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[Printed magazine of British telephone exchange operator training centres.] Training Tribune. Finis Coronat Opus.

[E. H. Burt (British government telephone manager), editor 'Training Tribune' [A. D. Hall; N. Temme; B. E. Harrop; B. A. Hulbert; G. Pickett; W. A. Coleman; exchange; operator; telephonist]
Publication details: 
[No. 2.] 'Oct. 1953 Telephone Branch Training Division'.

11pp., 12mo. Duplicated. Stapled. In card wraps printed in black and red, with the motto 'Finis Coronat Opus' within a shield on the cover. In fair condition, on aged paper, with slight staining at head of gutter, and rusted staples. Features include: a full-page poem titled 'Continental Dirge' by 'Mrs. Laurence East | Trainee'; 'Chit Chat | London Wall Reception Centre' by Hall; 'Trunk Training Centre (Throgmorton Avenue)' by Temme; 'Temple Bar Training Centre' by Harrop; 'Kensington Training Centre' by Hulbert; 'Cornwall House Training Centre' by Pickett; 'Govt. P.B.X. and D.Q.

Twenty-two bookseller's catalogues

James Coleman, Genealogical & Topographical Bookseller, of High Holborn and Tottenham
Publication details: 
22, High Street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C.: 1867, 1873 (2), 1874; 9, Tottenham Terrace, White Hart Lane, Tottenham, N.: 1881, 1882 (4), 1883 (4), 1884 (2), 1885 (2), 1886 (4), 1887. S. and J. Brawn, printers.

All items octavo, stitched and unbound. Page range between 16 and 32. Each catalogue carrying an illustration on the front cover. The condition of the collection is variable. All items on aged paper: some dogeared or with closed tears, and a handful with damp and other staining. Several catalogues annotated in a contemporary hand, and one with an entry cut out. Coleman's speciality was 'Heraldry, Genealogy, Topography', and the first three catalogues are headed 'Pedigrees!

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