[ Freya Stark, explorer and travel writer. ] Three Autograph Cards Signed (all 'Freya Stark') to the crime writer Susan Gilruth, socialising and praising her books.

Freya Stark [ Dame Freya Madeline Stark; Mrs Stewart Perowne ] (1893-1993), British explorer and travel writer [ Susan Gilruth [ born Susannah Margaret Hornsby-Wright ], crime writer ]
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9 and 23 February, and 9 March. The first two from 30 Chester Street, SW1 [ London ], the last from Asolo [ Italy ].
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Three plain postcards (no illustrations), with stamps and postmarks, all addressed to Gilruth (author of seven crime novels punlished between 1951 and 1963) at 7 Reston Place, Hyde Park, London. The three cards in fair condition, aged and worn, with staining to corners from mounting, and two of the signatures only half-legible through fading. In the first she says that she is in London until the end of February, and 'would like so much' to see her again: 'Could you come in for drinks with a few friends on Tuesday Feb 17th?' The second begins: 'Thank you ever so much. I shall keep the books for my journey & look forward to an orgy of Crime'. She is spending her last week before departure 'rather miserably fending off a flue [sic] relapse - so fear there will be no time for anything'. The last card. written from Italy, reads: 'I must tell you how much I have enjoyed your two books (in the leisure of the Sleeper in the train). They follow all the rules & are full of liveliness & the unexpected - in fact just what I think the detective story should be. How clever to do it!'