[ Vietnam War ] Telephone Directory. 'Prepared By Ist Signal Brigade April 1969 Official'.

[ Vietnam War ] United States Government Agencies Vietnam
Publication details: 

Pp, xxviii.222, printed yellow/green paper wraps, stapled as issued (not bound), covers sl. soiled, mainly good condition. Inside front cover, an Index listing instructions for various types of call (long distance, emergency, etc) and major sections of numbers (inc. US Government Agencies and Military Units). Comntents inc. dialling instructions, emergency call instructions, "organisational listings", switchboard abbreviations, etc etc., listings cover whole range of massive US involvement in Vietnam, from advisory groups to air bases to naval forces to "force logistic" to "non-military".

[ Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968. ] Duplicated typed document issued by 'Kilburn VSC', titled 'Czechoslovakia - A Marxist Analysis'.

Kilburn Vietnam Solidarity Campaign [ VSC ] [ Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968; Aubrey Walter? ]
Publication details: 
At foot: 'published by Kilburn VSC, 329a West End Lane, London NW6' [ 1968 ].

1p., folio. Printed in red. Sixty lines of text. In fair conditon, lightly aged and worn. The first paragraph reads: 'The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia has provoked the expected emotional outburst from the reformist Left, tailing as usual behind the hypocritical phrases of the British ruling class, who weep over "poor Czechoslovakia" while actively supporting the 100-times-worse suffering inflicted by the US on the Vietnamese.

[American Student Protest material, 1970.] Ten leaflets from the aftermath of the Kent State shootings: Labor-Student Coalition for Peace; Militant Labor Forum; Afro-Americans for SWP; The Dominican Students' Revolutionary Front; Workers' League.

[Labor-Student Coalition for Peace; Militant Labor Forum; Afro-Americans for SWP; The Dominican Students' Revolutionary Front; Workers' League; Kent State shooting; Vietnam War Protests]
Publication details: 
New York. May 1970.

These ten items were produced at the height of the surge of outrage with which the American left greeted the killing of four students by National Guardsmen at Kent State University, Ohio, on 4 May 1970. (As an example of the incident's wider cultural significance, see the song 'Ohio' by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.) Originating from New York, six of the items are dated from the end of the same month, and the other undated items date from the same period. All ten items are single leaves. Eight of them are 8vo, one is 21 x 18cm, and the other 35 x 21cm.

[Mimeographs or similar] Rusk News Conference Statement. | Following is text of introductory remarks by Mr. Dean Rusk, Secretary of State,[...] Nov. 17, at his Press conference in Washington. With: text of Adlai Stevenson address (described below)

[Press Releases (x 2) in Kennedy Era]
Publication details: 
Both Washington, Monday, 20 November 1961

a. Dean Rusk, 3pp., folio, unbound as issued. Subjects: taking up Kennedy's remarks in Seattle; Afghanistan; Korea; the Philippines; Berlin; NATO meeting; the Congo; Dominicn Republic/OAS; Cuba, Peru and Columbia; Vietnam (US policy to preserve the Republic Vietnam, the means are being considered). It concludes with the ref. A-17266-AC. B. (attached by staple) Stevenson Address at Fordham University (A Relesase from the UNited States Information Service, American Embassy, London).

Original illustration, produced for publication, signed 'A. Twidle' and entitled on reverse 'Monkish Robes', showing three monks in the grounds of an oriental (Burmese?) temple.

Arthur Twidle (1865-1936), English book illustrator [Burma; Burmese; oriental; the Far East]
Publication details: 

On a piece of thin card, 30.5 x 23 cm. Dimensions of illustration 23 x 17 cm. Signed by Twidle in bottom right-hand corner. The image itself is clear and sharp, in spotted and grubby margins. Docketed in pencil on reverse 'Monkish Robes | 491 | to 5 inches width | with rule as in picture'. An attractive, detailed watercolour, in black and grey, and picked out in white, showing three monks processing with eyes cast to the ground in different directions in the grounds of stone temple overgrown with foliage.

Two broadsheet songs: 'Oh, Brother, did you weep?' (words and music by MacColl, illustration by Audrey Seyfang) and 'Yankee Doodle' (words by MacColl, and illustration by 'Catchpole').

Ewan MacColl; Audrey Seyfang; 'Catchpole' [Folksingers for Freedom in Vietnam]
Publication details: 

Excessively scarce survivals, with no copies of either item appearing on COPAC or WorldCat. Both are printed on one side of a leaf roughly 25 x 20 cm. In fair condition, with light creasing to extremities. Item One (on grey paper, with illustration by Audrey Seyfang): 'Oh, Brother, did you weep? | words and music by Ewan MacColl'.

Four illustrated broadsheets. Three with words and music, to songs: 'Oh, Brother, did you weep?' by MacColl; 'Lament of the Soldier's Wife', 'words: Claudi Paley'; and 'Nam Bo', 'by an American'. The fourth with McColl's words to 'Yankee Doodle'.

Folksingers for Freedom in Vietnam [Ewan MacColl; Claudia Paley; Karl Dallas; Gordon McCulloch; Audrey Seyfang; 'Catchpole'; English folk revival; sixties protest singers; Yankee Doodle]
Publication details: 

According to Karl Dallas (Morning Star, 16 November 2007) it was he who 'first mooted the idea' of an anti-Vietnam War 'campaign in the folk scene', with the 'singers' group' being formed by Dallas in conjunction with Ewan MacColl and Gordon McCulloch. The four items are excessively scarce survivals, with no copies of any of them appearing on COPAC. All are printed on one side of a leaf roughly 25 x 20 cm. Each leaf is differently coloured. The items are in fair condition, dogeared and with light creasing and chipping to extremities.

Autograph Letter Signed "Ch. Lemire" to Jules Gros, "Publiciste, Paris".

Charles Lemire, Administrateur colonial, Explorateurauthority on Indo-China [Vietnam; Cambodia; Laos]
Publication details: 
Trelage pres Angers, 21 Octobre 1883. In French.

Two pages, 8vo, good condition. He has sent Gros a brochure "sur l'Instruction publique en australie." Also, on the advice of his editor, Challamel, he has sent Gros his volumes on Indo-China, Caledonia and Australia further to a promise that he would cite them in his studies on "les mouvements geographiques.". He wants to be informed when they have arrived. He is also about to publish another book on Indo-China and one on Caledonia with maps and illustrations.

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