[Printed pamphlet.] Deputation to the President of the Board of Education and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Minutes of Proceedings.

[H. A. L. Fisher, President of the Board of Education; A. Bonar Law, Chancellor of the Exchequer; Sir Oliver Lodge; Sir Donald MacAlister; Sir Bertram Windle; Sir Alfred Ewing; Bragg; Gillespie]
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London: Universities Bureau of the British Empire, Imperial Institute, SW7. [Undated, but concerning a deputation on 23 November 1918.]

36pp., 12mo. Stapled and unbound. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with rust to staple. With manuscript shelf-marks (of the Board of Education Reference Library). Compliments slip of the Universities Bureau of the British Empire tipped-in onto front cover. The first page begins: 'MINUTES OF PROCEEDINGS of a Deputation of Representatives of the Universities of the United Kingdom and of certain other institutions doing work of University standard, which waited upon the President of the Board of Education (the Right Honourable H. A. L.

Handbill advertisement for 'A Sermon, on behalf of the Home Missionary Society', to be preached by 'The Rev. John Thomas, Minister of the New Chapel, Highgate.' Contemporary manuscript for printing, on London Missionary Society, on reverse.

Rev. John Thomas, Minister of the New Chapel, Highgate [the Home Missionary Society; London Missionary Society; Somerset Auxiliary Missionary Society; William Bragg, Printer, Cheapside, Taunton]
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Undated [circa 1830]. Printer unnamed [William Bragg, Printer, Cheapside, Taunton, Devon].

From a collection of material relating to William Bragg, Printer, of Cheapside, Taunton, Devon. Printed on one side of a piece of wove paper, 22 x 27.5 cm. Grubby and lightly creased, with central spike hole, slight wear and loss to extremities, and 5 cm closed tear. Text clear and entire. Twelve lines of printed text, in a variety of types and point sizes, reading 'A Sermon, on behalf of the Home Missionary Society, will be preached at Paul's Meeting, Taunton, On Friday Evening, April 14, 1826. By The Rev. John Thomas, Minister of the New Chapel, Highgate.

Handbill, amended in manuscript for reprinting, beginning 'Taunton Branch Missionary Society, In aid of the London Missionary Society, instituted 1795.'

William Bragg, Printer, Cheapside, Taunton, Devon [London Missionary Society; Taunton Branch Missionary Society; Wivelscombe]
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Dated October 29th. 1826. | W. Bragg, Printer, Cheapside, Taunton.'

On both sides of a piece of wove paper, roughly 23 x 18 cm. On lightly discoloured and creased paper, with central spike hole affecting two words. Two manuscript changes in ink on the recto: 'TAUNTON' amended to 'Wivelscombe' and the twenty-one names of the Society's officers cancelled. A handful of changes, in ink and pencil, on reverse. Mainly taken up with ten 'Principles and Regulations'. Seven-line footnote in small print on recto, concerning a 'FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE'. BBTI lists William Bragg as active in Taunton before 1830.

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