[ Nineteenth-century Swiss architecture. ] Volume of 'Skizzen & Notizen' by 'G. Samuel Senn', containing numerous original architectural tracings, diagrams, illustrations, calculations, and manuscript text 'Bauvertrage, Akkörde und Akkordbedingungen'

G. Samuel Senn, architectural student [ Zofingen, Switzerland ]
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[ Zofingen, Switzerland? ] Between 1846 and 1850.

Around 280pp., small 4to (20.5 x 16 cm). In bulky notebook with marbled boards and label on front cover: 'Skizzen & Notizen | von | Samuel Senn. | 1848.' Internally in fair condition, shaken, on aged and worn paper. In heavily-worn binding with spine almost rubbed away and front cover coming loose. An attractive and impressive volume, crammed with detailed tracings, diagrams, illustrations and plans of architectural features, projections, patterns and ornaments, most in fine pen and a few in colour. Most of the tracings have been laid down, with a few folding out.

[ Port of Manchester. ] Pamphlet with eighteen-ship 'itinerary' of vessels present at a 'visit', accompanied by five maps [ 'Principal oil docks and installations with their road connections', 'Hinterland', 'Dockside Area' ], three of them fold-outs.

[ Port of Manchester ] [ George Falkner & Sons Limited; Dunlop, Heywood & Co. ]
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[ Port of Manchester. ] George Falkner & Sons Limited, Manchester. With section dated 16 July 1959.

Five maps, four of them fold-outs, together with duplicated text on two leaves, stapled into 8vo pamphlet of buff printed wraps with 'PORT OF MANCHESTER' and logo on the front, and printers' slug on back. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The five maps include three fold-outs: the first, coloured in blue and light and dark green, titled 'Principal oil docks and installations with their road connections' ('For particulars of sites on the Company's Estate application should be made to the Company's Land Agents | Dunlop, Heywood & Co.

[Printed map by J. Banfield, "Arrival List" Office, Ilfracombe.] A Plan of the Town of Ilfracombe, together with a Map of the North Coast of Devon.

John Banfield, printer and publisher ('Arrival List' Office), Ilfracombe, Devon
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J. Banfield, "Arrival List" Office, Ilfracombe. No date.

25.5 x 31 cm, folded three times to make 12..5 x 8.5 cm packet, with title and publisher's details on the outside. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Tipped-in onto a leaf removed from an album. Light pencil notes on back of map. At head: 'A Map of the North Coast of Devon' (7.5 x 25 cm). At foot: 'A Plan of the Town of Ilfracombe, published by J. Banfield, Library, Ilfracombe' (12 x 25 cm). In right hand margin: 'Reference to the Plan', with 42 entries from 'Tunnels' to 'Montpelier Road'.

Detailed coloured hand-drawn plan of a broad gauge locomotive, with dimensions, on large piece of cloth headed 'F.C.G.O.A.', and text in Spanish and English, designed by the Stephenson Locomotive Works for the Argentine Great Western Railway Company.

Robert Stephenson & Co. Ltd., Locomotive Works, Darlington [railway engines; F.C.G.O.A.; Ferro Carril Gran Oeste Argentino; the Argentine Great Western Railway Company]
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An attractive item, on one side of a piece of cloth roughly 57 x 94 cm. Good: lightly aged and creased. Side section of the engine roughly 21 x 61 cm, with dimensions in grey, outlines and other lines in purple, one block in pink and red, and a few small parts in blue. Also a cross-section from the front, of the left side of the train only, roughly 22 x 9.5 cm. Beneath the heading 'F.C.G.O.A. are six lines of neatly-written text, the first reading 'Trocha de. 1676<?> Gauge.

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