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[ Sir Walter Besant, novellist and historian. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Walter. Besant.') to 'Mrs. Cobb', regarding the 'pseudo-catholic faith' of 'the Ritualist people of St Alban's', and his being characterised an 'impertinent meddler'.

Sir Walter Besant (1836-1901), novelist and historian who helped create the People's Palace [Alexander Mackonochie of St Alban's Holborn, Master of the Society of the Holy Cross; Charles Lowder]
Publication details: 
25 November 1884. No place.

2pp, 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. An intriguing, outspoken letter, the context of which is unfortunately unclear, although it would appear to concern the controversial Alexander Mackonochie (1825-1887), Master of the Society of the Holy Cross (founded by Charles Lowder (1820-1880)), who after continual attacks over his ritualist practices had resigned from his living of St Alban's Holborn in December 1883. It begins: 'Dear Mrs. Cobb | I have read your letter to Miss Sharpe about Mrs. Alison.

[ Nathaniel Pigot [ Nathaniel Pigott ], Roman Catholic lawyer. ] Opinion of 'Nath: Pigot', signed and in his autograph, regarding 'The Case of Mr. Thomas Hunsdon' over a Holborn property, with reference to Thomas Green and the Duke of Montagu.

Nathaniel Pigot [ Nathanie Pigott ] (bap. 1661, d.1737), Roman Catholic lawyer. friend of the poet Alexander Pope [ Thomas Hunsdon ]
Publication details: 
'Middle Temple 9: Novr. 1731'.

For information on Nathaniel Pigott (so spelt), see his entry in the Oxford DNB. Pigott was a friend and adviser of Alexander Pope, who composed the inscription on his memorial tablet. 3pp., folio. Bifolium, on watermarked laid paper, folded into the customary packet, with 'Mr. Hunsdon's Case' written lengthwise on the blank reverse of the second leaf. Sixty-lines of neatly and closely written text. The first page is headed 'The Case of Mr. Thomas Hunsdon', and the first part of the document sets this out, in sections dated 23 June 1716, 14 February 1717, 31 October 1719, July 1723, and 1727.

[ London bookseller's trade card. ] Unusual and attractive trade card of M. A. Harvey, 'Book & Printseller', with handcoloured engraving of three youngsters looking at his name and address, which are placed on an easel.

M. A. Harvey, Book & Printseller, 11 Red Lion Passage, Red Lion Street, Holborn, London
Publication details: 
M. A. Harvey, 11 Red Lion Passage, Red Lion Street, Holborn [ London ]. No date [ 1920s? ]

On one side of 7 x 11 cm piece of card. In good condition, lightly-aged. An unusual and attractive piece of London booktrade ephemera. The whole design, including the text, is engraved, and is in the style of a children's book illustration. With the text represented on a piece of board placed on an easel, around which three children crowd. On the left is a girl in a red dress, with yellow bonnet and umbrella, beside her is a louche individual in a yellow and orange checked suit, and to the right is a zouave, with red hat, holding a paintbrush and palette.

[James Tregaskis, London bookseller.] An engraving by Herbert Railton of the interior of his celebrated Holborn shop, captioned 'Old Stairway at the "Caxton Head."' Signed in pencil by Tregaskis.

James Tregaskis (1850-1926), London bookseller; Herbert Railton (1857-1910), illustrator
Publication details: 
Published by James and Mary Lee Tregaskis, "Caxton Head," 232 High Holborn, London, 1894.

On 32.5 x 23 cm piece of thin wove paper. In fair condition only: aged, especially at extremities, and with loss to all four corners on removal from mount. The image (which is roughly 21 x 17 cm) and text are clear and clean, as is the signature 'James Tregaskis', in pencil in the bottom right-hand corner. A charming view, in Railton's characteristic style, of a somewhat decrepit eighteenth-century interior, with a plump young girl in voluminous late-Victorian smock playing on the stairs with a small dog.

[Printed London booksellers' catalogue.] Books printed for and sold by Cuthell and Martin, Holborn.

John Cuthell (d.1818) and Peter Martin (fl.1857), booksellers, Holborn, London; S. Rousseau, printer, Wood Street, Spa Fields
Publication details: 
London: Cuthell and Martin, Holborn. ['Printed by S. ROUSSEAU, Wood Street, Spa Fields.'] [Circa 1802.]

16pp., 12mo. Pamphlet of four bifoliums, with remains of the thread with which they were bound. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. Listing works in alphabetical order, from 'ANNUAL REGISTER, or a View of the History, politics, and Literature, from 1758 to 1800 inclusive, by Dr. Campbell, Mr. Burke, and others, 42 vols. boards, 18l. 1s. | Any Volume sold separately to complete sets.' to 'Zimmerman's Aphorisms and Reflections on men, Morals, and Things, with Notes, Critical and Explanatory, 12mo, boards, 3s. 6d.' According to the BBTI the firm traded as Cuthell and Martin between 1802 and 1810.

[Cloth-backed lithographic engraving.] A Chart of Anglican Church Architecture: Arranged Chronologically with Examples of the Different Styles.

F. Bedford [Francis Bedford (1816-1894), lithographer and photographer; R. Sunter, York publisher; John Weale, London publisher; Standidge & Co., London printers]
Publication details: 
Drawn and Lithographed by F. Bedford, 40 Ely Place, Holborn. Published as the Act directs by R. Sunter, 23 Stonegate, York, and John Weale, 59 High Holborn, London: 17 August 1843. Printed by Standidge & Co. 77 Cornhill, London.

An attractive Gothic Revival item, tastefully printed in red and black. Printed on nine 13 x 9 cm panels, laid down on a cloth backing opening out to 39.5 x 28 cm; in original 14 x 10 cm printed card cover, with engraved title on front, within a gothic arch. In fair condition: aged and worn in worn and rubbed covers, with small white circular label on front board. Arranged, appropriately enough, in four columns headed: Name of Style; Reign A.D.; Illustrative Examples; Characteristics.

Autograph Letter Signed from the radical Thomas Cooper to fellow-Chartist William Lovett, announcing a course of lectures and criticising the Irish Chartist Feargus O'Connor. With printed handbill advertising a course of Cooper's lectures in Holborn.

Thomas Cooper (1805-1892), Chartist and religious lecturer [William Lovett (1800-1877), radical, Secretary of the London Working Men's Association and the first Chartist Convention; Feargus O'Connor]
Publication details: 
Letter: 134 Blackfriars Road, London; 12 February 1846. Handbill: Ostell, Printer, Hart Street, Bloomsbury. 1847.

Letter: 1p., 4to. Bifolium. Fair, on lightly-aged paper, with slight damage to second leaf, the reverse of which is addressed to 'Mr. Wm. Lovett | National Hall | 242, Holborn', with postmarks in black and red ink. Cooper begins: 'Dear Lovett | Please announce, in your bill that | "Mr.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J A Lowell') to Rainford, concerning a consignment of botanical books from England.

John Amory Lowell (1798-1881), American businessman and philanthropist [Edward Rainford, London bookseller]
Publication details: 
19 June 1843; Boston.

4to, 1 p. Twenty-one lines of text. Clear and complete. On aged, stained and worn paper, with a couple of small spike holes. Revealing, in the attention to detail which it exhibits. He begins by reporting that 'the Rosabella arrived safe & the books appear to be correct with the following exceptions'. Two paragraphs follow, carefully describing duplicate plates and other faults in the books received (including "Genus Plantarum"). The replacements may be sent 'through Wilmer & Smith, booksellers, Liverpool - or by Harden's express - or through Messrs. John D.

Autograph 'Proposal for an Alteration in the Introductory Rule of the Unitarian Association', in a letter to Watson.

William Alexander (1763-1857) of Great Yarmouth, Unitarian minister, schoolmaster and bookseller [John Watson of Holborn Hill; Unitarianism]
Publication details: 
18 May 1832; Great Yarmouth.

Small folio, 1 p. Twenty-seven lines of text. Clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged and worn paper, with thin strip from previous mounting adhering at head of reverse, which, with two small red wax seals and two postmarks, is addressed to 'John Watson Esqr. | No. 55 & 56 | Near St. Andrew's Ch. | Holborn Hill | London'. The text is entirely devoted to the subject under the heading. In a neat exposition of his position, Alexander proposes and defends three changes. The substitution of 'promulgation' for 'promotion' would, 'as our worthy friend Dr.

Twenty-two bookseller's catalogues

James Coleman, Genealogical & Topographical Bookseller, of High Holborn and Tottenham
Publication details: 
22, High Street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C.: 1867, 1873 (2), 1874; 9, Tottenham Terrace, White Hart Lane, Tottenham, N.: 1881, 1882 (4), 1883 (4), 1884 (2), 1885 (2), 1886 (4), 1887. S. and J. Brawn, printers.

All items octavo, stitched and unbound. Page range between 16 and 32. Each catalogue carrying an illustration on the front cover. The condition of the collection is variable. All items on aged paper: some dogeared or with closed tears, and a handful with damp and other staining. Several catalogues annotated in a contemporary hand, and one with an entry cut out. Coleman's speciality was 'Heraldry, Genealogy, Topography', and the first three catalogues are headed 'Pedigrees!

Trade Catalogue giving numerous specimens of the firm's work. With pricelist.

The City Rubber Stamp Co. ('Established 1878'), Snow Hill Buildings, Holborn Viaduct, London [Victorian Trade Catalogue]
Publication details: 
London: The City Rubber Stamp Co., Snow Hill Buildings, Holborn Viaduct, E.C. No date. [Circa 1890?]

8vo (dimensions of leaf roughly 265 x 180 mm): twenty-four unpaginated pages on twelve leaves, with four pages in a bifolium inserted, and a price list printed on one side of a loose leaf. Unbound. Stitched as issued. Good, clean and tight, on lightly-aged paper with a little spotting to the outside pages.

Proof ('Saunders sculp.'), 'Engraved for Ashburton's History of England', of 'Henry II after having his Son crowned King serving the first dish to his Table'.

[Charles Alfred Ashburton; Ashburton's History of England; Joseph Saunders, engraver; W. & J. Statford, Print Sellers, High Holborn, London]
Publication details: 
Published by W. & J. Stratfords, No: 112 Holborn Hill March 16, 1793.'

On wove paper, with watermark '179< >'. Dimensions roughly 22.5 x 39 cm. Very good on lightly aged paper. One small unobtrusive spot of foxing. The illustration is within an oval roughly 21.5 cm wide, enclosed in a decorative box of dimensions 18 x 27.5 cm. A couple of bishops with croziers and a mass of nobles in ermine look on in a vaulted castle hall while Henry II presents what looks like a pie to his bemused offspring, who is seated beneath a canopy.

Advertisement leaf containing list of architectural books.

A. Webley, bookseller, at the Bible and Crown in Holborn, near Chancery-Lane
Publication details: 
Undated [circa 1765].

Dimensions roughly eight inches by five and a half. Very good on aged paper. All but top edge rough. One page, blank reverse.

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