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[Jean-François Raffaëlli, French realist painter associated with the Impressionists.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. F. Raffaëlli'), proposing a meeting with the recipient's friends, and thanking her for her defence of his work to the 'gens raffinés'.

Jean-François Raffaëlli (1850-1924), French realist painter, sculptor, and printmaker who exhibited with the Impressionists, admired by Huysmans and Degas
Publication details: 
'Dimanche'. 19 rue de la Bibliothèque, Asnières.

1p, 8vo. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Folded once. The female recipient is not named. The letter begins: 'Chère Mademoiselle, | J'ai recu votre aimable lettre, et, demain Lundi, j'aurai le plaisir de rendre visite à vos amis Mr. & Mme. Palmer, au "Grand Hotel" à 6 heures du soir.' If the recipient could also be present at that time Raffaëlli would be 'fort heureux de vous y rencontrer et de vous remercier de vive voix de l'amabilité que vous voulez bien mettre à defendre mes oeuvres aupres des gens raffinés de votre belle Patrie'.

[Two Scottish artists: William McTaggart to John Henry Lorimer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('William Mc.Taggart') to 'Dear Lorrimer [sic]', emphatically stating that he does not wish to 'Exhibit in the Paris Ex[hibitio]n. next year'.

William McTaggart (1835-1910), Scottish landscape and marine painter influenced by Impressionism [John Henry Lorimer (1856-1936), Scottish portrait and genre painter]
Publication details: 
Broomie Knowe [Broomieknowe near Lasswade in Midlothian]. 3 November 1899.

4pp, 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded once. Addressed to 'J. H. Lorrimer [sic] Esq'. He begins emphatically: 'Dear Lorrimer [sic] | I wish to state clearly, that I do not Exhibit in the Paris Exn. next year and that you are not to try to get any Picture of mine to send there.!!! | I think it necessary to write this, after yesterday's over-much talk on my part I think.

Cyclostyled signature ('Laura Knight') on receipt.

Dame Laura Knight (1877-1972), English impressionist painter [The Artists' General Benevolent Institution]
Publication details: 
2 June 1937; 5 Vigo Street, London, W.1. [printed by Vacher & Sons, Ltd., Westminster House, S.W.1]

On blue paper 10 x 18 cms. Good, with trace of previous white paper mount on reverse. Printed receipt, filled in in manuscript. Reads 'No. [32] 5, VIGO STREET, | W.1. | [June 2nd 1937] | Received a DONATION of [One Guinea] | from [The Misses Ruck] | for the ARTISTS' GENERAL BENEVOLENT INSTITUTION. | £[1] : [1] | [-] | [next word deleted] Secretary | [next two lines cyclostyled in purple ink] most gratefully | Laura Knight'.

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