[ Ivor Pritchard, Welsh architect, engraver and book-collector. ] Collection of 54 visual items from his student years, mostly detailed and finished architectural illustrations, many signed, with tracings, photographs, book illustrations.

Ivor Pritchard [ Ivor Mervyn Pritchard ] (1886-1948), Welsh architect, engraver and book-collector,, whose atlases are now in the National Library of Wales
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[ Menai Lodge, Chiswick, London. ] Between 1907 and 1910.

Pritchard was Architect to the Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales. His collection of 71 volumes of atlases and early geographies was purchased by the National Library of Wales in 1940. After study at Bangor University, he was articled in 1903 to Joseph Owen of Menai Bridge. Moving to London, he studied at the Architectural Association and Royal Academy schools and trained as assistant to a succession of architects: Walter Frederick Cave (1863-1939), Louis Amber (1862-1946) and Messrs Henry Victor Ashley (1872-1948) and Francis Winton Newman (1878-1953), before qualifying in 1911.

[ Assam ] Four printed Assam Government reports (for the British Govt), 3 annual Reports on the Survey and Settlement Operations in Assam [for the years 1930, 1936 and 1937]; and an Annual Report of the Assam Survey Department [for the year 1934].

L. C. Thuillier; W. L. Scott; C. R. Pawsey; H. M. Pritchard; D. Sarma; K. M. Dutta; A. G. Patton [Assam Government Press, Shillong; Assam Survey Department]
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The four items printed at the Assam Government Press, Shillong. 1931, 1935, 1937 and 1938.

The four items in their original wraps. All four in fair condition, on lightly-aged and ruckled paper, with slight evidence of damp. One: 'Report on the Survey and Settlement Operations in Assam for the Year ending the 30th September 1930'. Shillong: Printed at the Assam Government Press, 1931. 7 +18 + [2]pp., foolscap 8vo. By 'L. C. Thuillier, Lt.-Colonel, I.A., Director of Surveys, Assam', 'W. L. Scott, Director of Land Records, Assam' and 'C. K. Rhodes, Secretary to the Government of Assam, Revenue Department'. Stamp of the Bala Theological College on front wrap.

Twenty-one Typed Letters Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Captain John Laurence Pritchard [The Royal Aeronautical Society]
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Between 1931 and 1934; all on letterhead of the Royal Aeronautical Society, of which Pritchard was secretary.

Novelist and writer on aeronautics (1885-1968). All items one page, quarto. As a whole good, though grubby, but some items with pin holes, closed tears, etc. Most bearing the R.S.A. stamp and some docketed. Three items with enclosures. The items are dry communications relating to the arranging of R.A.S. lectures at the R.S.A.

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