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[Langridge & Freeman, auctioneers.] Interleaved Catalogue of the books in the Trottescliffe Rectory Sale, with Typed Letter from the auctioneers to Mrs Shepherd, explaining points relating to the coming sale.

[Langridge & Freeman, land agents, surveyors & auctioneers, Tunbridge Wells; Trottescliffe Rectory Sale, Kent, 1920; Mrs Shepherd; Rev. Key; Mr Fremlin]
Publication details: 
Letter on letterhead of Langridge & Freeman, Tunbridge Wells and 28 Great Queen St, Cheapside, London. 25 November 1920. Auction at Trottescliffe Rectory, Kent, on 30 November and 1 December 1920.

Both letter and catalogue have suffered damp damage, resulting in some loss of text. Letter: Addressed to Mrs Freeman at Trottescliffe Rectory. 1p., 4to.

Three Autograph Letters Signed (all three 'W. Elwin') to historian Alexander William Kinglake (1809-1891).

Whitwell Elwin (1816-1900), English journalist, editor of the 'Quarterly Review'
Publication details: 
1875, 1883, 1887; all three from Booton Rectory, Norwich.

All three letters 12mo, and closely written. All three with rusted pinholes at head. A valuable correspondence, in which one of Victorian England's leading critics describes his response to the work of one of the age's foremost historians. LETTER ONE (1 page, 26 lines, good): He thanks Kinglake for sending his 'new volume' [of 'The Invasion of the Crimea']. 'I am reading it with great delight. The work to me is unique both in military & literary history.

Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'G V Reed') to Benjamin Harrison, Archdeacon of Maidstone.

George Varenne Reed (1816-1886), anglican clergyman, tutor to Charles Darwin
Publication details: 
3 November 1875, 16 October 1879 and 30 July 1881; all three from Hayes Rectory, Beckenham.

All three items are good, though lightly aged, each with a thin strip from previous mounting adhering to the blank reverse of the second leaf of the bifolium. Letter One (12mo, 1 p). Thanking Harrison 'for the copy of your Charge' ['Prospects of peace for the Church in the Prayer Book and its rules']. He would have written the day before 'but we went to the opening of the Memorial Church at Langton yesterday'. Letter Two (12mo, 2 pp): Thanks him for 'so kindly sending me your last Charge ['The memories of departed brethren, and the sacredness of their earthly resting places'].

Autograph Letter Signed ('Matt H Bloxam') to Reginald H Pope, Standlake Rectory, Witney, Oxfordshire.

Matthew Holbeche Bloxam (1805-1888), architectural historian [Rugby School]
Publication details: 
17 May 1887; Rugby.

12mo, 2 pp. Very good. Several of the letters of congratulation he received on his birthday were from 'old Rugbeians', and Pope's was 'one of the first'. He has been 'invited by the President and Council of the Royal Archaeological Institute to be President of one of the Sections at their meeting this year at Salisbury but age and infirmity have obliged me to decline'. Although 'not under the Doctor's hands' he feels he is 'going down hill apace'. The previous Tuesday 10 boys from Rugby 'came in to partake of Cake Gingerbreads and fruit 9 of whom were from your old boarding house now Mr.

Autograph Letter Signed to the Revd Thomas Helmore.

Francis Edward Paget
Publication details: 
Elford Rectory | Septermber 8.' [1841?].

Divine and author (1806-82). The recipient (1811-90) was a musical writer and composer, and the priest-ordinary of the Chapel Royal, St James's. Three pages. Poor: creased, dogeared, frayed, and with traces of previous mount adhering to blank verso of second leaf of bifoliate. He received the note and inclosure the day before. 'We have copied the beautiful Kyrie Eleeson, and I now return it with many thanks for the trouble you have so goodnaturedly taken in my behalf.' He wishes he could have been at Leeds for what 'must have been a truly gratifying sight.

Autograph Letter Signed to Rev. T. A. <Bargham?>.

Rev. Francis Edward Paget [Elford Rectory, Staffordshire]
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Elford Rectory, | June 15.' [no year].

English divine, author and social reformer (1806-82). Two pages, 16mo. Good, though lightly foxed, and with second leaf of bifoliate carrying traces of glue from previous mounting. Black-bordered, and bearing Paget's remarkably modernistic letterhead, made up of a pattern of his initials. 'Dear Sir | I do not know whether our doings here at our Village Festival are of a kind to interest you, but I take the liberty of assuring you that we shd. be very happy to see you, & any friends you might like to bring over.' Signed 'F. E. Paget'.

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