[Henry Pelham, Prime Minister; Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland; Richard Arundell.] The signatures of the three men ('H: Pelham | H Fox | R Arundell'), as Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, order to pay Thomas Winnington, Paymaster-General, £500,000.

Henry Pelham (1694-1754), third Prime Minister of Great Britain (1743-1754); Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland (1705-1774); Richard Arundell (c.1696-1758) of Allerton Mauleverer, Yorks; Treasury, Whitehall
Publication details: 
18 April 1746.

1p, folio. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with thin strip from mount adhering to one edge. Folded twice. The three signatures are firmly and boldly written ('H: Pelham | H Fox | R Arundell') in the right-hand margin. The document read s: 'Order is taken this 18th. Day of April 1746 By Virtue of his Majestys General Letters of Privy Seal bearing date the 26th day of June 1727. And in pursuance of a Warrant under his Majesty's Royal Sign Manual dated the 10th. instant That you deliver and pay of such his Majestys Treasure as remains in your Charge unto Thomas Winnington Esqr.

[ Captain Edward Pelham Brenton, Royal Navy officer and naval historian. ] Autograph Signature ('Edwd P Brenton') to list of nine 'Plates not returned'.

Captain Edward Pelham Brenton (1774-1839), Royal Navy officer involved in the 1809 capture of Martinique, controversial naval historian and charity worker
Publication details: 
Without place or date.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with dog-eared corners at foot. Brenton's florid signature is placed at the foot of a numbered list headed 'Plates not returned'. The plates are all on maritime themes, and may be connected with his 'Naval History of Great Britain from the Year 1783 to 1822' (1823) or his 'Life and Correspondence of John, Earl of St. Vincent ' (1838): 'St. Vincent By Beechey | Howe | Battle of Trafalgar | St Johns New Fd Land | Scheldt | Algiers | Sir Charles Pole | Lord Duncan | Copenhagen'.

[ Lord Charles Clinton, Conservative politician. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Clinton') to the Provost of Eton, regarding the hanging of his portrait on 'the pannels [sic] of the College Hall'.

Lord Charles Clinton [ Lord Charles Pelham Pelham-Clinton ] (1813-1894), son of Henry Pelham-Clinton, 4th Duke of Newcastle
Publication details: 
Farnham Castle. 18 December 1857.

2pp., 12mo. He 'unfeignedly' feels his 'unworthiness to be placed among those sons of Eton whose portraits are intended to grace the pannels [sic] of the College Hall'. He will comply with the Provost's wish, 'as soon as opportunity permits, & after I have learnt from you the most suitable mode of carrying your design into execution'.

[ P. G. Wodehouse, humorist. ] Two typewritten drafts, each with autograph emendations, of 'The Day I met the Master', Barrie Pitt's account of his encounter with Wodehouse in Tost internment camp. With printed version the article, and other material

[ P. G. Wodehouse [ Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse ] (1881-1975), English humorist ] Barrie Pitt (1918-2006), military historian, editor of 'Purnell's History of the Second World War'
Publication details: 
1992 and 1993.

All items in good condition, with minor signs of age. The drafts are both printed on yellow paper. Each is 4pp., 4to. The two appear the same textually, but one has two slips of paper with amended text attached, and the autograph emendations to the two are different from one another. Also present is a leaf from 'Lifewise' magazine, November 1993, with one page carrying Pitt's memoir, accompanied by a photograph of Wodehouse being interviewed at Tost by Angus Thuermer. The piece begins: 'I first saw P. G.

[The 5th Duke of Newcastle, as Colonial Secretary.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Newcastle'), regarding the 'system of promotion in the Colonial Service', in reply to the recommendation by Liberal MP and banker Thomson Hankey that he employ 'Mr Price'.

Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle under Lyme (1811-1864), Liberal politician [Thomson Hankey junior (1805-1893), banker and MP]
Publication details: 
Colonial Office [Whitehall, London]. 27 September 1853.

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. Newcastle has already been informed of Price's wish to be placed in the Colonial Office by 'the Duke of Roxburghe and others, whose interest in his wefare, would have great weight with me, if I felt that I could consistently with the present claims upon me, hold out any hope of complying with Mr. Price's request'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Newcastle') from Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham-Clinton (1811-1864), 5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, declinging an invitation, and complaining of the effect of his public duties on his private affairs.

Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham-Clinton (1811-1864), 5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne
Publication details: 
Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire. 14 April 1855.

4pp., 12mo. 26 lines. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Addressing an unnamed male correspondent, he begins by declining his correspondent's 'kind invitation' to his visit his house, 'on the ground that has already compelled me to refuse similar hospitality on that occasion from Mr. Wright and others'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Newcastle') from Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, to Samuel Newham, Secretary, Nottingham Subscription Library, regarding

Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham-Clinton (1811-1864), 5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne [Samuel Newham (1796-1875), Secretary, Nottingham Subscription Library and chessplayer]
Publication details: 
17 Portman Square, London. 18 February 1852.

3pp., 12mo. 20 lines. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Having been elevated to the Dukedom in the previous January, he writes to infom Newham that he was not aware that his father the 4th Duke 'was a Patron and Proprietor of the Nottingham Subscription Library. The share in the Library, being part of the personal Estate in Notts: does belong to me, and I shall be very glad to continue on the list of your Proprietors'. He will give directions for the annual subscription to continue to be paid.

4 Autograph Letters Signed from John Stuart Bligh, 6th Earl of Darnley, and 8 Autograph Letters Signed, Autograph Card Signed, and 5 invitations from his wife Harriet Mary, Countess of Darnley, all to Rev. Charles William Shepherd of Trotterscliffe.

John Stuart Bligh (1827-1896), 6th Earl of Darnley, of Cobham Hall, Kent, and his wife Harriet Mary (1829-1905) [née Pelham], Lady Darnley [Rev. Charles William Shepherd (1838-1920) of Trotterscliffe]
6th Earl of Darnley
Publication details: 
1853, 1855, 1889; from various addresses including the House of Lords and Cobham Hall, Gravesend, Kent.
6th Earl of Darnley

The Earl of Darnley's four letters (all signed 'Darnley') total 27 pp in 12mo; Lady Darnley's eight letters (all signed 'H. Darnley') total 26 pp in 12mo. All items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Darnley's first letter, 16 September 1853 (12mo, 12 pp), is unusually blunt for the period, and revealing on the etiquette of the period. It begins: 'I trust that the change in your mode of addressing me was accidental, and I have therefore not imitated it, and have used one word which you omitted [presumably 'Dear'].

Seven Autograph Letters Signed, five signed "William Boone" and two signed "Thomas Boone", all to the Duke of Newcastle, with additional lists.

William and Thomas Boone, booksellers [Henry Pelham, 5th Duke of Newcastle, statesman and collector]
Publication details: 
29 New Bond Street, [London], 1859 (William) and 1862 (Thomas).

Total 18pp., 8vo (letters), 3pp., 4to (lists), and one page 8vo (list). The dealers are giving advice and information to the collector, particularly relating to the Dawson Turner Sale (1859) and the Libri Sale (1859), often illegibly or nearly so. A. William Boone (4 June 1859) advises that a "holograph letter of Napoleon" will attract interest enough to justify two guineas and would sell for more in Paris". He believes a volume "on Scottish affairs" would "realize fully" £420.

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