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[Charles Buller Heberden, Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford.] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'C B Heberden') to Sir Richard Harington, concerning the replacement of a college stained glass window, Harington taking the old one.

Charles Buller Heberden (1849-1921), classical scholar and Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford [Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911), 11th Baronet, of Ridlington and Whitbourne Court]
Publication details: 
2, 4 and 14 January 1897. All three on letterhead of Brasenose College, Oxford.

The three letters total 7pp, 12mo. All three in good condition, on lightly aged paper. From the papers of Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911), 11th Baronet, whose father Rev. Dr Richard Harington (1800-1853), had been Principal from 1842 to his death. All three endorsed by Harington with date of receipt. The subject is the replacement of a stained glass window in the college, with Harington receiving the old window, which he put up at his Worcestershire country house, Whitbourne Court.

[ First Oxford University Commission, 1850-1852. ] Various Autograph Drafts of the response of Rev, Dr Richard Harington, Principal of Brasenose College, to the recommendations of the Report of the Commissioners to both Houses of Parliament.

Rev. Richard Harington D.D. (1800-1853), Principal of Brasenose College [ First Oxford University Commission, 1850-1852; Archibald Campbell Tait (1811-1882), Archbishop of Canterbury ]
Publication details: 
[ Brasenose College, University of Oxford. 1852. ]

The Law Magazine, in its issue of August-November 1852, praised the report as 'most valuable' and 'meritorious', noting among the obstacles to its completion 'the resolute and dogged refusal of information on the part of many, intimately connected with the University', including Harington's college Brasenose. The Spectator discussed the report on 29 May 1852, and reproduced all 47 recommendations on 5 June 1852.

[ Royal Commission on Cathedrals, 1853 ] Signed Copy of long Autograph Letter from Rev. Dr Richard Harington, Principal of Brasenose College, responding to circular letter signed by Richard Jones, Secretary. With printed 'copy of the Commission'.

Rev. Richard Harington D.D. (1800-1853), Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford; Rev. Richard Jones, Secretary of the Royal Commission on Cathedrals in Whitehall
Publication details: 
All three items from 1853. Harington's letter from Brasenose College, Oxford. Jones's circular letter from Cathedral Commission, 1 Parliament Street, Whitehall, London.

Three items in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Harington's 28-page letter is a significant assessment, by a senior member of the university, of the situation in the period immediately preceding the Oxford University Act of 1854. ONE: Signed Autograph Copy of Letter from 'Richd Harington' to 'The Rev. R. Jones'. Brasenose College, Oxford. 28pp., foolscap 8vo. On seven bifoliums of grey paper. Deletions and emendations throughout.

[ Richard Harington, Principal of Brasenose and the Oxford Movement. ] Two unpublished Autograph Papers by 'RH', one in response to Newman's seventy-fifth Tract for Our Times; with long part of Autograph Letter to 'Dudley' on 'Popery'.

Rev. Dr Richard Harington (1800-1853), Principal of Brasenose College [ John Henry Newman; the Oxford Movement; Tractarianism; Richard Laurence, Archbishop of Cashel ]
Publication details: 
[ Brasenose College, Oxford. ] One of the papers dated 1838; the other on paper with 1837 watermark. Letter dated from 'Old' [ Ould, Northamptonshire ], 1840.

ONE: 'Remarks upon the Oxford Tract no 75. to which is prefixed a Table of passages from the Selections out of the Roman Breviary therein contained, which appear open to objection. | by | A Son of the Catholic Church'. Author identified at end as 'RH.' Undated, but paper with watermark: 'J WHATMAN | 1837'. 24pp., 4to. A stitched sheaf. Dog-eared, otherwise in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Unpublished. With a few minor emendations.

[ Augustus Short, Bishop of Adelaide. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'A Short'), written while at Oxford to Rev. Richard Harington, regarding the Oxford Movement and 'Schismatics', and reporting a comment by John Henry Newman.

Augustus Short (1802-1883), first Bishop of Adelaide, Librarian of Christ Church [ Rev. Richard Harington (1800-1853), Principal of Brasenose;J ohn Henry Newman; the Oxford Movement; Tractarians ]
Publication details: 
Neither with place or year [ 1840s ]. One 'Wednesday. Mh. 13.'; the other 'Tuesday | June 4'.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. According to Short's entry in the Oxford DNB, he 'had many friends among the Tractarians, and wrote (but did not publish) a defence of Tract 90, though he voted for the condemnation of W. G. Ward's Ideal of a Christian Church in 1845. In 1846 he delivered at Oxford the Bampton lectures entitled The Witness of the Spirit with our Spirit'. ONE: 'Tuesday | June 4'. 3pp., 12mo. He begins by stating that he is enclosing the 'Extracts from the Tracts', together with Harington's 'paper of observations'.

[ Beatrice Cecilia Harington, sitter to Lewis Carroll and first Head of St Margaret's House, Bethnal Green. ] 12 Autograph Letters Signed, seven of them to her brother Richard Harington, and four to the widow of her cousin Sir Richard Harington.

Beatrice Cecilia Harington (1852-1936), sitter to and friend of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson [ Lewis Carroll ], first Head of St Margaret's House, Bethnal Green [ Brasenose College, Oxford ]
Publication details: 
Seven letters and a card to her brother between 1897 and 1910. Four letters to her nephew's widow, 1931. From: St Margaret's House, Bethnal Green; 15 Bardwell Road, Oxford; Bishop's House, Jerusalem; Mapperley Hall, Nottingham; Grand Hotel, Varese.

Beatrice Cecilia Harington was one of the two daughters of Rev. Dr Richard Harington (1800-1853), Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford. As children she and her sister Alice Margaret (1854-1901) were befriended by Lewis Carroll, who photographed them. Neither of the two girls married, but both were associated with the Settlement Movement in London's East End. Beatrice was the first Head of St. Margaret's House, Bethnal Green, which, according to her Times obituary, was 'the first church settlement for women' in the capital'.

[ Thomas Vowler Short, academic and clergyman. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Thos V Short') to Rev. Richard Harington

Thomas Vowler Short (1790-1872), English academic and clergyman, successively Bishop of Sodor and Man and of St Asaph [ Dr Richard Harington (1800-1853) , Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford ]
Publication details: 
Kingsworthy. 6 September 1833.

4pp., 4to. On bifolium. In fair condition, In good condition, lightly aged, with part of second leaf torn away and adhering under the red wax seal, which carries a good impression. Addressed by Short to 'Rev Ricd Harington' in Northamptonshire, and redirected to 'Robt. Harington Esqre', Torrance, East Kilbride, Glasgow.

Autograph Letter Signed ('F. Madan') to 'Mr. Hudson'.

Falconer Madan (1851-1935), Bodley's librarian [Bodleian Library; Brasenose College; Oxford]
Publication details: 
2 January 1919 [in fact 1920]; Brasenose College, Oxford.

Two pages, 12mo. Very good on lightly aged paper. Begins with three bibliographical points, including one about Wagner's edition of Bentley's 'Phalaris' ('that of course we have at the Bodleian. A very useful edition, with long bibliography'). 'Thanks about my brother William, and Osler. The former I did not see much of, of late years. Osler, [Sir William Osler, who died 29 December 1919 and was a Curator as you say, is a real loss to the Bodleian.'

[Charles G. Mortimer, lyricist and Catholic writer.] Collection of 54 autograph song lyrics and poems by him, mostly holographs (signed 'CGM'), noting the sale of each (to music publishers and magazines). With Autograph Letter Signed to his typist.

Charles G. Mortimer [Charles Gordon Mortimer, lyricist, Catholic journalist and author [Dulwich College; Brasenose College, Oxford; Stonyhurst College, Lancashire; Rudyard Kipling]
Publication details: 
One from Caterham House, Caterham, Oxfordshire, and another on letterhead of Stonyhurst College, near Blackburn, Lancashire Undated [1920s and 1930s], except for one dated 9 March 1921. The letter to his typist dated 2 April 1934.

After leaving Dulwich College Mortimer was a classical scholar at Brasenose College, Oxford. In 1933 he was received into the Roman Catholic Church, after which he became a schoolmaster in Catholic schools, most notably Stonyhurst. According to his profile in the Catholic Herald, 5 August 1938, Mortimer was 'well-known as a composer and lyric writer, and his work has been broadcast from the early days of broadcasting. | Recently he has contributed " uncle-duty " to the [BBC] Children's Hour.

[Printed pamphlet.] A New Art Teaching How to be Plucked, being A Treatise after the Fashion of Aristotle; Writ for the Use of Students in the Universities. To which is added, A Synopsis of Drinking. By Scriblerus Redivivus.

'Scriblerus Redivivus' [Edward Caswall (1814-1878) of Brasenose College, Oxford; Anglican clergyman and hymn writer who converted to Roman Catholicism] [Joseph Vincent, Oxford bookseller and printer]
Publication details: 
Fourth Edition. Oxford: Printed and Published by J. Vincent; 1836.

12mo: viii + 40pp. As a fold-out tipped-in onto p.23 is 'A Synopsis of Drinking, formed according to the Categories of Aristotle' (1p., folio); and following the text is a four-page catalogue of 'Books published by J. Vincent, Oxford; Whittaker and Co.; Simpkin and Marshall; and Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, London.' Side-stitched, in original grey printed wraps. Fair, on lightly-aged paper, with small burn-hole to dogeared front wrap, which carries the ownership inscription of 'F. Saunders / Trin Coll'. A satire on the dissolute ways of the Oxford undergraduate.

Autograph Letter Signed ('R H Barham') to Mrs Packman of Selling, near Faversham, Kent.

Richard Harris Barham ['Thomas Ingoldsby'] (1788-1845), author of the 'Ingoldsby Legends'
Publication details: 
22 November 1808; 'B. N. C. [Brasenose College] Oxford'.

4to, 3 pp. Bifolium. Addressed, with fragments of red wax seal, on reverse of second leaf. On aged, worn and grubby paper, with extensive damage to second leaf, from which a panel amounting to around a sixth of its area is lacking, with a further two holes repaired with archival tape. The fifty-one lines of text of the first leaf clear and complete; loss to twenty of the twenty-seven lines of the text on the second leaf.

Autograph Signature on fragment of letter.

Henry Hobhouse
Publication details: 
No date; Basseterre, Guadaloupe.

English historian and archivist (1776-1854; DNB) who superintended the publication of the 'State Papers of Henry VIII'. Fragment of letter, 2 inches by four, in good condition, on laid paper signed 'H. Hobhouse' beneath part of salutation 'Yr obed. Sert.' with 'Basseterre | Guadaloupe' beneath.

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