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[John Philip Kemble, actor and manager of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden.] Autograph Memorandum, signed 'J. Kemble.', regarding the 'Caducean Trident' of Albion, with an ink drawing of the same (a dragon with intertwining serpents).

John Philip Kemble (1757-1823), distinguished actor and manager of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, brother of Sarah Siddons and Charles Kemble
Publication details: 
No place or date.

The text is on one side of a 13 x 16 cm piece of laid watermarked paper. The signature 'J. Kemble' is at bottom left, in slightly-darker ink than the fifteen lines of text. Lightly aged and with short closed tears at edges of two folds. Slight traces of brown-paper mount at top corners on reverse, which carries a capable ink drawing of 'the Caducean Trident' mentioned in the text: a dragon with two sets of wings, body stiff as a rod, encircled by two snakes.

[ Henry Kemhle of Grove Hill, MP for East Surrey. ] Autograph Note Signed inviting James Hunt to dine as his guest at the Salters Company.

Henry Kemble (1787-1857) of Grove Hill, Camberwell, MP for East Surrey
Publication details: 
Grove Hill, Camberwell. 19 January 1843.

1p.,12mo. On aged and worn paper, with wear, and closed tear to one fold.. Reads: 'Dear Sir | The Salters Company dine together on Thursday the 9th of February, when I hope to have the pleasure of your Company as my Friend'.

[ Charles Kemble, actor. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C. Kemble.') to an unnamed recipient, sending an autograph and apologising for the delay in a charming fashion.

Charles Kemble (1775-1854), English actor, member of a notable theatrical dynasty, joint proprietor of Covent Garden Theatre, London
Publication details: 
11 Park Place, St James's [ London ]. 12 November 1836.

1p., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. The letter reads: 'Sir | Having mislaid your letter of 14th. March last, you have doubtless considered me a very discourteous person - this day, in turning over a parcel of letters which had been put aside as answered, I fortunately discovered yours among the rest, requesting my Autograph, which I hasten to send you; and with many apologies for the delay, I am, Sir, | Your obedient servant | C. Kemble'.

[ Charles Kemble, actor. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C. Kemble.') to C. R. Smith, correcting a mistake regarding the British Archaeological Association.

Charles Kemble (1775-1854), English actor [ C. R. Smith [ Charles Roach Smith ] (1807-1890), antiquary and archaeologist; British Archaeological Association ]
Publication details: 
Athenaeum Club [ London ]. 27 August 1847.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight rust spotting around date at head. He explains that it is 'under a mistake' that he has been 'proposed as an Associate of the Central Committee of the British Archaeological Association', and he declines the 'honor intended' with 'sincere thanks'.

[ John Mitchell Kemble, Anglo-Saxon scholar. ] Autograph Signature ('John M. Kemble').

John Mitchell Kemble [ John M. Kemble; J. M. Kemble ] (1807-1857), Anglo-Saxon scholar and historian, son of the actor Charles Kemble
Publication details: 
Place and date not stated.

On 1 x 5 cm. slip of paper. In good conditoin, with light signs of age. Presumably cut from a letter in response to a request for an autograph.

[ Henry Kemble, actor. ] Long Autograph Letter Signed to 'Seymour', entirely written in verse, giving a humorous account of his activities in provincial theatre.

Henry Kemble (1848-1907), English actor
Publication details: 
Theatre Royal Nottingham, 21 September 1871.

8pp., 12mo. Text complete on aged and worn paper. A charming and high-spirited description of life in the provincial theatre in Victorian England, in better than average verse showing the influence of Byron's humorous poetry.

Autograph Letter Signed ('R. H. Horne') from the poet Richard Hengist Horne asking the playwright James Robinson Planché to pass on his play 'Gregory VII' to Charles Kemble, and stating that he has sent another play to George Bartley.

Richard Hengist Horne [Richard Henry Horne] (1802-1884) [James Robinson Planché, (1796-1880), playwright and herald; Charles Kemble (1775-1854), actor; George Bartley (1782?-1858), comedian]
Publication details: 
36 New Broad Street; 3 May 1842.

3pp., 16mo. Bifolium. Fair, on lightly-aged paper, with traces of previous mounting to the reverse of the last leaf. Horne writes that he is enclosing a copy of his play 'Gregory VII' for 'Mr Chas Kemble'. 'I have not written his name in it, because as you were so kind as to interest yourself in the matter, I thought I would leave it in your hands so you may give it him; or say you asked me for a copy for the purpose, or say nothing - or anything. Isn't this a fine mode of expressing my confidence in your judgment?

Autograph Letter Signed ('T. Dibdin') from the playwright Thomas John Dibdin to G. B. Davidge, containing 'a List of the Patrons' who attending 'T. Dibdins Anniversary Dinner at Evans's Hotel | March 21st. 1838.'

Thomas John Dibdin (1771-1841), playwright, illegitimate son of dramatist Charles Dibdin (1745-1814), brother of songwriter Charles Dibdin (1768-1833) [George Bolwell Davidge (1793-1842)]
Publication details: 
Dramatic Author's [sic] Society, 42 King Street, Covent Garden; 5 March 1838.

2pp., 12mo. The letter is on the recto of the first leaf of the bifolium, with the list, in three columns, on the recto of the second. Fair, on lightly-aged paper. Dibdin reminds Davidge that at his 'first Anniversary Dinner' he expressed a great wish to serve Dibdin by his patronage, but that 'absence from Town' prevented him. 'The Company were so well pleas'd that each present sign'd a Paper to come again - it is now fix'd for my Birthday (the 21st. Inst) and I take the freedom of enclosing you a List of the Patrons in the Hope I may be allow'd to add yours and enclose you a Ticket'.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Miss Moseley'.

Sir Henry Taylor
Publication details: 
7 January 1878; The Roost, Bournemouth.

English poet, essayist and civil servant (1800-86), author of 'Philip van Artevelde' (1834). Four pages, 12mo. Very good, on somewhat grubby paper. He is glad that his correspondent's aunt 'is getting so well thro' the seventies of this winter & the changes, which are perhaps more trying than a constancy of coldness. Indeed what were in my time the established notions about the evil effects of cold weather seem to be subverted, & not without reason.

Autograph Letter Signed to Lady Monckton.

Henry Kemble
Publication details: 
Sunday 11th June 1887'; on Garrick Club letterhead.

English comedian (1848-1907), grandson of the actor Charles Kemble. Two pages, 12mo. On grubby, spotted and stained paper. 'I was so sorry to have been prevented coming to you on Sunday last, and also that my absence from town has precluded the possibility of my leaving Cards. I hope I may be more fortunate another time.'

Letter Signed to 'E Moran Esqre | Globe Office'.

John Kemble Chapman
Publication details: 
Saturday M[ornin]g' (no date); no place.

English writer on the theatre. The Globe was a London newspaper, founded in 1803. 1 page, 8vo. In good condition: neatly folded and with one small hole to the first leaf of the bifoliate, affecting one letter of one word of text.

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