[ Sir Frederick Bramwell, engineer. ] Six Typed Letters Signed and four Typed Notes Signed (all ten 'Frederick Bramwell') to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, regarding matters relating to the Royal Society of Arts, including a royal visit.

Sir Frederick Bramwell [ Sir Frederick Joseph Bramwell ] (1818-1903), British locomotive and civil engineer [ Sir Henry Trueman Wood; Royal Society of Arts; Stockton and Darlington Railway ]
Publication details: 
All ten on letterheads of Bramwell & Harris, 5 Great George Street, Westminster, SW [ London ]. All ten dating from 1901.

Each item 1p., 4to. The collection in good condition, on lightly aged paper. The correspondence shows the eighty-three-year-old Bramwell as an active member of the Society's Council. One letter relates a paper by 'Mr. Madgen' on 'the dwelling accommodation in London', another refers to the death of a 'charming colleague' named Cobb.

Autograph Letter Signed to Rosa Tuckwell [nee Strong, b.1829/30], wife of William Tuckwell (1829-1919).

Mary Campbell [AUTOGRAPHS; Sir Joshua Reynolds; Rev. William Tuckwell]
Publication details: 
No date [but between 1858 and 1878]; Wheatleigh.

Four pages, 12mo. Very good on lightly aged paper. She apologises for only sending 'two words of Sir Joshua Reynolds' writing', and hopes she may some day 'succeed in getting a more valuable autograph'. It was given to her 'by a great niece' of the artist, 'and was cut out of a manuscript of some work on Engravings, which he had prepared for the press'. They are glad to hear of Tuckwell's 1878 'appointment to the living of Stockton': 'I trust many years of rest and happiness are in store for you in that quiet retreat'.

Two Autograph Letters Signed, the first to the Stockton & Darlington Railway Company, and the second to Thomas Mackay.

Joseph Gurney Barclay (1816-98), Victorian astronomer [Stockton & Darlington Railway Company]
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The first, Leyton, 27 April 1857; the second, London, 28 April 1857.

LETTER ONE: One page, 12mo. Good, with several creases from folding. Concerns the repayment of a bond of £2500. 'I shall be glad to receive the money for it through Messrs Barclay & Co who will present the Bond duly receipted on your informing them where the Bond will be paid off.' Signed 'J Gurney Barclay'. Docketed on reverse 'Jos: G Barclay | Bond 58/107 £2500 | to be paid off | June 30: 1857'. LETTER TWO: Two pages, quarto. Good, though creased and with small closed tear repaired with archival tape. A few small pin holes in one corner. 'Referring to your Letter of the 24th. inst.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mrs Burns'.

Lady Dorothy Macmillan
Publication details: 
No date; on letterhead '14 CHESTER SQUARE | S.W.I'.

Wife (1900-66) of the Conservative Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, and daughter of the Duke of Devonshire. Three pages, 12mo. Grubby, creased and stained (perhaps with tears?). She was 'up in Stockton' the previous week, and heard that her correspondent's son was ill. 'Having children of my own, I know how very precious they are & how terribly one feels it when anything is wrong with them. It is dreadful when one sees such little things ill & one feels it is so cruel that it should happen to them.

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