[Franz von Defregger, Austrian artist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Defregger'), in German, to Julius Bondi of Salzburg, regarding the high demand for his paintings and his eye problems.

Franz von Defregger [Franz Defregger] (1835-1921), Austrian genre and history painter [Julius Bondi (1865-1920) of Salzburg]
Publication details: 
[Munich postmark.] 6 February 1918.

2pp., 12mo. In envelope, with postmarks, addressed to 'Herrn Julius Bondi | Sekretär | in Salzburg | Schlachtofgasse 19'. Both items in good condition, lightly aged, with minor staining from mount labels. Both letter and envelope carry Defregger's printed monogram 'F v D'. The item is offered with an English translation, according to which Defregger claims that demand for his pictures 'has never before been so high as in recent years', and that he has 'totally sold out of them apart from my personal collection'. He is also 'very much behind' with commissions as a result of his eye problems.

[ Joseph von Linden, senior minister of the Kingdom of Württemberg. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Joseph Linden') to his 'sister' ['the Baroness de Linden'), regarding a visit by 'Edmond and Eugenie'.

Joseph von Linden [ Joseph Franz Peter Freiherr von Linden ] (1804-1895), senior minister of the Kingdom of Württemberg
Publication details: 
No place. 'Friday' [ dated in another hand 'July 1864' ].

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged. In a close, disciplined hand. Reads: 'My dear Sister | Edmond and Eugenie will pass this evening by us. If the preparations of your travel do not trouble you too much, we should be extremely glad to see you also in our house with your dear children - at half past 6 o'clock'. Note in a contemporary hand at foot: 'July 1864 | To the Baroness de Linden | from the Minister her Brother in law'.

[ Jeremy Thorpe, disgraced Liberal Party leader. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Jeremy') to 'Peter' [ documentary-maker Peter Morley ], with 'Memorandum on suggested Programme for "This Week"', 'on the South African question', signed 'Jeremy Thorpe.'

Jeremy Thorpe [ John Jeremy Thorpe ] (1929-2014), disgraced Liberal Party leader [ Peter Morley [ Franz Peter Meyer ] (1924-2016), television documentary maker; Apartheid; South Africa ]
Publication details: 
Both the letter and the memorandum on House of Commons letterheads. Letter dated 3 June 1960; memorandum undated.

Both items in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, and stapled together. Between 1960 and 1963 Morley was producer of ITV current affairs series 'This Week'. ONE: ALS from 'Jeremy' to 'My dear Peter'. 3 June 1960. 1p., 12mo. Enclosing the 'preliminary Memorandum', and giving his contact details at the Liberal Club. 'In Kenya I have very good contacts who cd lay on a private plane (gratis!) to investigate the re-emergence of mau mau. | In the Protectorate I think I cd arrange Transport.' He ends by opining that 'this scheme has possibilities'.

[ Algernon Ashton, Professor of Piano at the Royal College of Music. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Algernon Ashton') to the editor of the Daily Graphic, discussing the works of Franz Lachner and the 'overrated' Tchaikovsky.

Algernon Ashton [ Algernon Bennet Langton Ashton ] (1859-1937), English composer and Professor of Piano at the Royal College of Music 1884-1910
Publication details: 
44 Hamilton Gardens, St John's Wood, London. 6 April 1903.

3pp., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper.

[ Johann Gaspar Spurzheim, phrenologist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Spurzheim'), in English, to his landlord 'Mr Booth', regarding the possibility of his vacating his house early.

Johann Gaspar Spurzheim (1776-1832), German phrenologist, developing the system of Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828), to whom he served as assistant
Publication details: 
'Friday Evening | 23. Foley Place. [ London ]'

1p., small 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, with light signs of age. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with remains of red wax seal, to 'Mr Booth | Duke street'. It is his intention 'to go abroad and not to keep the house longer than Ii am obliged', so he asks Booth if he will 'put up a bill that the house is to be let. it is understood that, if no one will take it before february, I must pay the rent.' He asks if Booth knows 'any poor family in whom you have confidence and who would be glad to live in it till it is let again', suggesting 'the same family who was in it before me'.

[ Mitchell S. Buck, American classicist. ] Typescript of his novelette 'Rose of Corinth', inscribed to its illustrator Franz Felix, with covering Autograph Letter Signed ('M S B') from Buck to Felix, regarding arrangements for illustrating the book.

Mitchell S. Buck [Mitchell Starrett Buck] (1887-1959), American poet, translator and classical scholar, praised by H. L. Menken [ Franz Felix (1892-1967), American artist of Austrian extraction ]
Publication details: 
Typescript without place or date. Letter on letterhead of Vapor Engineering Company, Philadelphia. 10 September 1928.

Both letter and typescript in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. In envelope with three postmarks between 9 and 11 September 1928, addressed 'For: Franz Felix, Esq. | Apt. 3-c | 790 Riverside Drive, | New York City.' LETTER: 1p., 4to. He explains that he is sending the 'MS' [sic] that day by registered mail, and asks Felix to keep it 'strictly confidential for the present', adding that he has 'not even told Mr. Brown [his publisher] what it is about'. If Felix has time to 'make up a sketch' Buck will collect it and take it to Brown.

Translator James Clark's corrected typescript of the English version of Max Brod's theatre adaptation of Franz Kafka's novel 'The Castle' [Das Schloss], with typescript of translation of essay by Brod, press cuttings, programme and advertisement.

James Clark [James Royston Clark] (b.1923), son of Dorothy Eckersley, traitor, and second-in-command in Berlin to Nazi collaborator 'Lord Haw Haw' [William Joyce] [Franz Kafka; Max Brod]
Publication details: 
Nine items from 1963 and one (programme) from 1969. Typescript stamped 'Please return to: Royal Academy of Dramatic Art 62/64 Gower St W.C.1.'

Ten items, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE: Typescript titled 'THE CASTLE | A play in three acts (nine scenes) based on Franz Kafka's novel THE CASTLE | by MAX BROD | translated by James Clark | All rights reserved | 1963'. [viii] + 98 + [i] pp., 8vo. With two-hole metal punchbinding; in original blue wraps. Prepared by 'Scripts Limited' of Wardour St. With a few minor emendations in pencil. TWO: Two copies (typescript and carbon) of a paper entitled 'On Dramatizing Kafka's "The Castle" | by Max Brod' (3pp., folio).

Four photogravure prints, including portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria by Heinrich von Angeli and painting by Anton Kozakiewicz, accompanying an advertising brochure for 'Richard Paulussen | Establishment for Photogravure | Vienna (Austria)'

Richard Paulussen (c.1854-1906), of Margarethenhof, Vienna, photogravure engraver and printer [Heinrich von Angeli; Anton Kozakiewicz, Polish painter; Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria]
Publication details: 
Brochure dated in type 'Vienna, May 1889. | V. Margarethenhof.' The four engravings undated.

The four prints are in good condition, on aged paper. Each of the four engravings is on india paper, laid down on a piece of good thick laid paper of dimensions 19.5 x 28 cm. Printed beneath each image is 'Photogravure R.

Die Internationale.

Rosa Luxemburg and Franz Mehring
Publication details: 
Munich: Futurus-Verlag[; circa 1920?].

8vo. 95 pages. In poor condition: high-acidity paper browning and fraying at extremities (but with no loss to text), staples rusting, signatures separating, original printed grey wraps laid down onto nonce card dustwrapper. A reprint of the only issue of a journal that was suppressed by government censorship on its appearance in April 1915. No copy of this issue in the British Library.

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