[ Nineteenth-century Swiss architecture. ] Volume of 'Skizzen & Notizen' by 'G. Samuel Senn', containing numerous original architectural tracings, diagrams, illustrations, calculations, and manuscript text 'Bauvertrage, Akkörde und Akkordbedingungen'

G. Samuel Senn, architectural student [ Zofingen, Switzerland ]
Publication details: 
[ Zofingen, Switzerland? ] Between 1846 and 1850.

Around 280pp., small 4to (20.5 x 16 cm). In bulky notebook with marbled boards and label on front cover: 'Skizzen & Notizen | von | Samuel Senn. | 1848.' Internally in fair condition, shaken, on aged and worn paper. In heavily-worn binding with spine almost rubbed away and front cover coming loose. An attractive and impressive volume, crammed with detailed tracings, diagrams, illustrations and plans of architectural features, projections, patterns and ornaments, most in fine pen and a few in colour. Most of the tracings have been laid down, with a few folding out.

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