[ Presentation copy to fellow bookseller Anthony Rota. ] Remainders | from the Times Literary Supplement 1980-1989.

Eric Korn [ (1933-2014), antiquarian bookseller and polymath ] [ Anthony Rota (1932-2009), antiquarian bookseller ]
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Manchester: Carcanet Press Limited. 1989.

xi + 213pp., 8vo. In good condition, in like dustwrapper on which Korn is depicted, in characteristic lurid t-shirt, leaning against a shelf of books. Autograph inscription by Korn in blue ink on reverse of half-title: 'A. R. | d. d. | E. K. | "more stimulating than Highlife" - West Drayton Observer.' Beneath this, in pencil in another hand: '1 . xi. 89 | @ 31,000 feet.' For more on this remarkable man, see the obituary by his son Andrew Korn and memoir by Michael Frayn in the Independent, 19 December 2014.

[ Maurice Willson Disher, theatre critic and author. ] Unpublished typescript of his play 'Plain Clothes [initially titled 'Nature is so Coarse']. Harlequinade in Four Acts and Plain Clothes by All the Worst Authors [originally 'M. Willson Disher'].'

M. Willson Disher [ Maurice Willson Disher ] (1893-1969), British theatre critic and author [ Leonard Sachs and Peter Ridgeway; Ridgeway's Late Joys; the Players Theatre, London ]
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'Please return to: | M. Willson Disher, | 24 Bradstock Road, Ewell, Surrey [originally 'Russell's Water, | Nr. Henley-on-Thames. | Oxon.' ]. Undated.

102pp., 4to. Typed on rectos only, and bound with pink string in grey card wraps with white paper label. Internally in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in worn wraps. Extensive manuscript emendations throughout, and with a manuscript passage (1p., 4to) on leaf loosely inserted, for adding to p.21. The title-page of the play is revised, with the typed title 'Nature is so Coarse' replaced by the manuscript 'Plain Clothes', and the author's name 'M. Willson Disher' replaced by 'All the Worst Authors'.

[ Albie Sachs, South African activist. ] Typescript of his book 'Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter', with variations from the published version.

Albie Sachs [ Albert Louis Sachs ] (b.1935), African National Congress activist and former judge on the Constitutional Court of South Africa
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Without date or place, but between 1988, when the events described occurred in South Africa, and the publication of the book in 1990.

113pp., 8vo. On 57 leaves, stapled together, with white card backing. No title-page. Worn and aged, with first leaf detached, but in fair condition overall. In 1988, in Maputo, Mozambique, where Sachs was exiled as an ANC activist, he lost an arm and his sight in one eye when a bomb was placed in his car by agents acting for the South African Regime. Sach's memoir is an important document in the history of the South African freedom struggle. Widely praised on its publication, it received the Alan Paton Award in 1991.

Programme and songsheet by Arnold Riches for 'Ridgeway's Late Joys (formerly Evans' Song and Supper Rooms)', with Leonard Sachs as chairman, and featuring Peter Ustinov, Bernard Miles and 'Alec (Laneworthy-Figg) Clunes'.

Ridgeway's Late Joys (Formerly Evans' Song and Supper Rooms), Players Theatre [Peter Ridgeway (c.1894-1938); Leonard Sachs; Arnold Riches; Peter Ustinov; Bernard Miles; Alec Clunes]
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Song sheet: Player's Theatre, 42, King Street, Covent Garden; undated [pre 1940]. Programme: Player's Theatre ('Late of COVENT GARDEN'), 13, Albemarle Street, Piccadilly; 1 November 1943.

Both items printed on pink paper, with similar cover designs by Arnold Riches. Both in fair condition, aged and worn. The song sheet is a bifolium, 4pp, 4to, It dates from before 1939, when, following Ridgeway's death, the Player's Theatre moved to the Arts Theatre from King Street. The front page advertises performances 'Every Night (Except Sundays)', with 'THE ARTISTES' listed over twelve lines, and including 'Alec (Laneworthy-Figg) Clunes', Peter Ustinov, Bernard Miles and 'Leonard Sachs (Chairman)'.

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