[William Archibald Spooner, Warden of New College, Oxford, who gave his name to the 'spoonerism'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. A. Spooner -'), regarding arrangements re accommodation for exams.

William Archibald Spooner (1844-1930), Warden of New College, Oxford, who gave his name to the 'spoonerism'
Publication details: 
5 November 1913. On letterhead of New College, Oxford.

2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded twice. In a letter sadly lacking in spoonerisms, Spooner writes that he is sending the unnamed recipient 'a form of Entrance for our Scholarships', advising him 'to come up as early in the day as possible', as the examination is held in term time, and 'I fear you may have some difficulty in finding lodgings'. He continues, regarding lodgings: 'If we can hear of any we can recommend notice of they will be sent to the Porter's Lodge, and you should make enquiries there'.

[ Charles Robert Maturin, author of 'Melmoth the Wanderer'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C. R. Maturin') to William Spooner, writh reference to a 'friendly letter' by Sir Walter Scott, and his family's 'romantic' history.

Charles Robert Maturin [ C. R. Maturin ], Irish writer of gothic novels and plays, best-known for 'Melmoth the Wanderer'
Publication details: 
No place [ Dublin, Ireland ]. 15 August [ no year ].

1p., 4to. In fair condition, aged and worn. The breaking open of the wafer has resulted in slight loss at the beginning of Maturin's signature. Addressed on reverse to 'William Spooner Esqre | at Mr Millikin's | Grafton Street'. (His not writing of 'Dublin' implies that he is writing from the same place.) Maturin was the great-uncle of Oscar Wilde, who adopted the name 'Sebastian Melmoth' during his self-exile on the continent.

Autograph Signature of the Victorian philanthropist Catharine Tait, wife of Archibald Campbell Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Catharine Tait (1819–1878), philanthropist, daughter of William Spooner (c.1778-1857), Archdeacon of Coventry, and wife of Archibald Campbell Tait (1811-1882), Archbishop of Canterbury
Publication details: 
Without place or date.

On slip of paper, 2 x 9 cm, cut from a letter for an autograph hunter. In good condition, on lightly-creased paper.

Coloured lithographic dioramic print, captioned 'Spooner's Protean Views, No. 8. St. George's Chapel Windsor Castle. In which the scene changes to the splendid ceremony of the interment of King William the Fourth'.

William Spooner, printseller, 377 Strand [diorama; dioramic print; King William IV; St George's Chapel, Windsor]
Publication details: 
Undated [circa 1837]. 'London W. Spooner 377 Strand'.

Dimensions of print roughly 17.5 x 13.5 cm. On original grey paper windowpane mount (28 x 23 cm). Engraved label (2.5 x 11 cm) beneath the print, with a couple of remarque-style illustrations. The print itself is good, although a little aged and spotted; the margins and mount being rather more heavily affected. Attractive and unusual item, the image changing when held up to the light. Two soldiers are shown dwarfed by the high ceiling of the chapel, which is decked with brightly-coloured flags. When held to the light the chapel is filled with the mourning congregation. Scarce.

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