[John Landseer, landscape engraver, father of Sir Edwin Landseer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J Landseer') to 'J. Scoles Esqr', i.e. the architect Joseph John Scoles, asking for tickets of admission to his church.

John Landseer (1769-1852), landscape engraver, father of Sir Edwin Landseer [Joseph John Scoles (1798-1863), Gothic Revival architect]
Publication details: 
'Monday Morng.' [no place or date]

1p, 12mo. Bifolium, addressed on reverse of second leaf, with small seal in black wax, to 'J Scoles Esqr | Argyll Place'. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with damage to second leaf from breaking of seal. Folded twice. Written in a tight, florid hand. Reads: 'Dear Sir | I hear there will be no admission into Your Church tomorrow without tickets. If you should have any of said Tickets to spare, please to favour with one two or three according to circumstances – Yours Very Faithfully | J Landseer'.

[Sir Edwin Landseer, painter and sculptor of animals.] Autograph Letter Signed ('E Landseer.') regarding 'the Lions Heads' - presumably the bronze statues of lions at the base of Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London.

Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873), English painter and sculptor noted for his treatment of animals, such as 'The Monarch of the Glen' and the lion sculptures in Trafalgar Square, London
Publication details: 
Undated. On his letterhead, St John's Wood Road, N.W. [London] [before 1867?]

1p, 12mo. On bifolium. Printed on grey-blue paper, with letterhead printed in orange-red, without Landseer's name, but with his stag's head motif. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with thin strip from stub mount adhering to blank second leaf. Folded twice. The recipient is not named. Apparently referring to his bronze sculptures of the four lions at the base of Nelson's column (installed in 1867), the letter reads: 'My Dear Sir | Many thanks for your obliging Note and kind attention to the Lions Heads – I can't leave home Tomorrow before 4. oc when I shall go to B.

[ William Powell Frith invites Sir Edwin Landseer to 'tea-supper smoke-whist'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. P. Frith') from Frith to Landseer, inviting him to an evening with 'a few artists & others'.

W P. Frith [ William Powell Frith ] (1819-1909), RA, Victorian genre painter [ Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873), painter and sculptor, mainly of animals
Publication details: 
On his letterhead, 10 Pembridge Villas, Bayswater, W. [ London ] 13 March 1862.

2pp., 12mo. On bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged, with minor damage in margin at the gutter of the second leaf caused by removal from stub. Addressed to 'Sir Edwin Landseer RA | &c &c'. A week from the writing of the letter Frith is expecting 'a few artists & others to tea-supper smoke-whist &c'. He explains that the group usually meets 'about eight supper at ten or half past. We should all be pleased if you can be induced to give us the pleasure of your company.

[ Paul Sandby, artist and engraver. ] Pencil notes by 'Paul Sandby Esqr.', over 'Monthly Return of the Classes under the First drawing Master at the Royal Military Academy'. With portrait of Sandby, engraved by H. Landseer from a drawing by W. Evans

Paul Sandby (c.1731-1809), English artist and engraver, Chief Drawing Master at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich [ H. Landseer; W. Evans ]
Publication details: 
Engraving 'Published Dec. 4 1809 by T. Cadell & W. Davies, Strand, London'.

MANUSCRIPT: 1p., folio. On the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium. On good watermarked laid paper, with pencil text written over an elegantly printed page divided into five columns ('Class', 'Studies', 'Order', 'Names', 'Remarks'), headed (with manuscript additions in square brackets): 'Monthly Return of the Classes under the First drawing Master at the Royal Military Academy. [March] 1st. 17[39 Paul Sandby Esqr.]'. The manuscript text is written both across the page and lengthwise. At the foot is a stave of music, with the words 'Violoncelloe [sic] de la music militaire'.

[ Sir Edwin Landseer, painter and sculptor. ] Autograph Signature ('E Landseer.').

Sir Edwin Landseer [ Sir Edwin Henry Landseer ] (1802-1873), English artist and sculptor, best known for his works depicting animals
Publication details: 
Without place or date.

Good, bold underlined signature in brown ink on 4 x 6 cm piece of paper. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Laid down on piece of thick paper, on the reverse of which are traces of grey paper mount. Presumably cut from a letter.

[Sir Edwin Landseer, PRA.] Autograph Signature, made at the request of J. H. Whitaker of Manchester.

Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873), RA, English artist
Publication details: 
London. 11 November 1860.

On 12 x 11 cm piece of watermarked laid paper. Lightly aged, with slight evidence of previous mount at head (not affecting text). Sent in response to a request for an autograph. Reads: 'London. Nov 11th. 60 | Obediently Yours | E Landseer. | (To J. H. Whitaker. | Manchester)'.

[Sir Edwin Landseer.] Seven Autograph Letters Signed (all 'E Landseer'), six to Lady Caroline Kerrison and one to her husband Sir Edward Kerrison, with news of the highlands and country houses, shooting parties, dogs, and his 'mild shipwreck'.

Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873), English animal painter and sculptor of the lions in Trafalgar Square [Sir Edward Kerrison and his wife Lady Caroline Kerrison, daughter of the Earl of Ilchester]
Publication details: 
Five on his letterhead, St John's Wood Road, NW [London]; the others on letterhead of Stoke Park and Boulogne, the latter sent to Sir Edward from Kinrara, Aviemore, Scotland. 1865, 1866 (4), 1868 and 1869.

Totalling 14pp., 12mo, and 7pp., 16mo. On seven bifoliums. In good condition, lightly aged and creased. The Kinrara letter, the only one addressed to Sir Edward Kerrison, has as letterhead a vignette captioned 'BOULOGNE | Laitières Milkwomen'; the Stoke Park letter on cream paper, the others on grey paper, with Landseer's letterhead, with antler motif, printed in red. The seven letters in an envelope with contemporary inscription: 'Letters from Sir Edwin Landseer'.

Printed application by Edward Batty, son of Lieut-Col. Robert Batty and grandson of Sir John Barrow, 'To the Secretary of the Royal Agricultural Society of England', including 6 testimonials, from John Barrow, Charles Landseer, Henry Cartwright, etc.

Edward Batty (1839-1918), son of Lieut-Col. Robert Batty (1789-1848) and grandson of Sir John Barrow, Secretary of the Admiralty [Charles Landseer; Henry Cartwright; Royal Agricultural Society]
Publication details: 
Dated from Egdean, Petworth, Sussex, 23 September 1868.

4pp., 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, on lightly aged and creased laid paper with Joynson watermark dated 1867. The document is headed 'To the Secretary of the Royal Agricultural Society of England', and it is the Secretary's post for which Batty is applying. He describes himself as '30 years of age, married, the son of hte late Col. Batty, of the Guards, and grandson of Sir John Barrow, Secretary of the Admiralty.

Autograph Letter Signed from the animal painter Gourlay Steell ('the Scottish Landseer') to eccentric art patron John Christie of Cowden

Gourlay Steell (1819-1894), animal painter, 'the Scottish Landseer' [John Christie (1822-1902) of Cowden, art patron and eccentric; William Brodie (1815-1881), Scottish sculptor]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 4 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh. 1 November 1881.

4pp., 12mo. Thirty lines. Fair, on lightly-aged paper, with traces of mount at head of second page. Steell is enclosing 'a catalogue of the most recent works of the kind you desire', and points out that 'the short biographical sketches of deceased Scottish artists, in connection with our catalogue, was only printed [last word underlined] by Messrs. Constable'. He ends by offering his 'warmest wishes for the married couple' - in 1881 Christie's seventeen-year-old daughter Alice married Robert King Stewart, KBE, of Murdostoun Castle, Lanarkshire.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Chas Landseer') to [Walter F. Stocks].

Charles Landseer (1799-1879), R.A., English artist, elder brother of Sir Edwin Landseer
Autograph Letter Signed ('Chas Landseer')
Publication details: 
30 January [1870?]; Royal Academy, on letterhead of the Athenaeum Club.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Chas Landseer')

12mo, 2 pp. 15 lines. Text clear and complete. Good, on aged paper. Providing a 'recommendation as a teacher' for his correspondent, 'in the neighbourhood of Leamington'. 'My observation of the progress you have made, during your studentship at the Royal Academy enables me to state, that, you are, in my opinion fully competent to undertake the teaching of the elementary branches of art'. From a small archive of Walter F. Stocks's correspondence.

Autograph Signature on fragment of document.

Charles Robert Cockerell [Henry Landseer]
Publication details: 
10 September 1833; 89 Eaton Square.

English architect (1788-1863). Paper dimensions roughly seven inches by one and a quarter. Good, though somewhat grubby. From a collection of material relating to the Artists' General Benevolent Fund. Reads '<...> a necessity | C. R. Cockerell. | 10 Sepr. 1833. | 89 Eaton Square.' and on reverse '<...> | and relief, from the Benevolent Society of Artists | I am the Widow of the late Henry Landseer who died [^ on the 25 of July] after an Illness of only a few Hours. leaving myself and Two Infant Children totally destitute. - | <...>'

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