[ John Burnet, painter ] Autograph Letter Signed "Jno. Burnet" to the Secretary of the Belgrave Institution about a lecture.

John Burnet, (1781 or 1784–1868), Scottish engraver and painter
Publication details: 
2 Whiteheads Grove, [London] 12 August 1837.

One page, 4to, fold marks sl. turned corners, mainly good condition. "I should have much pleasure in complying with the wish of the lecture committee but now having given a public lecture I am totally unprovided with diagrams of a large size, without which it would be impossible to convey instruction on any branch of the fine Arts - perhaps at some other time my attention may be turned to this subject when it wiull be a gratification to comply with this request."

[Hannah More, Bluestocking poet and author.] Autograph Signature ('H More') cut from letter.

Hannah More (1745-1833), Bluestocking poet and author, in the circle of Johnson, Reynolds and Garrick
Publication details: 
Barley Wood. 10 March [no year].

On 5 x 10.5 cm slip of paper, cut from the conclusion of a letter. In fair condition, laid down on 6 x 11 cm piece of cream paper. Reads: '[…] my dear Madam. | Your much obliged | and Obed | H More | Barley Wood | March 10 –'.

[ Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl Stanhope [ Lord Stanhope ].] Autograph Letter in the third person, with his seal in red wax, to J. Phillips of Fenchurch Street, suggesting a meeting with him, 'Mr Sarjeant' and the Secretary of the Protestant Association

Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl Stanhope [ Lord Stanhope ], FRS (1753-1816), statesman and scientist, father of Lady Hester Stanhope and brother-in-law of William Pitt the Younger [ Gordon Riots, 1780 ]
Publication details: 
Mansfield. 10 April 1789.

1p., 4to. On a bifolium, the reverse of the second leaf of which carries the seal in red wax (cracked, but a good impression nevertheless), and Stanhope's address to 'J. Phillips Esqr | Fenchurch Strt.' The letter would appear to relate in some way to the anti-Catholic Gordon Riots of 1780 (described by Dickens in 'Barnaby Rudge'). 'Mr. Sarjeant' is evidently Edward Sarjeant, who was Treasurer of the Protestant Association of London, of which Joshua Bangs was the Secretary and Lord George Gordon the President.

[Sir Joseph Paxton.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Joseph Paxton') to 'Mr. Smith', regarding the financing of a project, with reference to Sir Joshua Walmesley and 'the liberal party'.

Sir Joseph Paxton (1803-1865), landscape gardener and architect, designer of the Crystal Palace, head gardener to the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth, Derbyshire [Sir Joshua Walmesley (1794-1871)]
Publication details: 
Chatsworth [Derbyshire]. 6 September 1848.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letter begins: 'My dear Sir, | Having a day to spare, and having a little business in London, I left home by midnight mail yesterday, but unfortunately got into the smash that took place on the North Western line [i.e.

[Campbell Dodgson, Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum.] Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed male recipient, regarding a portrait of David Garrick.

Campbell Dodgson (1867-1948), Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum and art historian [David Garrick]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Department of Prints and Drawings, British Museum, London. 21 June 1928.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with a small closed tear to one edge. He informs the recipient that his portrait of Garrick is 'the second state of the engraving: the first is before all letters. | The person who engraved the lettering evidently made a mistake.' He notes an inscription sometimes found on impressions of the second state of the engraving, and change made in the third state.

[Perkins, Bacon & Co., printers of bank notes and postage stamps.] Two manuscript letters from the firm to Archibald Bennet, Secretary, Bank of Scotland, one pleading to retain the Bank's account

[Perkins, Bacon & Co [Perkins, Bacon & Petch], London printers of banknotes and postage stamps, including the Penny Black in 1840 [Archibald Bennet (1783-1868), Secretary, Bank of Scotland]
Publication details: 
Letter from Perkins, Bacon and Petch, 69 Fleet Street, London. 16 January 1852. Letter from Perkins, Bacon & Co: 69 Fleet Street E.C. 27 February 1863. Letter from the Bank of England: 28 August 1852.

These two items cast interesting light on the working practices of a notable firm in a specialist field of printing. ONE: From Perkins, Bacon & Petch, 16 January 1852. 4pp., 4to. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. They have received his letter, from which they quote a passage in which Bennet states that on 'account of the inconvenience caused by the time which must elapse before we can obtain a supply of Letters of Credit from London to revert to our former practice of obtaining them from our Edinbugh Engraver.

Autograph Letter Signed from Joshua Leavitt, editor of the American Anti-Slavery Society's newspaper the Emancipator, to Professor Benjamin Silliman, asking whether Edward Hitchcock, President of Amherst College, had assisted him 53 years before.

Joshua Leavitt (1794-1873), clergyman and editor of the Emancipator, the official organ of the American Anti-Slavery Society [Benjamin Silliman (1779-1864), chemist; Edward Hitchcock (1793-1864)]
Publication details: 
New York; 1 March 1864.

2pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper.

Autograph Letter Signed ('M Thomond') from Mary [n

Mary [n
Publication details: 
London; 8 February [1808?].

15pp., 4to. On four bifoliums, neatly attached white thread. Good, on lightly-aged paper. A fine long letter, marvellously spirited and gossippy, to either one of the Marchioness's two sisters Theophila ('Offy') or Elizabeth. A large part of the letter is concerned with 'an account of the Drawing Room & the Ball'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Jane Halliday') to an unnamed Lord of the Admiralty.

Lady Jane Halliday [née Tollemache] (1750-1802), English society beauty painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds [Lord Hugh Seymour; the Royal Navy]
Publication details: 
Grove Cottage near Cowes'. Undated, but docketed '22 Sept: 1800'.

4to, 1 p, 12 lines. Very good, on aged paper. Asking the recipient 'through this medium to recommend my son Lieut Halliday [Francis Halliday, born around 1776; fl. 1820] of the Thunderer, now at Jamaica, to the notice of Lord Hugh Seymour; Sir Hyde Parker has sent me an account of him, but to my great disappointment has not brought him Home - - - - - Francis has been six years in the East & West Indies & very attentive to his profession'. She feels sure that 'a line from yr. Lordship to Lord Hugh could not fail of being of great use to him'. Docketed on reverse 'Mem: Enquire abt.

Autograph Letter Signed to Rosa Tuckwell [nee Strong, b.1829/30], wife of William Tuckwell (1829-1919).

Mary Campbell [AUTOGRAPHS; Sir Joshua Reynolds; Rev. William Tuckwell]
Publication details: 
No date [but between 1858 and 1878]; Wheatleigh.

Four pages, 12mo. Very good on lightly aged paper. She apologises for only sending 'two words of Sir Joshua Reynolds' writing', and hopes she may some day 'succeed in getting a more valuable autograph'. It was given to her 'by a great niece' of the artist, 'and was cut out of a manuscript of some work on Engravings, which he had prepared for the press'. They are glad to hear of Tuckwell's 1878 'appointment to the living of Stockton': 'I trust many years of rest and happiness are in store for you in that quiet retreat'.

Autograph Signature ('Abram: Hume') on fragment of frank.

Sir Abraham Hume (1749-1838), connoisseur
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

Paper dimensions roughly 2 x 5 cm. Good, although on discoloured paper, and mounted on piece of slightly larger discoloured paper docketed in pencil 'Sir Abm Hume'. Reads 'Free 274 | [signed] Abram: Hume'.

Autograph Letter Signed to Joshua Sharpe.

Edward Blakeney
Publication details: 
Mahon the 8th. November 1753', Mahon, Minorca.

The recipient Joshua Sharpe (c.1716-86) was a solicitor of Lincoln's Inn, and counsel for various American colonies before the Board of Trade and Privy Council. His brother Horatio was Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. Two pages, folio. Grubby, frayed and worn, with some closed tears and minor fraying and loss to extremities, and minor loss to text. Appears to concern the investigation into a case brought against an English ship by the owners of the Spanish vessel Sancta Barbara ('Patron Joseph de la Torre').

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