[Angus Wilson, novelist, as British Museum librarian.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Angus Wilson.') to 'Rylands', regarding his letter to 'Noel', which he has asked 'Mr Greene' to show him.

Angus Wilson [Sir Angus Frank Johnstone-Wilson] (1913-1991), novelist [British Museum, Department of Printed Books]
Publication details: 
12 October 1950; on letterhead of the Reading Room, British Museum, London, W.C.1.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, on lightly aged paper. Folded twice, resulting in offset ink smudging. Reads: 'Dear Rylands, | I am writing to you in case Noel is away. I have asked Mr Greene to show you my letter to Noel, if this is should [sic] be so. Anything you could do to help, would be kind and good, I think.

[George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer, politician and bibliophile.] Document in a secretarial hand, signed 'Spencer', to a peer, regarding 'the pay and allowances to the Lamerton and Milton Abbott Corps'.

George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer (1758-1834), politician and bibliophile, first President of the Roxburghe Club, owner of the Althorp Library (now at the John Rylands Library in Manchester)
Publication details: 
Whitehall. 15 April 1806.

1p., 8vo. Slight damp damage along left-hand margin, otherwise in fair condition. Reads: 'My Lord, | I have been honoured with your Lordship's Letter of this day's date; and I will lose no time in giving fresh authority to the Secretary at War to issue the pay and allowances to the Lamerton and Milton Abbott Corps, according to the amended return now transmitted to me by your Lordship.' Docketed on reverse.

[John Belfield Gadd, librarian, The John Rylands Library, Manchester.] Bound collection (by his family?) of 18 original compositions, titled 'Some Of His Published and Unpublished Articles', including 14 Typescripts and 2 Autograph Manuscripts.

John Belfield Gadd (1895-1918), librarian, The John Rylands Library, Manchester [The Manchester Guardian]
Publication details: 
[Several from 'Edale', 115 Atwood Rd, Didsbury, Manchester.] Items dated from between 1913 and 1916.

Folio volume of 127pp. (paginated in red pencil) of typescripts and manuscripts, with three printed items extracted from magazines, bound in black cloth, with the front cover stamped in gilt with the title 'John Belfield Gadd | 1895-1918. | Some Of His Published and Unpublished Articles'. A good-natured and entertaining collection of seventeen essays and two plays, strongly hinting at unfulfilled promise.

[Peter Rylands] Autograph Letter Signed "Peter Rylands" to "Brooke Robinson" (Dudley lawyer?).

Peter Rylands, politician and wire manufacturer (Wikipedia)
Publication details: 
[Printed heading] Bewsey House, Warrington, 25 Sept. 1871.

Four pages, 12mo, remannts from tipping in album or similar, sl. grubby, text clear and complete. He discusses the previous situation of "John Gamble", a servant, who he says was 'trustworthy & obliging' in the few months he was employed by him., "He is not at all afraid of hard work but rather appears to like it but is somewhat rough in his manner & makes too much noise." He had to tell him off for this, and prefers quiet servants.

[The Holbein-Society's Fac-simile Reprints] Pronosticatio in Latino, by John Lichtenberger; A Reproduction of the First Edition (Printed at Strasburg, 1488). Edited by W. Harry Rylands, F.S.A. [with facsimiles of 56 woodcuts, eleven hand-coloured]

John Lichtenberger [Johann Lichtenberger; W. Harry Rylands, FSA, editor; The Holbein-Society's Fac-simile Reprints; Manchester and London; astrology]
Publication details: 
Published for the Holbein Society by A. Brothers, 14, St. Ann's Square, Manchester, 1890.

89pp, 4to; consisting of half-title, title, three-page introduction by Rylands, seventy-three page unpaginated facsimile of the main work on consecutive pages, and eleven pages (each with a blank reverse), each carrying a hand-coloured plate. On watermarked wove paper, with top edge gilt, and other edges deckled. Good, on aged paper (first and last pages dusty), in recent black-cloth quarter binding, with grey boards and white label on spine.

Manuscript headed 'The Informacon of William Rylands Purser of the Neptune galley merchant man' and docketed 'Informacone of William Rylands a Joseph Matthews & John Wyatt'. Signed by Rylands and by Robert Constable of the Middle Temple.

Robert Constable; William Rylands; Joseph Matthews; John Wyatt; the galley 'Neptune' [naval and maritime; stuart; sixteenth and seventeenth century; the Inns of Court]
Publication details: 
taken on Oath before me this 17th day of October Anno. Dom 1706.'

On one side of a piece of watermarked laid paper roughly 31 x 19 cm. Docketed on reverse. Good, on lightly aged paper, with slight chipping to right-hand edge and short closed tear neatly repaired on reverse with archival tape. The words 'Middle in top left-hand cornerr. Rylands says that the Neptune was 'lying in the Downes' three weeks before, when Matthews and Wyatt, 'being marriners on board', did 'with five other person's Run away with the long boat or yaul belonging to the Said gally'.

Autograph Note Signed to a "Mr Jones", bookseller.

James Rendel Harris.
Publication details: 
54 Wood Rd, Whally Range, Manchester, 5 Jan. 1920.

Biblical scholar, archaeologist, and orientalist (DNB). One page, 8vo, faintly stained but text clear and complete, as follows:"Your list to hand I can certainly take the little collection of tracts, beginning "England's Warning". You may also send me the two Portsmouth tracts, & the Lilburn tract, the Titus Oates sermon & the oath of the Kings of England". Harris was at this time at the John Rylands Library, Manchester and may well have been ordering on their behalf.

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