], Sri Lankan Buddhist cleric, authority on Bhuddist and Sanskrit scripture, and publisher [ Arthur Probsthain & Co., London oriental booksellers]
Publication details: 
Galle, Ceylon [Sri Lanka]. 18 May 1939.

On the back of a printed 'Ceylon | Post Card | For use to British countries'. With Galle postmark of 18 May 1939. Pannasara signs 'D. Pannasara' and gives his details as: 'Bhikku [sic], D. Pannasara Thero | Jayawardhanarama | Dangedara, Galle | Ceylon'. An enquiry in English regarding the 'Milinda Panha – translated from Pali by J. W. Rhys Davids Vol. I-ii'. Annotations in pencil and ink by the recipients.

[ Thomas Herbert Maddock ] Autograph Letter Signed "T H Maddock" to "Gladstone", presumably John Gladstone, merchant, politician, father of W.E. Gladstone.

Sir Thomas Herbert Maddock (1792–1870), civil servant in India and a Conservative MP.
Publication details: 
Clarendon Hotel, 24 April 1850.

Four pages, 12mo, good condition. "I have just received from Ceylon a formal evaluation of my coffee property. The sums stated ampount to £8471 & as there is upwards of 800 acres of uncleared forest which is valued at £2 peracre the whole amount will be upwards of £10,000. I send the paper in hopes it may enable your froiend [...] to effect a sale. His correspondent from Ceylon has enclosed a report "made by a Mr Simon Keir and Mr. George Hamilton Dundas" [Keir, Dundas & Co.

[ The Alipore Bomb Case, 1908 to 1909; Indian Nationalism ] Three printed documents annotated by appeal judge Sir Richard Harington: Jenkins's 'Judgment. | Alipore appeal.'; Carnduff's dissenting judgment; Harington's final judgment.

Sir Lawrence Hugh Jenkins, Chief Justice, and H. W. C. Carnduff, of the High Court, Fort William, Bengal; Sir Richard Harington [ Alipore Bomb Case; Muraripukur or Manicktolla Bomb Conspiracy ]
Publication details: 
Jenkins's judgment: In the High Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal. The 23rd November 1909. Carnduff's dissenting judgment dated 23 November 1909. Harington's final judgment, 18 February 1910. The last two printed in Calcutta.

The Alipore Bomb Case was the trial of a number of revolutionaries of the Anushilan Samiti in Calcutta (their object, according to Harington, being 'to deprive the King of the Sovereignty of British India by force'), held at Alipore Sessions Court, Calcutta, between May 1908 and May 1909. The trial followed in the wake of the attempt on the life of Presidency Magistrate Douglas Kingsford in Muzaffarpur by Bengali nationalists Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki in April 1908, as a result of which two ladies (Mrs and Miss Kennedy) died.

[ Albert Charles Seward, botanist and geologist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A. C. Seward') to Sir Frank Stockdale, regarding his promotion to a post at Ceylon [ Sri Lanka ], with reference to the Botanic Gardens at Peradeniya and Father Le Goc.

A. C. Seward [ Albert Charles Seward ] (1863-1941), English botanist and geologist [ Sir Frank Stockdale [ Sir Frank Arthur Stockdale ] (1883-1949), agriculturist and colonial civil servant ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Botany School, Cambridge. 27 February 1917.

2pp., 4to. On aged and marked paper with closed tear and creasing to one corner, and makeshift punch-holes to margin. Addressed to 'Dear Stockdale'. Having spent four years as Director of Agriculture on Mauritius, Stockdale had been promoted to a post in Ceylon, and Seward sends his 'hearty congratulations' on what seems to him 'a most attractive move. I spent a few hours in the Peradeniya Gardens in 1914 & was delighted with them.' Seward 'felt sad at meeting a director who was not a botanist', and it was with satisfaction that he read of Stockdale's promotion.

[Sir James Emerson Tennent, Irish politician and traveller. ] Autograph Note Signed ('J. Emerson Tennent') to Mrs J. R. McClean.

Sir James Emerson Tennent (1804-1869), Irish traveller and politician, Colonial Secretary of Ceylon, 1845-1850
Publication details: 
66 Warwick Square, Belgravia [London]. 4 November 1861.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Reads: 'My dear Mrs McClean | Will you accept the accompanying Volume from me, as a slight token of my remembrance of old times & old friends | Faithfully Ever | J. Emerson Tennent'.

[Robert Byron, traveller.] Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Strutt, discussing areas in Ceylon and South India that she should visit.

Robert Byron (1905-1941), traveller and authority on Byzantine civilization, author of 'The Road to Oxiana'
Publication details: 
'as from 91 Bishopsgate | EC2 [London]'. 2 February 1938.

2pp., 4to. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. In original envelope addressed to Mrs Strutt at the Galle Face Hotel, Columbo, Ceylon. He lists four locations in Ceylon, and six in South India, with brief comments including:'15 sq. miles of ruins - the oldest tree in the world'; 'lovely temple, Adams Houses, Flaxman monuments'. The regarding the last location he writes: 'Madras itself has charming classical buildings, & in the Old Durbar Hall is to be

[William Sibbald, MD, Deputy Assistant-Inspector to Ceylon [Sri Lanka].] Manuscript translations [from Tamil?] of folk tales titled 'The Origin of the Kandelay Tank', 'Story of Manderapaudey' and 'The History of Santiraksen'. With fourth tale.

[William Sibbald (1789-1853), Scottish British army physician [in the Peninsular, at New Orleans, Mauritius, and Maidstone, Kent] and Deputy Assistant-Inspector to Ceylon [Sri Lanka]]
Publication details: 
[Ceylon [Sir Lanka]?] One item on paper watermarked 1827, the other items undated.

Sibbald was in Ceylon between 1818 and 1833. There is no indication that any of these four items have been published. One: 'The Origin of the Kandelay Tank'. 8pp., foolscap 8vo. On two bifoliums of paper with Gater watermark dated 1827. In good condition, on aged paper.

[William Sibbald, MD, Deputy Assistant-Inspector to Ceylon [Sri Lanka].] Manuscript of folk tale titled 'The History of Santirakasem | a free translation from the Tamal [sic]'.

[William Sibbald (1789-1853), Scottish British army physician [in the Peninsular, at New Orleans, Mauritius, and Maidstone, Kent] and Deputy Assistant-Inspector to Ceylon [Sri Lanka]]
Publication details: 
Without place or date. [Circa 1844?]

30pp., 4to. On seven bifoliums and one single leaf, the bioliums stitched to one another. With several watermarks of J. Whatman, Turkey Mill, all dated to 1844. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Sibbald is not named, but the item is from his papers, and in his hand. Sibbald was in Ceylon between 1818 and 1833. There is no indication that this item has been published.

Typed Letter Signed ('Arthur') from the science-fiction writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke, sendng personal news to Arthur Bourne of the Academic Press Inc., including that he is 'happily retired with theh completion of my last and best novel.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke [Sir Arthur Charles Clarke] (1917-2008), English science and science-fiction writer [Arthur Bourne of the Academic Press Inc, British science journalist]
Publication details: 
'Leslie's House', 25 Barnes Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka. 7 November 1978.

1p., 12mo. Air mail letter on blue paper, addressed to Arthur Bourne, Academic Press Inc. (London) Ltd, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DX, England. In good condition, lightly aged and creased. Clarke begins by thanking Bourne for his letter, and informing him that he has 'sent a card of thank [sic] to Dr. Allan Cottey'. 'I am now happily retired with the completion of my last and best novel "The Fountains of Paradise" (Playboy January and February - HBJ; Gollancz, January). I expect to be back in England in August to attend the World S. F.

Nine manuscript documents relating to the death and estate of Major Anthony Coane, 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot, who died in Kandy, Ceylon [Sri Lanka], in 1819, including an inventory and account, and a covering letter from Lieut. Minter.

Major Anthony Coane (d.1819), 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot [Kandy, Ceylon [Sri Lanka]]
Publication details: 
The nine items all from Kandy, Ceylon [Sri Lanka], and dating from October 1817 to January 1819.

The nine items in this collection provide valuable information regarding the management of the estate of a Georgian colonial British army office. Coane's battalion had served in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land between 1812 and 1814, and had been in Ceylon (under Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Giels) since 1814 by the time Coane died on 5 January 1819, his demise much regretted by his superiors. The nine items are on aged and worn paper with chipping to extremities. ONE: Autograph Letter Signed from 'G[eorge]. Minter' to unnamed recipient. Kandy; 29 December 1818. 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium.

Official circular in secretarial hand, with autograph signature, to Captain Brock, Assistant Quarter Master General, Brighton.

Sir Robert Brownrigg
Publication details: 
Horse Guards 31st. May 1808.'

British soldier and statesman (1759-1833); Governor of Ceylon, 1811-20; conqueror of the Kingdom of Kandy, 1815. Two pages, large octavo. In his capacity as Quarter Master General, Brownrigg informs Brock that 'the Establishment of Entrenching Tool Carts, and Tools attached to the several Regiments in Great Britain, shall cease on the 24th of June next, and that the Horses, Harness, and Carts used for carrying the Tools shall be forthwith Sold by Publick Auction.' Gives instructions for delivering over the 'Horses, Carts, and Harness'.

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