[ Rev. Frederick William Verney, English Secretary, Siamese Legation, London. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Frederick Verney') to Sir Albert Woods, on the sending of 'the Rules of the Order of Victoria & Albert for transmission to the King of Siam'.

Rev. Frederick William Verney (1846-1913), Siamese diplomat and Liberal Party Member of Parliament
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"Address | The Siamese Legation. | 23 Ashburn Place | S.W. [ London ] | 17 Sept: 1892.'

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly-aged, with minor traces of glue along one edge. He thanks him for 'so kindly procuring permission to send me the Rules of the Order of Victoria & Albert for transmission to the King of Siam'. He asks 'what Foreign Orders are given to women', and would like to know how to 'get at the rules which give these'.

[Sir Edward Malet, British diplomat.] Autograph Note Signed ('Edward B Malet') certifying the signature at the foot of a document in French, by 'Monsieur Persiani 1st. Secretary of the Russian Legation at Athens'.

Sir Edward Baldwin Malet (1837-1908), 4th Baronet, British diplomat [Monsieur Persiani, 1st Secretary of the Russian Legation at Athens]
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The Persiani document on the letterhead of the 'Légation Impériale de Russie', Athens, 25 January 1875. Malet's note without date or place.

The document is 1p., 4to. It is in fair condition, on thin aged paper, with the remains of two red wax seals, and backed with paper. With the receipt stamp of the London & County Bank. The letter is in French, and signed 'Persiani' and relates to a payment from the Russian exchequer, drawn on Baring Brothers of London, to Alexandre Mintshaki, son of 'Son Excellence Mme. Sophie Mintschaki, défunte'. Malet's note reads: 'I certify the above to be the signature of Monsieur Persiani 1st. Secretary of the Russian Legation at Athens.

Long telegram to the British Legation in Reykjavik [from the Home Office in Whitehall] instructing them on position to take with the press depending on the result of the impending 'GERMAN AIROFFENSIVE CONTRABRITAIN' [i.e. the Blitz].

[The British Legation, Reykjavik, Iceland; Icelandic; The Blitz, 1940; Rev. Dr John Charles Fulton Hood (1884-1964), editor of 'The Midnight Sun' newspaper]
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On 'Landssimi Islands' telegram form. From London to 'PRODROME REYKJAVIK' on 19 August 1940.

From the papers of Rev. J. C. Fulton Hood who, having been Chief Chaplain British Forces in Norway in 1940, worked in Iceland between 1940 and 1941. A pencil note on the telegram (see below) refers to 'The Midnight Sun', the troops’ newspaper in Norway and Iceland which Hood founded and edited. He was made a Knight of the Icelandic Order of the Falcon in 1949. The telegram is in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, and bears an oval blue 'LANDSSIMINN' stamp. It is headed 'PRESSE PRODROME REYKJAVIK' ('Prodrome, Reykjavik' being the British Icelandic Legation's telegraph address).

Autograph Letter, in the third person, to Mrs Wallack, on the occasion of the Wallacks' Paris performances.

John Y. Mason [John Young Mason] (1799-1859), U.S. Minister Plenipotentiary to France, 1853-1859 [James William Wallack (1764-1864), Anglo-American actor]
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15 June 1855; 13 Rye Beaujon (on letterhead of the Paris Legation of the United States).

4to, 1 p. Twenty lines. Text clear and complete. On aged and lightly-creased paper. Responding to 'the kind note of his esteemed Country woman Mrs. Wallack'. He is 'gratified to learn, that Mr. Wallack will present to the Parisian public representations in the English language, of the best of our Tragedies & Comedies'. He wishes the Wallacks 'the most complete success, and will with pleasure attend the performances, when his health will permit him & his family to do so'. Two of Mason's family will take up Wallack's offer of tickets for the opening.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Julian Pauncefote') to his subordinate at the Washington Legation, 'Barry'.

Julian Pauncefote (1828-1902), 1st Baron Pauncefote, British diplomat
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19 September 1891; on letterhead of the British Legation, Washington (with that city replaced in manuscript by 'Newport R.S.')

12mo, 4 pp. In bifolium. 42 lines. Clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper. He thanks him for the news of the 'progress of repairs &c at the Legation', and approves 'of your having ordered extra help to scrub the floors after all the mess which no doubt the workmen left behind them "more americano".' The former state of the 'kitchen flue [...] may account for the apparent inefficiency of the old Range'. He will return on the 'arrival of the next F.O. Bag on Monday'. Gives his travel plans.

Autograph Letter Signed to <?> Scott.

Walter Baring
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2 October 1873; Athens.

Diplomat (1844-1915), Secretary of the British Legation at Athens, and scion of the noted banking house. 2 pages, 8vo. In good condition. Presumably written on Scott's appointment as chaplain to the Legation. As Mr Stuart was absent from Athens, Scott's letter of 28 September was opened by Baring. 'It was the first intimation received here of your appointment, though I had heard from Mr Stuart that there was a possibility of your coming out, & the letter which I forward strengthened this opinion.

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