[ Evelyn Jamison, Vice-Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. ] Around 40 calling cards by the Army and Navy Stores, in box, of 'Miss Evelyn Jones | Lady Margaret Hall | Oxford'.

Evelyn Jamison (1877-1972), Vice-Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, mediaevalist [ Army and Navy STores Limited, London ]
Publication details: 
Army and Navy Stores Limited, Westminster, S.W.1. No date (Edwardian?).

The forty cards are printed in black on one side, engraved in the customary copperplate, and laid out in the conventional way. Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5 cm. In good condition, lightly aged. Most are arranged in pairs, separated with tissue leaves. In 'drawer' inside 9.5 x 6 x 2 cm box, printed on all sides with the firm's details. On front: '50 Finest Quality De La Rue's Thin Ivory Visiting Cards' and the firm's address. Written on the front, presumably by Jamison is 'Lady Margaret Hall Oxford'.

[Sir John Goodricke.] Engraved calling card of 'Sr. John Goodricke', depicting the Basilica of St Peter's in Rome. With address in contemporary hand on reverse.

Sir John Goodricke (1708-1789) of Bramham Park, Yorkshire, diplomat and Member of Parliament
Publication details: 
Undated (late eighteenth century). London address on reverse.

The card is 6 x 8 cm, with the engraved image of the Basilica 5 x 7 cm, within a ruled border, with 'Sr. John Goodricke' in copperplate in a cartouche at the foot. In fair condition, aged and lightly ruckled and spotted. In a contemporary hand, on the reverse: 'No 9, Somerset Street. | Portman Square'. An attractive and unusual item. Goodricke's connection with St Peter's is unclear, but a common feature shared with Bramham Park is the presence of an obelisk. Goodricke's son was the noted 'deaf astronomer' John Goodricke (1764-1786).

Calling card of 'Mrs. Byam Shaw [the artist Evelyn C. E. Shaw, born Evelyn Eunice Pyke-Nott].

Evelyn C. E. Shaw (1870–1959) [born Evelyn Eunice Pyke-Nott], artist, wife of the painter Byam Shaw (1872-1919)
Publication details: 

Measuring 9 x 6 cm. With 'Mrs.. Byam Shaw' in larger type in centre, with '62, Addison Road, W.' in bottom left-hand corner, and '2nd. Wednesday &| 2nd. Thursday' diagonally in top left-hand corner. On aged paper, with the address '21 Wilton Street | S. W. 1 | Wednesday' in ink at head, and '88 Brook Green' in pencil on the reverse. A pencil name and telephone number ('Vic. 3583') have been erased.

7-inch extended play 45 rpm vinyl record entitled 'Tobacco Chant - Part 1 | The Song of the Auctioneer' ['Tobacco Chant - Part 2' on the b-side].

Bob Cage [Produced by G. J. Ashton; Recorded by C. U. Krieger; Tobacco Auctions Ltd, Southern Rhodesia; Halifax, Virginia]
Publication details: 
Tobacco Auctions Limited, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.

Undated. Dusty, but veryy good, on black vinyl with yellow label and triangular insert. In lightly worn, creased and grubby original sleeve printed in green and yellow, carrying a lengthy note by G. J. Ashton, beginning 'On this record you can hear parts of an actual sale of tobacco held on the floor of Tobacco Auctions Ltd., Salisbury, introduced by BOB CAGE. Mr. Cage, a native of Halifax, Virginia, has been auctioneering tobacco for over fifteen years in the United States and Rhodesia.

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