[ Antoine Renou, French painter and playwright. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Renou'), 'Au Citoyen Monger', a secretary to the Institut National

Antoine Renou (1731-1806), French painter and playwright [ Monger of the Institut National; Pierre Bénézech (1749-1802), French Minister of the Interior ]
Publication details: 
'ce 4 Thermidor. An 5e.' [ 23 July 1797 ]

4pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Signed 'Salut et fraternité | Renou'. A long and interesting letter, regarding student unrest in the French revolution, and involving a descision taken by the 'Classe des Sciences et Artes de l'Institut, qui acorde un jour de prolongation aux Concurrens pour les prix de Peinture', and the attempts of the Institut National to impose discipline.

Fourteen nineteenth-century French pamphlets relating to the blind, four presented by Maurice de La Sizeranne of the Association Valentin Haüy, a run of whose magazine is also present, with English pamphlet from Wilberforce School for the Blind, York

Maurice de La Sizeranne; Association Valentin Haüy, Paris; Institut National des Jeunes Aveugles; Société des Ateliers d'Aveugles; Alexandre Blanchet; Wilberforce School for the Blind, York]
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All but one item printed in Paris, Paris-Auteuil and Tournon, between 1859 and 1888. The fifteenth pamphlet printed in York by Coultas and Volans of King Street, 1879.

A total of 38 items (15 pamphlets and 23 copies of a magazine) bound together in a sturdy modern brown cloth binding, with 'PAMPHLETS ON THE BLIND | FRENCH' and shelfmark in gilt on spine. The items are in good overall condition, on aged paper, with occasional slight chipping and wear to wraps. Label of the Board of Education Reference Library, London, and stamps and labels of its predecessor, the Science & Art Department Educational Library.

Reports and Translations No. 234. The Hydrodynamical Fundamentals of Heat Transfer.

Alexis von Baranoff [Ministry of Supply (Air), Völkenrode]
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M.O.S.(A) [Ministry of Supply (Air)], Völkenrode: June 1946.

Not published. Cyclostyled on the rectos only. 8vo: 165 pp followed by 28 pages of 'figures'. Contained in a buff 'Apex Vertical Filing Folder'. Very good, on aged paper. Complete and clear. Stamped 'UNCLASSIFIED' on front cover, with manuscript reference 'GVC/54T'. Preface reads 'The present work is the English rendering of a partly revised German manuscript which the Author prepared for the Leipzig publishers Bibliographisches Institut to be published as volume 49 of their series Meyers kleine Handbücher.

Autograph Letter Signed ('S. Bannister'), in French, to 'Monsieur de Monglave, l'Institut Historique'.

Saxe Bannister (1790-1877), English writer and lawyer, the first Attorney-General of New South Wales [Eugène Garay de Monglave (1796-1873)]
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Au Mai, Jouy, Près Versailles, 23 Juin 1834'.

12mo, 4 pp. Bifolium. Good, on lightly aged paper. Addressed to 'Monsieur et Confrère'. He replied to de Monglave's last letters a couple of days previously, and he has addded 'deux ou trois propositions que je vous de traduire en bon François, et de lire à notre comité, au Conseil'. He wants to get to know 'quelques uns de mes voisins dans ce village où j'ai l'intention de passer six mois', and asks for letters of introduction. Lists four families he wishes to get to know and names some individuals with whom he is a little acquainted.

Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'E. Beulé'), in French, to (severally) Messieurs Jalabert and Duvivier, and an unnamed woman.

Charles Ernest Beulé (1826-1874), French archaeologist and politician [Jalabert; Duvivier]
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The letters to Jalabert and Duvivier without date or place; the letter to the woman dated '<?>, 16 Novembre [no year]'.

All three letters 12mo. The letter to Jalabert (with a mourning border) is 2 pp, the others 1 p each. All three in good condition. The Jalabert letter (18 lines) mentions his wife and 'M. Goupil'. The Duvivier letter (6 lines) is a letter of introduction to a 'Monsieur Pietsch, artiste distingue de Berlin'. Asks him to give the artist 'toutes les facilités pour visiter l'Hémicycle de Delaroche et la galérie des Plâtres'. The letter to the woman (11 lines). His return has been delayed by the death of the King of Portugal.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. J. Bourassé'), in French, to an unnamed male correspondent.

Abbé Jean-Jacques Bourassé (1813-1872), French archaeologist and author
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6 June 1853; Tours.

8vo, 1 p. On lightly creased and grubby paper. Declining to become a corresponding member of the 'Institut historique', as 'les ressources me manquent pour payer les diplomes et les annuités nombreuses qu'imposent les honneurs, quelque flatters qu'ils soient, qu'ont bien voulu me proposer diverses societes savantes'. He has been president of the Archaeological Society of Touraine for some time, and he takes pleasure in reading the publications of the 'Institut historique', received by the Society.

Autograph Letter Signed, in French, to Monsieur Bailly President of the Institut.

Emile Bastien-Lepage
Publication details: 
7 April 1887; 6 Rue de Phalsbourg, Paris.

French architect (1845-1938), brother of the painter Jules Bastien-Lepage. One page, 12mo. Very good, on discoloured paper. Rodin (the sculptor) has informed him that the sketch requested by the committee will be ready the next Saturday. Points out that it will be difficult to convene a meeting during the Easter holidays. Signed 'Emile Bastien-Lepage'.

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