Reports and Translations No. 234. The Hydrodynamical Fundamentals of Heat Transfer.

Alexis von Baranoff [Ministry of Supply (Air), Völkenrode]
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M.O.S.(A) [Ministry of Supply (Air)], Völkenrode: June 1946.
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Not published. Cyclostyled on the rectos only. 8vo: 165 pp followed by 28 pages of 'figures'. Contained in a buff 'Apex Vertical Filing Folder'. Very good, on aged paper. Complete and clear. Stamped 'UNCLASSIFIED' on front cover, with manuscript reference 'GVC/54T'. Preface reads 'The present work is the English rendering of a partly revised German manuscript which the Author prepared for the Leipzig publishers Bibliographisches Institut to be published as volume 49 of their series Meyers kleine Handbücher. The book was in the process of being printed when the military and political events of spring 1945 discontinued the work.' No record on COPAC or WorldCat. The British Library has a copy of a work on aeronautics published by von Baranoff in 1960. According to one source: 'On 25 July 1945, Professor W. J. Duncan was appointed as the Chief Scientist at Völkenrode with a British Scientific Staff of 35 aeronautical experts from the MAP and munitions experts from the Ministry of Supply. With the merger of the wartime Ministries of Aircraft Production and Supply in October 1945,scientific staff from the former were redefined as Ministry of Supply (MoS) (Air) and the latter as MoS (Munitions).'