[Eleanor Farjeon, children's writer.] Typed chatty retelling of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, under the title 'The Simple Facts', and ending 'don't believe a word I say'. Signed by Farjeon 'From E. F.', with her address.

Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965), noted children's writer, several of whose works were illustrated by Edward Ardizzone
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No date. 20 Perrin's Walk, N.W.3. [London]

1p, 4to. Typescript with a couple of minor autograph corrections. Unpublished, but perhaps relating to her 1945 book 'Ariadne and the Bull'. At foot, in Farjeon's autograph: 'From E. F. | 20 Perrin's Walk | N.W.3.' In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with nicking and loss at edges. A chatty and entertaining retelling of the story. As an example of the tone, early on Farjeon writes: 'The Minotaur was a monster with the gigantic body of a man topped by a bull's head; his father was a bull and his mother was Pasiphae, Minos's Queen.

Autograph Note Signed "B/L/ Farjeon", novelist, to A. Williams of the "Liverpool Mercury".

B.L. Farjeon, novelist
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12 Buckingham St, Strand, London, 12 Feb. 1879.

One page, 12mo, good condition, saying that illness and the consequences of an accident have prevented him responding courteously to the "notice of my Xmas story in Liverpool Mercury".

Typed letter signed "Lionel Britton" to Joan Jefferson Farjeon, scene designed daughter of J. Jefferson Farjeon, detective novelist and playwright. WITH: related correspondence.

Lionel Britton.
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Park House, 66 Tufnell Park Road, London, N7, 1956 - 1959

Novelist and playwright, author of the "flawed masterpiece" "Hunger and Love". Two pages, 8vo, fold marks but good condition, one ms. correction. A substantial letter dated 30 Oct. 1956, in which he reports on a letter from "Miss Black of Curtis Brown Ltd" (literary agents) in which she reports that Miss Farjeon does not want to sign a second agreement for "The Impossible Guest" (novel by Joseph Jefferson Farjeon published in 1949 which Britton presumably adapted for the stage).

Family (holiday) newspaper, typescript, "The Frinton Some-times". And another item.

A member of the Farjeon Family, prob. Joan Jefferson Farjeon, later a set designer.
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Three issues, 12-8-1928, 13-8-1928 and 4-9-1928 (incomplete), 12 pp., 4to, not bound, loose pages as issued (with paper clip), marked by paper-clip rust, mainly good. The first two are also headed "Final Edition", and are vil. 1, nos.1,2. The third has only a title. Much of it is spoof with the rest light-hearted, making copy out of events and people that occur during a holiday. J. Jefferson Farjeon features frequeently with a sprained ankle, breaking the golf-course record (a 6 hole course), and there is news of other members of the family and friends who visit inc.

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