[Dame Eva Turner, dramatic soprano.] Typed Letter Signed ('Eva Turner.') to Constance Evans, whose claim that she was her 'earliest private accompanist' she accepts, with reminiscences.

Dame Eva Turner (1892-1990), English dramatic soprano [Constance Evans of Darlington, piano accompanist]
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26 Palace Court, London, W2. 6 April 1962.

1p, 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with the top part of the blank reverse pasted onto a slip of paper cut from an album. Adressed to 'Miss Constance M. Evans, | Raventhorpe, | Carmel Road N., | Darlington.' She begins by stating that Evans's letter has been forwarded to her by Julian Herbage.

[ Sir Alfred Butt, theatre impressario. ] Five Typed Letters Signed (all 'Alfred Butt') to the composer Herman Finck, on a variety of topics

Sir Alfred Butt (1878-1962), theatre impressario, Managing Director, Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Palace Theatre, London [ Herman Finck [ Hermann Van Der Vinck ] (1872-1939), Anglo-Dutch composer ]
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All five on London letterheads. First, The Palace Theatre Ld., Shaftesbury Avenue, 1912; second, Garrick House, Lisle Street, 1921; third and fourth Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Ltd., 1926 and 1931; fifth, Seymour House, 17 Waterloo Place, 1931.

Five letters, each 1p., 4to. In fair condition, aged and creased. ONE: Palace Theatre, 4 July 1912. In capitals. Conveying the thanks of the King and Queen to the members of the orchestra for their work at the previous night's royal performance, and adding, for Finck: 'I have already told you how much I appreciate what you did on Monday night and the splendid manner in which you conducted. The success of the performance would have been impossible without your invaluable assistance.' TWO: Garrick House, 23 March 1921.

[ Printed item. ] Souvenir of The Hundredth Performance of Bric-a-Brac. [ With tipped-in photographs of seven actors including Gertie Millar; Teddie Gerrard; Arthur Playfair; Nelson Keys.

Sir Alfred Butt, Managing Director, The Palace Theatre, London [ Norman Keene; Herman Finck; Arthur Wimperis; Basil Hood; Lionel Monckton; Gertie Millar; Teddie Gerrard; Arthur Playfair; Nelson Keys ]
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The Palace Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, W. [ London ] Wednesday, December 15th, 1915.

Ten unpaginated 26 x 22 cm. leaves, comprising three leaves of letterpress (cover, title and back cover), and seven leaves each with a 17 x 14 cm black-and-white photograph laid down. A frail survival, with the photographic portraits in good condition, but the brittle leaves chipped and discoloured. One bifolium intact (with remains of string binding), all the other leaves detached and loose, making it difficult to ascertain whether the item is or is not complete. (The entry for the only copy traced on OCLC WorldCat, at the Universitätsbibliothek Bayreuth, describes it as ' 6 Bl.

[ Desmond Harmsworth, publisher. ] Two printed catalogues: 'A First List' and 'Spring Books | Nineteen Thirty-Two'.

Desmond Harmsworth [ Cecil Desmond Bernard Harmsworth (1903-1990) ], publisher, 44 Great Russell Street, London, WC1 [ Ezra Pound; James Joyce; Mary Butts ]
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Desmond Harmsworth, 44 Great Russell Street, London WC1. 1931 and 1932. [ The first 'Printed by George W. Jones, At the Sign of The Dolphin, Gough Square, London, EC4. ]

Two stitched pamphlets of uniform design. 15pp., 12mo, and 19pp., 12mo. Tastefully printed, with covers in red and black. Both items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. The first volume - 'A First List' - has a full-page 'Advertisement' by 'D. H.', in which he aspires to 'offer a fair proportion of what is alive in modern writing - a hope which is my raison d'etre as a publisher [...] nothing, if not lack of sense, or lack of the desire, need stop one from printing whatever is available, and has intrinsic vitality or permanence'.

Mimeographed typed British Salonica Army concert party programme: '738 M.T. Company A.S.C. Programme. Slip Your Clutch. A Revue In Three Acts by 2nd Lt. J. A. Lincoln Reed.'

2nd Lt J. A. Lincoln Reed [Captain George Malleson Butt (1880-1936) of the Army Service Corps; British Salonica Army; Balkans]
Publication details: 
[British Salonica Army; Balkans.] 1917.

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. Mimeographed typescript in purple ink. In fair condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. Title page reads: '738 M. T. Company A. S. C. | 1917 | Programme. | Slip your Clutch. | A Revue | In Three Acts | by | 2nd Lt. J. A. Lincoln Reed.' The second page carries a 'Synopsis of Scenery': 'Act I A Village Green in Blightly | Act II Scene I - Mikra Bay | Scene II - Serres Road | Act III Interior of the Follies Bergeres Night Cafe Salonique (out of bounds)'. Also the announcement: 'The entire production by members of 738 MET.

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