[ Cholera outbreak in Victorian Wales: a poetry pamphlet in Welsh. ] Pryddest Ar Paul Yn Athen, Act. XVII; At Ba Un Yr Ychwanegwyd, Awdl Ar Ymweliad Y Geri Marwol A Chymru Yn 1849. Gan J. Rhys Morgan, (Lleurwg,) Aberafon.

J. Rhys Morgan, (Lleurwg,) Aberafon [ Cholera epidemic in Wales ]
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Caerfyrddin [ Carmarthen ]: Argraffwyd Gan William Thomas, Yn Heol-Y-Bont. 1852.

64pp., 12mo. Disbound pamphlet without wraps. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Two poems, the first on a biblical topic and the second on an outbreak of cholera. Three copies on COPAC: at the National Library of Wales, Cardiff, and the British Library. Now extremely scarce.

[Ernest Rhys, author.] Three Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed Letter Signed to Anglo-Irish poet Sylvia Lynd, regarding both their poetry and a literary proposal for her.

Ernest Rhys (1859-1946), writer and founding editor of Everyman's Library [Sylvia Lynd (1888-1952), Anglo-Irish poet, wife of the essayist Robert Lynd (1879-1949)]
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The ALsS from Whiteleaf, Princes Risborough (1); and The Bell House, Askett, Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire (2). The TLS on J. M. Dent letterhead of 'Everyman's Library | Edited by Ernest Rhys'. Between 1930 and 1934.

The three items are in fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Totalling 7pp., 8vo. ONE: ALS. From Whiteleaf, Princes Risborough; 11 Nov. 1930. Begins 'I heard the other day of a poem of yours, that a young soldier carried about in the war, till he was killed. It was sent home with his papers, & some day I hope to have it - his own copy of it - from a friend, & to send it to you | Why tell you of this now? Because the news of your mother's death has been weighing on my mind, & I wanted to say a word, yet knew how unconsoling words can be.' TWO: ALS.

Autograph Letter Signed ('W. Rhys Roberts') to Sir Frederick George Kenyon (1863-1952), Director of the British Museum.

William Rhys Roberts (1858-1929), Professor of Classics at Leeds University, and associate of J. R. R. Tolkien
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28 January 1918; on letterhead of the University, Leeds.

Three pages, octavo. Very good on lightly aged paper. Kenyon's paper was 'much enjoyed' when read on Saturday, and there was 'a good attendance'. '[T]he pleasantries were not missed': '1. the confusion of the inexhaustible emender; 2. the thrift of the canny Odysseus in his role of wooer; 3. Burne Jones's Law.' 'At the end some interesting questiosn were asked', for example, 'why second-rate Greek annalists shd. seemingly have been preferred to Herodotus & Thucydides'.

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