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[Ármin Vámbéry [Hermann Wamberger; Árminius Vámbéry], Hungarian Jewish traveller and authority on the Ottoman Empire.] Autograph Note Signed ('Armin Vambery') to 'Mr Blacket', asking 'how many pages of print are in the first volume'.

Ármin Vámbéry [born Hermann Wamberger; also Árminius Vámbéry; Armin Vambery] (1832-1913), Hungarian Jewish authority on Ottoman Empire, made Honorary Commander of Royal Victorian Order by Edward VII
Publication details: 
'Wedesday' [no date]. On monogram letterhead combining the letters C and A.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. Reads: 'Dear Mr Blacket | I should wish to know in the course of the day how many pages of print are in the first volume.' Despite the spelling of the name, the recipient is presumably either Henry Blackett (1825-1871) of the publishers Hurst and Blackett, or one of the four of his sons to become publishers. There is no record of a book by Vámbéry being published by a Blacket or Blackett, but he may be referring to an essay or article published in a periodical or compilation, or an anonymous or pseudonymous work.

[Antal Dorati, Hungarian conductor.] Typed Letter Signed ('Antal Dorati') to Israeli author Aubrey Hodes, on presenting Beethoven's Missa Solemnis for the first time in Israel.

Antal Dorati [Antal Doráti] (1906-1988), Hungarian conductor and composer who settled in the United States [Aubrey Hodes, Israeli author]
Publication details: 
On his Roman letterhead: Via dei Foraggi 74, Roma. 1 March 1965.

1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. In reply to a letter by Hodes he writes that he is 'happy to hear that Beethoven's Missa Solemnis has made such a deep impact on you which it should make on every listener'. He feels 'very much privileged indeed for having been granted the possibility to present this work for the first time in Israel', and hopes 'to have occasion to perform that great piece there again as well as others which will be important and good to hear'.

[ Stephen Heller [ Heller István ], Hungarian pianist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Stephen Heller') in French, to an unnamed lady, seeking to rearrange the date of the lesson of 'Mlle. Shillito'

Stephen Heller [ Heller István ] (1813-1888), Hungarian pianist, teacher and composer
Publication details: 
No place. Date illegible.

2pp., 16mo. Bifolium. In good condition. On his monogram letterhead. He states that he is still too ill to teach an arranged lesson to 'Mlle Shillito', and seeks to rearrange the date.

[ Lajos Bíró, Alexander Korda's scenario chief at London Film Productions. ] Unpublished typescript of '"Hollywood of Course" A Play In Three Acts By LAJOS BIRO'.

Lajos Bíró [ Lajos Biro ] [ born Lajos Blau ] (1880-1948), Austro-Hungarian novelist, playwright and screenwriter who worked for Alexander Korda at London Film Productions
Publication details: 
'Copyright 1942 by British and Continental Plays Ltd.'

168pp., 4to. Pages typed in black and red (by Active Secretarial Bureau, Wardour Street) on versos only. Bound in grey card wraps, with red tape spine. Typed title on cover, with circular red label of 'British and Continental Plays Ltd'. The main characters include the unnamed members of a continental royal family, together with 'Baroness Sibyl Konigsmark' and 'Section-Leader Grumb', and the scene is set at an Old Castle and Summer Palace, and 'Late in June of the year 1941. Three o'clock p.m.' and periods shortly following.

[ The British Military Cemetery at Solymár, Hungary. ] Long typescript, titled 'The Budapest War Cemetery', including a 'Register of the Graves in the Budapest War Cemetery', with letter by the Hungarian author, and photographs and negatives.

[ The Budapest War Cemetery; The British Military Cemetery at Solymár, Hungary ]
Publication details: 
Covering letter dated from Budapest [ Hungary ], 8 April 1985.

27pp., 8vo. (The article on 'The Budapest War Cemetery' is 7pp., 8vo, and the accompanying 'Register of the Graves in the Budapest War Cemetery' is 21pp., 8vo. There is also a page of 'Abbreviations to the Register'.) A few manuscript emendations. The covering letter is addressed to 'David', and is effusive in its offer of further assistance, the author urging 'David' to rewrite the piece as he sees fit. It is signed, faintly and undecipherably. The author writes in good, but not entirely idiomatic, English, and has gone to some trouble.

Copy of typed report into the 'Development of Rail Car Services in Europe [Germany, Austria, Hungary and Denmark]', by the Chief Mechanical Engineer, Junin, Peru [William Frank Stanton?]. With six fold-out blueprints.

[Chief Mechanical Engineer, Junin, Peru [William Frank Stanton (1887-1962), English civil engineer?]
Publication details: 
Junin, Peru; 29 November 1935.

32pp., foolscap 8vo, bound into white wraps with the six fold-out blueprints. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in worn wraps. Figure 1: '2-6-2 Diesel Locomotive V.1601 (showing the 'general characteristics' of the 'new 1400 H.P. Diesel locomotive'). Figure 2: 'General Arrangement of the small standard Shunting Locomotive' ('75 H.P. Diesel shunting locomotive made by the Deutz Motorenfabr, Köln, Germany'). Figure 3: 'general proportions' of 'the old "Flying Hamburger" and the new unit equipped with hydraulic transmission'). Figure 4: '150 H.P. Diesel-Hydraulic Rail Car'.

Autograph Letter Signed from Sir William Russell to George, Duke of Cambridge, containing a long detailed account, written on the spot with keyed plan, of the 1849 Siege of Comorn [Komárno, Slovakia], which ended the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

Sir William Russell (1822-1892), army officer, Liberal MP and author [Prince George (1819-1904), Duke of Cambridge; Hungarian Revolution of 1848; Siege of Comorn [Komárno, Slovakia]]
Account of the 1849 Siege of Comorn
Publication details: 
20 September 1849; Acs [Ács], Hungary.
Account of the 1849 Siege of Comorn

LETTER: 4to, 4 pp. 81 lines of closely-written text. Written on the spot, and posted in England, with redirection address from Dublin to Gedling Lodge, Nottingham in another hand. Two penny red stamps, and four English postmarks, with Russell's small seal in red wax. PLAN: Folio (42.5 x 27.5 cm), 1 p. Clearly drawn and keyed to the letter, showing Comorn and environs, the rivers Danube and Waag, and the positions of the various parties. Captions include 'hills strongly entrenched by Rebels' and 'High Ground old French Entrenchments where the Troops are now posted in Tents & Huts'.

Autograph Letter Signed by Nachez to 'Miss Elsie [Cartwright]'; with part of Norwegian hotel register, containing Lord Randolph Churchill's signature.

Tivadar Nachez (1859-1930), Hungarian violinist, composer, and pupil of Joachim; Lord Randolph Churchill
Publication details: 
Nachez's letter: 15 August 1889; 80 King's Road, Chelsea, on letterhead of 10 Little Stanhope Street, Mayfair. Hotel register with dates from 1886.

Nachez's letter: 12mo, 3 pp. Good, on aged and lightly-ruckled paper. He is keeping his promise and sending the 'autograph of Lord Randolph Churchill, which I found in Norway during my last journey to the midnight sun'. He explains that 'Lord Randolph must have signed his name by his own hand into the Strangers list', because of the 'different handwriting of his private secretary Mr. Wm. Trafford'. 'The slip of paper is out of a book at the Hotel in Trondjhem.' The slip from the hotel register is roughly 8 x 27 cm, with six signatures on each side, including those of 'Dow.

Part of an autograph letters signed to an unnamed correspondent.

R.W. Seton-Watson.
Publication details: 
No place or date.

Authority on the Balks, etc. (DNB). Fragment of a letter, c.6" x 2", laid down on slightly larger card from album, good condition. Text: By the time I leave, I hope we shall have our Serbian expedition virtually ready. The great trouble is to find a means of transit: it is hoped to get out all the way by ship. I will write agin: this has to catch the post."

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