[Edmund Burke, Irish statesman.] Autograph Signature ('Edm Burke'), with seal in red wax, cut from legal document.

Edmund Burke (1729-1797), Irish statesman, orator and author, Whig Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons, member of the circle of Doctor Samuel Johnson
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

On one side of a 7 x 12.5 cm piece of paper, cut from the end of a legal document. In good condition, lightly aged. Laid down on 11 x 16.5 cm piece of cream paper, cut from the leaf of an album. The seal, in red wax, is at bottom right, and is crisp and clear, despite being lightly cracked. The excellent signature ('Edm Burke') is to the left of seal. The surviving text is above the signature, in another hand, and reads: '[...]ed remain in full force and Virtue - | [...]ourble. Edmund Burke'.

[T. F. Powys, novelist.] Autograph statement on 'this matter of writing stories', with Autograph Note Signed ('Theodore Francis Powys') to 'Colin' [Fleet Street editor Collin Brooks].

T. F. Powys [Theodore Francis Powys] (1875-1953), novelist and short-story writer, brother of John Cowper Powys and Llewellyn Powys [Collin Brooks (1893-1959), journalist and Fleet Street editor]
Publication details: 
Both items from East Cheldon, Dorchester. Note on 26 July 1928; Statement on 11 November 1935.

Two items, in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Autograph statement on 'this matter of writing stories'. 1p., 4to. With a couple of minor emendations. Signed at foot: 'Theodore Francis Powys | East Chaldon | Dorchester | Nov 11. 1935'. At bottom left: 'If unsuitable do not trouble to return'. Pencil tick through body of text. Begins: 'In this matter of writing stories, one cannot please everybody, and, certainly one never pleases oneself. When I look back, I wonder that I ever wrote at all. I suppose it was fright. Fright, that when God says to me, “show me your work”.

[ Private Press ] An Aesop's Fable. The Miser

[ Peter and D.S. [Donna ] Thomas ]
Publication details: 
The Good Book Press, Santa Cruz, 1982.

Grey-blue boards, .7 x 8cms (16mo), no. 44 of 90 copies, limitation signed "Peter & D.S. Thomas", woodcuts by Donna Thomas, 10 printed pages with woodcuts and text, some spotting of covers, contents very good.

[ South African colonial administrators. ] Collection of signatures, including Governor-General Gladstone, High Commissioner Loch, Sir William Gordon Cameron, Abraham Fischer, Sir William Howley Goodenough. Taken from Cape of Good Hope land documents

Herbert John Gladstone (1854-1930), 1st Viscount Gladstone, Governor-General of the Union of South Africa; Henry Brougham Loch (1827-1900), 1st Baron Loch, High Commissioner for South Africa, 1889-95
Publication details: 
Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, and Union of South Africa. Between 1892 and 1911.

Extracted from six Cape of Good Hope land documents. In good overall condition, on paper with minor signs of age and wear. ONE: Signature ('W. G. Cameron') of Sir William Gordon Cameron (1827-1913), as 'Administrator [amended in manuscript from 'Governor'] and High Commissioner'. On part of document dated 5 December 1892. Stamped in ink twice, over the signatures of the two witnesses, one of whom is Surveyor-General John Templer Horne. With embossed 'Public Seal of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope'.

[ Lieutenant-General Sir William Howley Goodenough. ] Autograph Signature ('W H Goodenough') as 'Officer Administering the Government and High Commissioner', the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, on part of land document.

Lieutenant-General Sir William Howley Goodenough (1833-1898), commander of the Royal Artillery in Egypt, and colonial administrator [ Colony of the Cape of Good Hope ]
Publication details: 
Cape Town, Colony of the Cape of Good Hope. 31 August 1896.

On 8 x 20cm. piece of paper from official document. In good condition, lightly aged. With embossed seal.

[ Lewis Mansergh, Secretary, Public Works Commission, Cape of Good Hope. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Lewis Mansergh') to 'Mr. Anthony', regarding the Irrigation Act.

Lewis Mansergh [ Cornewall Lewis Warwickshire Mansergh ], Secretary of the Public Works Commission, and of the Provincial Council, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa [The Irrigation Act, 1906.]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Office of the Commissioner of Public Works, Cape of Good Hope. 24 September 1906.

2pp., 4to. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. He is sending, under separate cover, a copy of 'the Irrigation Act as it finally passed the House', but feels there is 'no use loading you up with particulars of the many intervening phases - and they were many. As you have it now it is the law!' He continues with reference to Gordon and Paterson, the former of whom 'will be finally leaving at the end of the year, and the Govt: has suggested another Indian man', whom Gordon recommends.

[Parliamentary paper.] Cape of Good Hope: Botanical Collectors. Extract of a Letter dated 1st September 1814, from Sir Joseph Banks to George Harrison, Esquire, recommending the appointment of two Botanical Collectors at The Cape of Good Hope [...].

[Sir Joseph Banks; George Harrison; the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew; the Cape of Good Hope; British Parliamentary paper, 1821; S. R. Lushington; House of Commons]
Publication details: 
'Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed, 2 April 1821.' [Numbered '374.']

3pp., folio, paginated to 3. Bifolium. Disbound. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-creased paper; folded twice into the customary packet, with the title printed lengthwise as usual.

Autograph Signature of the Victorian philanthropist Catharine Tait, wife of Archibald Campbell Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Catharine Tait (1819–1878), philanthropist, daughter of William Spooner (c.1778-1857), Archdeacon of Coventry, and wife of Archibald Campbell Tait (1811-1882), Archbishop of Canterbury
Publication details: 
Without place or date.

On slip of paper, 2 x 9 cm, cut from a letter for an autograph hunter. In good condition, on lightly-creased paper.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Olinthus Gregory') from the English mathematician Olinthus Gilbert Gregory to Knight Spencer, Secretary, Surrey Institution[, regarding a series of lectures by his friend John Mason Good]. With engraved portrait of Gregory.

Olinthus Gregory [Olinthus Gilbert Gregory] (1774-1841), Mathematical Master, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich [Knight Spencer, Secretary, Surrey Insitution; John Mason Good (1764-1827), lecturer]
Publication details: 
Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. 26 March [1812].

1p., 4to. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged paper, with slight traces of mount on reverse of second leaf, which is addressed, with three postmarks and docketing by Spencer, to 'Knight Spencer Esq. | Surry [sic] Institution | Blackfriar's Road'. Gregory is pleased to learn 'that there is a probability of Mr. Jones being able to accommodate us with apparatus for our proposed Lectures, upon such terms as are likely to square pretty well with the funds of the Surry Institution'.

Signed Autograph Inscription by the English cinema actor Peter Haddon.

Peter Haddon (1898-1962), English actor, whose career began in 1924 and ended in 1952
Publication details: 
Dated by Haddon 1928.

On leaf removed from autograph album, with one set of rounded corners. In good condition. Reads ' Good Morning - Bill! | With every good wish | Yours Sincerely | Peter Haddon | 1928 -'. Together with a loose newspaper cutting carrying a photographic portrait.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Strahan') to Mrs Matheson.

Alexander Stewart Strahan (1833-1918), Scottish publisher
Publication details: 
6 April 1861 ('Saturday Night'); Edinburgh.

8vo: 2 pp. Bifolium. Good, on lightly creased and discoloured paper, with strip roughly 1.5 x 6 cm missing from top outside corner of first leaf, resulting in loss of around four words. 'Dr. Macleod' [Norman Macleod, 1812-1872, DNB] has just returned 'the M.SS which you were kind enough to submit to me | He likes Miss Robertson's papers, and would be glad to give her a place in "Good Words" if she wrote anything suitable.' Macleod 'is to think over a subject and suggest it the first time he is in town'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Geo. T. Gell') to 'Dear Walter'.

George T. Gell [I.O.G.T.; IOGT International; Independent Order of Good Templars; International Order of Good Templars; temperance movement; abstinence; prohibition; Sydney, Australia]
Publication details: 
25 February 1889; 15 Little's Lane, Nicholson Street, Balmain, E. Sydney, Australia [on I.O.G.T. letterhead].

8vo: 4 pp. Bifolium. 66 lines. Text clear and complete, on aged, spotted and worn paper. Letterhead with printed mottos in decorative borders: 'Total Abstinence is the only certain Preventive of, or Remedy for Intemperance.' and 'INDIVIDUAL ABSTINENCE. | STATE PROHIBITION.' In conclusion Gell apologises for 'what you no doubt will stigmatize as an absurd letter', and to the modern reader this item is certainly unintentionally-amusing. Since his correspondent 'went up', 'one of my Tasmanian friends along with Mrs.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Spencer Todd') to autograph collector S[eymour]. C. J. Freeman-Matthews of Cape Town.

John Spencer Brydges Todd (1840-1921), Executive Commissioner, Paris, for the Universal Exhibition of 1878, and colonial officer
Publication details: 
18 August 1900; on crested letterhead '112, VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, S.W.'

One page, 12mo. Very good. 'Although I am surprised at your wishing to include mine in your collection of autographs, here it is. | I agree with Sir Alfred Milner that Work, Brains & Opportunity are necessary to success; and that the last is most necessary. But I think that Self-control should be added to His Excellency's list.' A printed biographical cutting is appended.

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