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[British Army officer in Ireland following the Great Famine.] Diary of Captain H. M. Vaughan, 90th Light Infantry, while stationed at Ballincollig Barracks, including accounts of riots in Cork by 5000 'Paupers' and during the 1852 General Election.

Captain Herbert Millingchamp Vaughan (c.1828-1855), Welsh British Army officer in the 90th Light Infantry; Ballincollig Royal Gunpowder Mills, County Cork; Great Exhibition, London 1851
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Ballincollig, County Cork, Ireland; Llangoedmore, Wales; London; Between May 1851 and September 1852.

An interesting and vivid account of a British army officer's service in Ireland in the period immediately following the Great Famine. The author is stationed at the barracks in Ballincollig, built to protect the Royal Gunpowder Mills (at the time one of the largest in the British Isles). High points include a long account of a riot at Cork during the General Election of 1852; and descriptions of a riot by 5000 'Paupers' around the 'Cork Union' and the first Irish industrial exhibition, also at Cork in 1852.

[ First Oxford University Commission, 1850-1852. ] Various Autograph Drafts of the response of Rev, Dr Richard Harington, Principal of Brasenose College, to the recommendations of the Report of the Commissioners to both Houses of Parliament.

Rev. Richard Harington D.D. (1800-1853), Principal of Brasenose College [ First Oxford University Commission, 1850-1852; Archibald Campbell Tait (1811-1882), Archbishop of Canterbury ]
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[ Brasenose College, University of Oxford. 1852. ]

The Law Magazine, in its issue of August-November 1852, praised the report as 'most valuable' and 'meritorious', noting among the obstacles to its completion 'the resolute and dogged refusal of information on the part of many, intimately connected with the University', including Harington's college Brasenose. The Spectator discussed the report on 29 May 1852, and reproduced all 47 recommendations on 5 June 1852.

[ Oxford Tutors' Association and Oxford University Commission. ] Two printed pamphlets: 'Recommendations respecting the Extension of the University of Oxford' and 'Recommendations respecting the Constitution of the University of Oxford'.

[ S.W. Wayte] Samuel William Wayte (1819-1898), President of Trinity College, Oxford [ Oxford Tutors' Association; Oxford University Commission, 1850-1852 ]
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[ Oxford Tutors' Association. ] First item without date or publishing details, but dating from 1852 or 1853. Second item: Oxford: John Henry Parker; and 377, Strand, London. 1853.

Both items in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Both side stitched, and without wraps. ONE: 'Recommendations respecting the Extension of the University of Oxford'. 32pp., 8vo. On reverse of title: 'The following Paper was drawn up at the request of the Tutors' Association by a Committee appointed on Nov. 19, 1852. It was read and considered at meetings of the Association held in Merton and Jesus College Common Rooms on Dec. 10 and 13: and its adoption will be proposed at the first meeting of the Association next Term.' TWO: 'Reports of the Oxford Tutors' Association. No. II.

[Early English edition, in parts, of Uncle Tom's Cabin, with introduction titled 'A Few Words to the British Reader'.] Uncle Tom's Cabin. The Great American Novel. To be completed in Six Weekly Numbers, Price One Penny each.

[Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896), American author and abolitionist; Vickers, bookseller 334 Strand, London]]
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London: VICKERS, 334, Strand; and all Booksellers. The first number dated 'SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 1852.

Author not named. The six parts totalling 96pp., 4to. Unbound and stitched together. In poor condition, on aged and worn paper with occasional minor loss. Page 1 carries 'A Few Words to the British Reader', beginning: 'UNCLE TOM'S CABIN is not only the most thrilling Novel ever written in America, but the most interesting and startling work of the age.

The Annual Address of the Conference to the Methodist Societies in Great Britain, in the Connexion established by the Late Rev. John Wesley, A.M. August, 1852.

John Scott, President; John Farrar, Secretary, Conference to the Methodist Societies in Great Britain, Sheffield, 1852.
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London: Published by John Mason, 14, City-Road; sold at 66, Paternoster Row. 1852. [Thoms, Printer, 12, Warwick Square.]

12mo, 12 pp. Unbound. Stitched as issued. Text clear and complete. On aged and worn paper. Ownership signature at head of title: 'Mr. Whittaker'. Ends: 'Signed on behalf and by order of the Conference, | John Scott, President, | John Farrar, Secretary. | Sheffield, August, 17th, 1852.' Scarce: no copy in the British Library, and none on COPAC.

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