[ Gerald Bullett, author and broadcaster. ] Christmas card containing his poem 'White Frost', signed by him and printed by James Guthrie's Pear Tree Press.

Gerald Bullett (1893-1958), writer and broadcaster; his wife Rosalind Bullett [ Edith Marion Rosalind Barker, née Gould ] (1887-1982) [ James Guthrie, The Pear Tree Press, Bognor Regis ]
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'This is one of 75 copies of White Frost a copyright poem by Gerald Bullett printed by James Guthrie at The Pear Tree Press Flansham Bognor Regis December 1936'. [ The Old Farm, East Harting, Sussex. ]

On piece of laid paper folded twice to make a 19 x 14 cm. card. In good condition, with light signs of age. Tiny printer's device on back cover the only illustration. Front cover in black ink reads: 'Christmas Greetings from Rosalind & Gerald Bullett The Old Farm East Harting Sussex'. Colophon in brown ink on left-hand side of opening. Right-hand opening carries the sixteen-line poem, in four four-line stanzas, the first of which reads: 'I went to the window, where the morning was, | And saw innocence scattered on the grass.

[Hon. Henry Thynne, Tory Member of Parliament.] Autograph Letter Signed ('H. Thynne') to Sir William Blackett, regarding the payment of a debt.

Henry Thynne (1675-1708), Tory Member of Parliament for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis (1701, 1702-1708), and Tamworth (1701-1702) [Sir William Blackett (1657-1705) of Newcastle-upon-Tyne]
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No place. 10 December 1696.

1p., 12mo. Bifolium. Addressed by Thynne, with two small seals in red wax, on reverse of the second leaf, 'For Wm. Blackett Bart | At Mr. Morlands in Manchester Court | Cannon Rowe | Westm[inste]r.' In fair condition, on aged and dusty paper. The letter reads: 'Sr | Had I not Recd yors of this day I should not have failed of Sending you the acquittance for the mony Recd upon the Bill you sent me which was very punctually paid, for which I Returne you many thanks and also the Usuall acquittance for theh Same. I am wth. great respect | Yor very humble Servt | H. Thynne'.

The Diary of the late George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe Regis: From March 8, 1748-9, to February 6, 1761. With an Appendix, containing some curious and interesting Papers; which are either referred to, or alluded to, in the Diary.

George Bubb Dodington (1691-1762), Baron of Melcombe Regis [Henry Penruddocke Wyndham (1736-1819), Whig politician and topographer]
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Dublin: Printed by William Porter, for Messrs. Price, Moncrieffe, Exshaw, Jenkin, Wilson, Walker, Beatty, Burton, White, Byrne, Whitestone, Cash, Heery, and Marchbank. 1784.

First Dublin edition. 12mo, xiv + 346 pp. Good tight copy on lightly-aged paper. In original worn tree calf binding, with remains of red label gilt on spine and no free endpapers. Subtitled 'Now first published from his Lordship's original manuscripts. By Henry Penruddocke Wyndham.' Wyndham had inherited Dodington's papers from a relative, whose will requested him 'not to print or publish any of them, but those that are proper to be made publick, and such only, as may, in some degree, do honour to his memory'.

Harvey's improved Weymouth Guide: containing A Description of Weymouth, Portland, Lulworth Castle, and every Place in the Neighbourhood, worthy the Observation of Strangers. Likewise [...] A New Map of Weymouth, [...] beautifully Engraved by Baker.

Harvey's Weymouth Guide [Portland; Lulworth Castle; Melcomb Regis; travel guide; Baker; M. Virtue, printer, Dorchester; Dorset]
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[circa 1800] Printed by M. Virtue, Dorchester.

The subtitle reads in full: 'A List of the Members of Parliament for the Boroughs of Weymouth and Melcomb Regis, from the earliest Period. A List of Lodging Houses; and A New Map of Weymouth, Including the late Additions and Improvements; beautifully engraved by Baker.' 8vo, [iv] + 91 pp. Errata on last page. The frontispiece 'Plan of Weymouth' folds out to roughly 38 x 26 cm, with the dimensions of the print roughly 26 x 22 cm. Engraved beneath the print: 'J. Ham Delin. Engraved by B. Baker for Harveys New Weymouth Guide'. Unbound and stitched, in original plain wraps.

Autograph Signature on fragment of printed document.

George Bubb Dodington [Baron Melcombe of Melcombe Regis], Sir George Oxenden, Sir William Yonge
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19 [month?] 1734.

Dodington (1691-1762); Oxenden (1694-1775) and Yonge (1693-1755) were Whig politicians and allies of Sir Robert Walpole. The document would appear to relate to their positions as Commissioners of the Treasury. Dimensions 3 1/2 inches by 4 inches. Somewhat discoloured with age, but in good condition and with good clear signatures: 'Geo: Dodington | Geo Oxenden | Wia: Yonge'. The printed fragment to the left of the signatures reads: '<...>ceipt of His | <...> said [in manuscript] 34.

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