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[Ruby Miller, actress, one of George Edwardes' 'Gaiety Girls'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ruby') to 'Popie, darling', i.e. W. J. MacQueen-Pope, reminiscing about Gertie Millar and Gabrielle Ray, before the Gaiety Theatre is pulled down by 'vandals'.

Ruby Miller [Ruby Laura Rose Miller] (1889-1976), actress, one of George Edwardes' 'Gaiety Girls' [W. J. MacQueen-Pope (1888-1960), theatre historian; Gertie Millar; Gabrielle Ray]
Publication details: 
10 Harvard Court, Honeybourne Road, Hampstead, N.W.6. 20 August 1956.

2pp, 12mo. On grey paper with deckled edges and her 'RUBY MILLER' letterhead in green. She writes her telephone number at head, and beneath this, in another hand: 'Keep for me'. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased, with light marking from paperclip at head. Folded once. She was 'weeping at the end' of his 'lovely article in the “Evening News”': 'How sweet of you to mention me!

[ Laura Ormiston Chant, social reformer, author and suffragist. ] Autograph Note Signed ('L. Ormiston Chant'), on her husband's calling card, to her son's schoolmaster 'Mr Eve [ i.e. Henry Weston Eve ]', explaining his late attendance.

Laura Ormiston Chant [ Laura Ormiston Dibbin Chant ] (1848-1922), social reformer, author and suffragist [ Henry Weston Eve (1838-1910), Headmaster of University College School, London ]
Publication details: 
Without place or date. Her husband's calling card with the address 49 Gower Street [ London ].

Written over the front of a 6 x 9.5 cm calling card of 'Mrs. Ormiston Chant, | 49, Gower Street, W.C.' In good condition, lightly aged. Eve has written his initials in red ink over the note. Reads: 'Dear Mr Eve | Please excuse Clement for being late this morning. We are starting for Grindewald, and are anxious for him to see us off at Charing Cross. He will be at school by 11 a.m. | Yours sincerely. | L. Ormiston Chant.' For information on Eve, see P. G. Naiditfh, 'A.E. Housman at University College, London: The Election of 1892' (1988).

[ Laura Henderson, founder of the Windmill Theatre. ] Autograph Letter Signed to an actress [ Janet Achurch ], praising her performance in 'A Doll's House'

Laura Henderson [ born Laura Forster ] (1863-1944), founder of the Windmill Theatre, London [ Janet Achurch, stage name of Janet Sharp (1863-1916), actress ]
Publication details: 
14 Hill Street, Berkeley Square [ London ]. 'Sunday' [ 1889 ].

4pp., 16mo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Achurch's entry in the Oxford DNB explains the context: 'In 1889, when she was still only twenty-three, she undertook the management of the Novelty Theatre, London, where on 7 June she appeared as Nora in the first English production of Ibsen's A Doll's House.

[ Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema, artist. ] Autograph Signature ('Laura. T. Alma Tadema').

Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema [née Epps] (1852-1909), artist, wife of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912), Anglo-Dutch painter
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

On 3 x 11 cm piece of thin card, cut from conclusion to a letter. In fair condition, aged and with traces of mount to two corners (not affecting signature). Reads: 'Yours sincerely | Laura. T. Alma Tadema'. Text on reverse: '[...] with us, I should be so pleased if you would join us - [...]'.

[John Pyke Hullah, composer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('John Hullah'), sending tickets to 'Laura'. With cutting of a few bars of manuscript sheet music by him.

John Hullah [John Pyke Hulla] (1812-1884), English composer for one of whose operas Charles Dickens wrote the libretto
Publication details: 
Letter: On letterhead of 11 Devonshire Place, [London] W. 'Tuesday night' [no date]. Cutting of sheet music with docketted date 1861.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE (letter): 1p., 12mo. In a neat and elegant hand, it reads: 'Tuesday Night | Dear Laura | I send the tickets; as Goldsmith sent the portion of Lord Clare's haunch of venison to Sir Joshua - | "To paint it or eat it, whichever he pleased" | I am glad you like the Philharmonia | Your affecte. Friend | John Hullah'. TWO (cutting of sheet music): Written in pencil on one side of a 6.5 x 15 cm piece of paper, docketted 'Written by John Hullah 1861 | for

'. With a few words in Hullah's hand at head.

[Sir Robert Smirke, architect.] Autograph Letter Signed ('R Smirke') to an unnamed lady [Mrs Price?] declaring his eagerness to be introduced to the woman he would marry, Laura Freston, with whom he is 'more than half enamoured'.

Sir Robert Smirke (1780-1867), English architect, part of the Greek Revival movement [his wife, nee Laura Freston]
Publication details: 
Upper Fitzroy Street [London]. 3 September 1818.

1p., 12mo. 16 lines of text. Good, lightly-aged and laid down on a piece of grey paper. The letter begins: 'Dear Madam | I feel quite young again at the idea of the pleasure you promise me, & can assure you, with great Truth, that I shall be happy to be introduced to the young Lady you mention, with whom I am already more than half enamoured: - report speaks so highly of her manifold attractions.' He has such confidence in 'Mr. Price's skill & care as a driver' that he would like accept her offer of a seat in his gig. He ends with his 'best Complimts. to Miss Freston'.

Cyclostyled signature ('Laura Knight') on receipt.

Dame Laura Knight (1877-1972), English impressionist painter [The Artists' General Benevolent Institution]
Publication details: 
2 June 1937; 5 Vigo Street, London, W.1. [printed by Vacher & Sons, Ltd., Westminster House, S.W.1]

On blue paper 10 x 18 cms. Good, with trace of previous white paper mount on reverse. Printed receipt, filled in in manuscript. Reads 'No. [32] 5, VIGO STREET, | W.1. | [June 2nd 1937] | Received a DONATION of [One Guinea] | from [The Misses Ruck] | for the ARTISTS' GENERAL BENEVOLENT INSTITUTION. | £[1] : [1] | [-] | [next word deleted] Secretary | [next two lines cyclostyled in purple ink] most gratefully | Laura Knight'.

Autograph Letter Signed to <J. J. Dolone>, and Hand-coloured Engraved Portrait.

Laura Honey [nee Young] ['Mrs Honey']
Publication details: 
The letter without date, but bearing postmark postmark dated 20 May 1838.

Letter, docketed 'Mrs Honey', addressed to ' Esqre | York - Leeds - or Hull | Theatre Royal'. Three pages, quarto. Good, though aged and creased, and with small section cut away on breaking seal. Text clear and complete. Small strip of mount adhering to one edge. Interesting and intriguing letter addressed to 'Dearest Papa' and beginning 'Barnett has never been near me nor do I know where to find him - write by return and tell me where I commence and what you would like me to '. Ends by saying she is 'very busy indeed just now'. Signed 'Laura'.

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