Family (holiday) newspaper, typescript, "The Frinton Some-times". And another item.

A member of the Farjeon Family, prob. Joan Jefferson Farjeon, later a set designer.
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Three issues, 12-8-1928, 13-8-1928 and 4-9-1928 (incomplete), 12 pp., 4to, not bound, loose pages as issued (with paper clip), marked by paper-clip rust, mainly good. The first two are also headed "Final Edition", and are vil. 1, nos.1,2. The third has only a title. Much of it is spoof with the rest light-hearted, making copy out of events and people that occur during a holiday. J. Jefferson Farjeon features frequeently with a sprained ankle, breaking the golf-course record (a 6 hole course), and there is news of other members of the family and friends who visit inc. Herbert Farjeon and Mrs B.L. Farjeon, not Eleanor apparently - items much as one would find in a local newspaper (from weather to theatre reviews, sport, gossip, wanted column, etc.), except more trivial. WITH: a similar organ entitled "The Primrose Perhaps", vol.1, no.1, 8-4-1929"Final Edition", 3pp., 4to, prob. incomplete. AND: A spoof congratulatory letter to the Editor signed "The Lido Port".