[Middlesex Hospital, London.] Printed Certificate of attendance for Henry W. R. Davey, signed by Samuel Merriman, Physician Accoucheur, and Hugh Ley, Lecturer on Midwifery, with engraving of the building.

Samuel Merriman (1771-1852), Physician Accoucheur; Hugh Ley (1790-1837), physician, Lecturer on Midwifery at Middlesex Hospital, London [Henry William Robert Davey]
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Middlesex Hospital [London]. Undated [circa 1820).

The subject of the letter is the surgeon Henry William Robert Davey (1798-1870), son of surgeon Henry Sallows Davey (1781-1855) of Beccles, who also studied under Sir Charles Bell at the Hunterian School of Medicine in Great Windmill Street, London. 1p, 8vo. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to edge on blank reverse. An attractive document, with 'MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL.' at the head, above an engraving of the frontage of the hospital.

[George Nesse Hill, surgeon, Brunonian psychiatrist, asylum keeper.] Two Autograph Letters, one signed ('G N Hill | Secy'), one in the third person, to John Davy, military surgeon, brother of Sir Humphrey Davy, on the Medical Society of Chester.

George Nesse Hill (1766-1831) of Alcaston Manor, Chester, Cheshire, surgeon, champion of Brunonian psychaitry and asylum keeper [John Davy (1790-1868), army surgeon, brother of Sir Humphrey Davy]
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[Chester.] 30 August and 30 October 1827.

Bynum and Porter, in their 'Brunonianism in Britain and Europe' (1988), describe Hill – keeper at one point of two asylums – as a 'substantial figure [...] a champion of Brunonian psychiatry'. For the recipient John Davy (1790-1868), anatomist and physiologist, brother of Sir Humphrey Davy, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. Two letters, both in good condition, attached to one another along one edge, with thin strip from mount adhering. Both letters are bifoliums, and both have had the second leaf, trimmed along the fore-edge, resulting in each case to slight loss to the address.

[ Isaac Milner, abolitionist ] Autograph Letter Signed "I Milner" to unnamed correspondent.

Isaac Milner, abolitionist, President of Queen's College, Oxford
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Queens Coll Lodge, [Cambridge], 25 October 1809.

One page, 8vo, laid down on larger stiff paper, corner cut off with no obvious loss of text, good condition. Neatly written biography of Milner beneath the letter. "Mr Wood & myself request you very particualrly, upon the receipt of this note to come down to Cambridge immediately. Your [words inked out] assistance will very much facilitate a business we have now in hand. We hope you are in London, because the business does not admit of delay. Unless you are here to go to work with us on Friday, & on Saturday morning, it will be quiote too late. We have a meeting on Saturday in the afternoon.

[ William Allan, Quaker scientist and abolitionist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm. Allan') to R. H. Marten

William Allan (1770-1843), Quaker scientist and abolitionist [ R. H. Marten [ Robert Humphrey Marten ] (1763-1839) of Broadway House, Plaistow, City merchant and Baptist minister ]
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No place. 19 November 1827.

Allan was an associate of Humphry Davy and Luke Howard. 1p., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by sending his condolences to Marten's family 'on the present severe trial with which it has pleased Providence to visit you' (the death of the second of Marten's three wives?), and continues with pious sentiments: 'To you the Stroke, although expected, must be heavy – but it is some consolation, that the amiable Sufferer is released from Pain, & from the troubles of this Life, and is gone to receive her reward'. Eight lines follow in the same tone.

Autograph Signature on fragment of letter.

Jane Davy (1780-1855, nee Kerr, and previously Apreece) Scottish wife of the English scientist Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829)
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On piece of paper 13 x 8.5 cms. Lightly spotted and discoloured. Traces of previous white paper mount on blank reverse. Reads '<...> certainly go, & see with a true sentiment of respectful Love, the Bust you mention. I have been very ill for sometime, & I am very much still of an Invalid. I am very | Truly Yours | [signed] Jane Davy | Monday | May 19th. 1851.'

Autograph Note Signed to [Wilson Lowry], engraver (see DNB).

John George Children
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Montagu Place, Russell Square, 4 August 18[22?]

Scientist (see DNB). One page, trimmed 4to, laid down on card, some staining, date smudged, but text clear and complete. "I hope the enclosed will be useful to you in finding the vessell you want for your circumnavigation." Perhaps it relates to Lowry's scientific interests.

Autograph Letter Signed to Thomas Archer. [Humphry Davy].

William Thomas Brande
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6 January 1843; Royal Mint.

English chemist (1788-1866) who succeeded Sir Humphrey Davy as Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution (1813). Two pages, octavo. Very good, though lightly creased and with remains of previous mount adhering to one edge. Begins 'I have no doubt that much fraud is committed by the substitution of spiritious liquors of different strengths, for what is called woodspirit and wood naphtha'.

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