[ Susan Euphemia, Duchess of Hamilton, daughter of William Beckford of Fonthill. ] Long Autograph Letter Signed ('S E H & B') to 'dearest dear Lolotte' (Charlotte Stuart), regarding the misfortunes of Madame Regnaudin of the Royal Academy of Music.

Susan Euphemia Douglas-Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton (1786-1859), wife of Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton, and daughter of William Beckford of Fonthill [ Royal Academy of Music ]
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'Hamilton Palace [ Lanarkshire, Scotland ] | July 9th: [ between 1822 and 1825 ]'.

Susan Euphemia Beckford, daughter of William Beckford of Fonthill, had married the 10th Duke of Hamilton in 1810. The recipient Charlotte Stuart (d.1867) was the daughter of Margaret, Lady Pulteney, by her first husband Andrew Stuart of Torrance. In 1830 she married Robert Harington, son of Sir John Edward Harington of Ridlington, 8th Baronet. The present item is two closely written pages, 4to. On bifolium of wove paper with watermark 'C WILMOT | 1822'. In good condition, lightly aged. Closely and neatly written over 63 lines.

[ Susan Gilruth, crime writer. ] Personal album of material ("guard-book" relating to her seven crime novels, with numerous newspaper cuttings, dustwrappers, a press release, three items of fan mail.

Susan Gilruth [ born Susannah Margaret Hornsby-Wright ], crime writer
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[ England. Between 1951 and 1963. ]

Gilruth was the author of seven crime novels: 'Sweet Revenge' (1951), 'Death in Ambush' (1952), 'Postscript to Penelope' (1954), 'A Corpse for Charybdis' (1956), 'To this Favour' (1957), 'Drown Her Remembrance' (1961) and 'The Snake is Living Yet' (1963). The material in this collection is in good overall condition, lightly aged and worn. Most of the material is laid down on 41pp. of a 25 x 38 cm. album (ownership signature on front pastedown), with press cuttings of reviews grouped around the cut-down dustwrappers of the first six of Gilruth's books.

[ Freya Stark, explorer and travel writer. ] Three Autograph Cards Signed (all 'Freya Stark') to the crime writer Susan Gilruth, socialising and praising her books.

Freya Stark [ Dame Freya Madeline Stark; Mrs Stewart Perowne ] (1893-1993), British explorer and travel writer [ Susan Gilruth [ born Susannah Margaret Hornsby-Wright ], crime writer ]
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9 and 23 February, and 9 March. The first two from 30 Chester Street, SW1 [ London ], the last from Asolo [ Italy ].

Three plain postcards (no illustrations), with stamps and postmarks, all addressed to Gilruth (author of seven crime novels punlished between 1951 and 1963) at 7 Reston Place, Hyde Park, London. The three cards in fair condition, aged and worn, with staining to corners from mounting, and two of the signatures only half-legible through fading. In the first she says that she is in London until the end of February, and 'would like so much' to see her again: 'Could you come in for drinks with a few friends on Tuesday Feb 17th?' The second begins: 'Thank you ever so much.

[ Dame Marie Tempest, actress. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Mary') to 'My dear Cyril', discussing his 'amusing and witty play' and the one in which she is acting.

Dame Marie Tempest [ Mary Susan Etherington ] (1864-1942), English singer and actress ('the queen of her profession')
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On letterhead of 'Miss Marie Tempest'. 'Monday' [ no date ].

1p., 8vo. In fair condition, aged and worn, with slight loss to one corner and creasing to another. Strengthened on reverse with a small piece of tape. Letterhead in red, with Tempest writing in green ink. She writes warmly: 'I've read your Play, and I think it charming up to the point of the two people who are crooks! It suffers from the same thing that our present Play suffers from. Too sudden a jump!' She invites him to go and see the play, 'and you will gather what I mean'. She ends by describing his play as 'amusing and witty'.

Autograph Letter to the printseller [Dominic Paul] Colnaghi.

Lady Charlotte Susan Maria Bury
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Tuesday 29th April. [no year] | No 3. Park Square | Regent Park'.

English novelist (1775-1861). One page, 12mo. A frail item in poor condition: on discoloured, frayed paper, with several closed tears and some loss to edges. A formal letter in the third person. 'Lady Charlotte Bury presents Her Comp[limen]ts. to Mr: Colnaghi and would be obliged to Him if He could make it convenient to call upon Her any time this Day, as she wishes to speak to Him respecting Some Drawings which she intends to publish'.

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